Grumpy Staying: Meaning, Signs, and Ways to Address It At Work

You found our guide to grumpy staying. Grumpy staying is the act of remaining in a working environment while displaying a persistent and irritable attitude or disposition. This method of expressing displeasure at work is a trend that grew out of the Great Resignation and changing workplace norms. It is important for managers to address […]

Loud Quitting: What It Is and How to Stop It at Work

You found our guide to loud quitting. Loud quitting is a workplace trend that involves an employee making a scene or openly expressing perceived negative aspects of their working experience before or during resignation. This phenomenon grew out of The Great Resignation, similar to quiet quitting. This term is the opposite of quiet quitting and […]

Team Building for Large Groups: Activities & Ideas

Here is our list of the best team building activities for large groups. Team building activities for large groups are challenges and events that foster trust and strengthen participants’ relationships. Examples include paint and sip, charity bike building, and an escape room. The purpose of these activities is to build a strong team spirit in […]

15 Best Kahoot Topics for Work and School

You found our list of the best Kahoot topics. Kahoot topics are discussion points hosts can use to deliver specific messages to learners. Examples include sales and marketing, language learning, and sports. The purpose of these ideas is to boost engagement, enhance collaboration, and enable personalized learning. These examples are similar to trivia topics, quiz […]

Happy Employee Statistics & Facts [Free to Cite]

You found our list of helpful happy employees statistics. Happy employee statistics are figures and facts used to determine workplace happiness. These reports come from sources like case studies, surveys, and experiments. Knowing these facts can give organizations and team leaders better insights into how employees feel about their working conditions and what areas or […]

14 Best Team Building PDFs

Here is our list of the best team building PDFs. Team building PDFs are printable documents that discuss the function of team building or give instructions on playing team building games. Examples include Handbook on Team Building and Ice Breakers & Team Builders. These PDFs help workplace leaders educate their staff about the benefits of […]

Five Finger Showdown Game Rules

You found our guide on how to play Five Finger Showdown. Five Finger Showdown is a variation of Never Have I Ever and is a fun game to play with teams of any size. In this activity, you ask colleagues questions to learn about their backgrounds and interests. The purpose of this game is to […]

12 Top Team Building PowerPoint Topics

Here is our list of the best team building PowerPoint topics. Team building PowerPoint topics are ideas for presentation slides that teach about and foster team building. Examples include the goals of team building, team building topics, and five-minute team building activities. The purpose of these PowerPoints is to teach audiences about the benefits of […]

Virtual Events Checklist: #1 List in 2023

You found our virtual events checklist. A virtual events checklist is a series of steps to take when planning a virtual event. Examples include choosing a topic, planning activities, and practicing the stream. The purpose of this virtual event planning checklist is to help event coordinators plan an online gathering. When planning your next virtual […]

25 Online Team Building Activities: #1 List in 2023

Here is our list of the best online team building activities. Online team building activities are shared experiences that remote employees participate in to get to know each other better. Examples of online team building activities include productivity trackers, fancy dinner parties, and baseball cards. The purpose of these web-based activities is to foster communication […]

13 Fun Internship Team Building Activities & Games

Here is our list of the best internship team building activities and games. Internship team building activities and games are interactive exercises and tasks that improve interns’ communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills. These skills can contribute to a more productive and positive work environment. Examples include Scavenger Hunts, Potluck Lunches, and Hack Days. The purpose […]

Employee Mental Health Statistics

You found our list of useful employee mental health statistics. Employee mental health statistics are pieces of information and data on the psychological well-being of employees in a workplace. These facts and figures can include information on prevalence, impact on job performance, and effectiveness of interventions. These statistics can inform policies and practices to improve […]

16 Best Snack Delivery Services

You found our list of snack delivery services. Snack delivery services are companies that send customized snack food shipments for workers to enjoy. The purpose of these services is to provide treats that energize employees during the workday. Examples of snack delivery services include Snack Perk, Crafty, and Boxy Bite. Delivery services that provide healthy […]

24 Best Gifts for Managers

Here is our list of the best gifts for managers. Gifts for managers are items given to celebrate managers for their commitment, hard work, and leadership. Examples include the Healthy Me Living snack box, Vita Spa box custom letterbox, and Suitablee customized suit. The purpose of these gifts is to ensure that managers get a […]

8 Conference Welcome Letter Examples

You found our list of conference welcome letter examples. Conference welcome letters are written communications that greet your guests and inform them of what your conference includes. The purpose of these letters is to provide friendly greetings and share important facts about the event. Examples of conference welcome letters include notes to workshop participants, messages […]

22 Top Gifts for Administrative Assistants

You found our list of gifts for administrative assistants. Gifts for administrative assistants are items presented to administrative assistants as a reward for their hard work. These gifts could be thank you, retirement, birthday, or even holiday presents. Examples of gifts for administrative assistants include The Little Market Scented Candle, a Shutterfly Personalized Desk Organizer, and Zazzle Minimalist Wine Tote. […]

18 Amazing Gifts for Businesswomen

You have found our list of gifts for businesswomen. Gifts for businesswomen refer to presents chosen specifically with the needs and preferences of women in the business world in mind. These gifts help businesswomen succeed in their careers by providing them with practical tools, resources, and inspiration. Examples of gifts for businesswomen include HelloPrint Chocolate […]

26 Top Gifts for Business Owners

Here is our list of the best gifts for business owners. Gifts for business owners are items a company can extend to owners of partner companies. Additionally, employees could give these presents to their bosses, or family members could give them to their entrepreneurial relatives. Examples include a Bartec mini-safe, Blaine desk office fridge, and Gallant Gifts personalized mini projector. The purpose of these gifts is to show gratitude and build a stronger […]

23 Best End of Year Gifts for Employees

You have found our list of end of year gifts for employees. End of year gifts for employees are presents companies give to employees at the end of a work year. Examples of end of year gifts for employees include a RusticCraft garden tool set, CustomInk shot glass, and Vistaprint customized cushion. The purpose of […]

Hybrid Work Schedule: Ultimate Guide

You found our ultimate guide to the hybrid work schedule. A hybrid work schedule is a flexible employee program that integrates working from the office and working remotely. For example, firms could use the hybrid split-week or cohort models. The purpose of these schedules is to enhance productivity, boost employee engagement, and improve workflow. This […]

Employee Soft Skills: The Ultimate Guide

You found our list of employee soft skills. Employee soft skills are interpersonal abilities that help workers relate to one another. Soft skills include communication, listening, and leadership qualities. The purpose of these skills is to assist team members with their workplace interactions with other associates. You can learn more about important employee soft skills […]

Benefits of Workplace Celebrations

You found our list of the benefits of workplace celebrations. Workplace celebrations are party-style activities that observe holidays and special occasions. These celebrations can be for personal events, such as employee birthdays or retirements. You can also host workplace celebrations for more inclusive occasions, such as cultural and national holidays. The benefits of having workplace celebrations include enriching work culture, boosting […]

16 Best Online Drawing Games for Remote Teams

Here is our list of the best online drawing games. Online drawing games are virtual contests where players make sketches alongside other participants. These games sharpen participants’ brainstorming skills and promote communication. Examples include Skribbl, Drawception, and Drawaria. The purpose of these games is to connect with colleagues and other remote players in a fun […]

14 Best Collaboration Games & Activities for Teams

Here is our list of the best collaboration games and activities. Collaboration games and activities are interactive events where players work together to solve a task and achieve a common goal. Examples include Build A Bridge, Improv Olympics, and Deserted Island. The purpose of these activities is to help players learn the value of cooperation […]

How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work

You found our guide on how to have difficult conversations at work. Difficult conversations at work are discussions centered on negative or sensitive topics. These conversations are often uncomfortable, tense, and sometimes heated. Examples of difficult conversations at work include firing an employee, addressing a negative behavior or performance, or even a possible delay in […]

Ways To Build Innovative Teams

You have found our list of ways to build innovative teams. Innovative teams are groups of individuals collaborating to generate creative ideas, discover unique solutions, and successfully implement these ideas. An innovative team requires high creativity, risk-taking, and ongoing learning. Examples of innovative teams include open innovation, self-managed, and Agile teams. The purpose of innovative […]

14 Last-Minute Team Building Ideas

You found our list of last-minute team building ideas. Last-minute team building ideas are group activities that require little to no preparation. Examples of last-minute team building ideas include Two Truths and a Lie, paper airplane races, and group art. The purpose of these ideas is to provide interactive games that are quick to set […]

16 Top Kahoot Tips for Teachers and Managers

You have found our list of Kahoot tips. Kahoot tips are techniques that help teachers and managers leverage the Kahoot platform and create engaging learning experiences. Examples of these tips include creating interesting questions, using imagery, testing the quiz or game, and providing feedback. The purpose of Kahoot tips is to provide an innovative and immersive […]

24 Best Team Building Gifts for Workplace Giving

You found our list of the best team building gifts. Team building gifts are items or experiences businesses give employees to boost team spirit and foster cohesion among recipients. Examples include the Lawn Darts Set, the Cocktail Shaker Gift Set, and the Jockey Box Retro Cooler. The purpose of these items is to strengthen relationships […]

13 Indoor Scavenger Hunt Lists for Adults

You found our list of indoor scavenger hunt lists for adults. Indoor scavenger hunt lists for adults are collections of items you can use during fun worksite search games with your team. Examples of these lists include items around the office as well as clues and riddles that add puzzle solving to the activity. The […]

25 Most Engaging Conference Themes in 2023

Here is our list of the best conference themes. Conference themes are the central ideas of your conference. Themes set the agenda and direct the tone and marketing of your conference. Examples include Shaping the Future: Trends and Insights for Tomorrow and Advancing Technology: From Theory to Reality. The purpose of these conference themes is […]

20 Exciting Corporate Gift Baskets for Clients and Colleagues

Here is our list of the best corporate gift baskets. Corporate gift baskets are pre-curated or custom packages ideal for various occasions, from holiday parties to anniversaries. Examples include the Deluxe Wine Gift Basket, Camping Gift Basket, and Football Cookie Basket. The purpose of these gift baskets is to fulfill your corporate gifting needs while […]

18 Top Team Building Facilitators

Here is our list of the best team building facilitators. Team building facilitators are experts trained to help a group of individuals work together effectively and increase their productivity. Examples include Leadership Strategies, CMOE, and Northstar Facilitators. The purpose of these facilitators is to help companies create actionable plans and strategies for achieving their desired […]

17 Best Going Away Gifts for the Workplace

Here is our list of the best going away gifts. Going away gifts are presents for team members who are moving away or changing jobs. Examples include Moving Away Map, Surprise Cake Explosion Box, and Goodbye & Good Luck Pop-Up Card. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation for coworkers and wish them […]

18 Top Manager Magazines for Business Leaders

Here is our list of the best manager magazines. Manager magazines are publications that offer information, viewpoints, and best practices for managers in different fields and roles. These magazines address various management-related issues, such as marketing, human resources, operations, finance, and leadership. Examples of manager magazines include Inc Magazine, Fast Company, and The Economist. The purpose […]

19 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas, Games, & Activities

You found our list of virtual Christmas party ideas, games, and activities. Virtual Christmas parties are Christmas-themed events or celebrations that you can host via video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. Examples of virtual Christmas party ideas include virtual baking competitions, virtual costume contests, or virtual Secret Santa. Virtual Christmas […]

Team Building Budget: Ultimate Guide

You found our ultimate guide on team building budgets. A team building budget is a plan for spending money to help groups build connections. The purpose of team building budgets is to control the money spent on team events. When creating a team building budget, examples of what to consider include how much to spend […]

38 Top Opening and Closing Remarks for Meetings

You found our list of opening and closing remarks for meetings. Opening and closing remarks for meetings are statements that introduce and wrap up workplace get-togethers. The purpose of these remarks is to set the tone of the subject matter and summarize topics covered during the meeting. Examples of opening and closing remarks for meetings […]

Management Statistics and Facts in 2023

This is our list of useful management statistics. Management statistics are figures used to measure an employee or company’s managerial performance. These reports come from sources like case studies, surveys, and experiments. Knowing these facts can help management teams identify workspace trends and patterns. This information is beneficial for employee and organizational efficiency. This data relates to management skills, and […]

Office Lunch and Learns: Ultimate Guide

You found our list on office lunch and learns. Office lunch and learns are onsite educational sessions that take place during lunchtime. Examples of online lunch and learns include discussions about work-related topics, such as soft skills and career development. The purpose of these sessions is to share information among workers while enjoying a special […]

22 Best Office Gift Ideas for Workplace Giving

You found our list of thoughtful office gift ideas. Office gift ideas are presents given to coworkers or bosses in a professional setting. Examples include wireless charging picture frames and clear blue light blocking glasses. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation to the recipients and create a connection with an organization. These […]

17 Best Gifts for New Employees for the Ultimate Welcome

Here is our list of the best gifts for new employees. Gifts for new employees are items and gift packages great for welcoming a new team member onboard. Examples include the Intandem Promotions Gift Set, Happy Hyge Gift Box, and Japan Candy Box Subscription. The purpose of this gift is to give new workers a […]

25 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Clients or Employees

You have found our list of unique corporate gift ideas. Unique corporate gift ideas are uncommon, creative, and personalized items not commonly given as corporate gifts. Examples include King Cobra VR Viewers, Zazzle Custom Coasters, and MakerCarl’s Customized 3D Bobbleheads. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation, build corporate relationships, and leave a […]

11 Metaverse Party Ideas, Games & Activities

You have found our list of metaverse party ideas, games, and activities. Metaverse party ideas, games, and activities are a list of virtual experiences that users can attend in a shared online environment. These virtual experiences include metaverse photo booths, dance parties, and movie nights. The purpose of these ideas is to provide a convenient […]

15 Top Small Group Games for Employees

Here is our list of the best small group games. Small group games are engaging activities for a small number of players. Examples include Empires, Would You Rather, and No Smiling. The purpose of these activities is to give members time to connect and increase communication. A small group can achieve this goal faster, as […]

24 Top Leadership Magazines: #1 Best in 2023

Here is our list of the best leadership magazines. Leadership magazines are publications dedicated to business or corporate leaders and executives. These magazines provide reviews, articles, and insights into various relevant topics. Examples include Leaders, Impact, and The CEO. The purpose of these publications is to serve as a resource for expert, intermediate, beginner, and […]

22 Top HR Magazines to Read in 2023

You have found our list of the best HR magazines. HR magazines are publications that focus on topics related to human resources management, such as employee recruitment and retention, training and development, compensation and benefits, and organizational culture. Examples include HR Grapevine, theHRDIRECTOR, and People Management Magazine. These magazines help HR professionals stay up to date on […]

23 Top CEO Magazines for Executives

Here is our list of the best CEO magazines. CEO magazines are publications that bring light to business leaders, issues, and lifestyles. In addition, these magazines provide communities and resources for existing and aspiring CEOs. Examples include CEO World, Chief Executive, and CEO Global Group. The purpose of these magazines is to highlight the success stories and […]

Bare Minimum Mondays: Ultimate Guide

You found our ultimate guide on bare minimum Mondays. Bare minimum Mondays are workplace trends where employees do the least possible work on Mondays to avoid burnout during the remaining workdays. Examples of these practices include attending only important meetings, starting Monday with a self-care routine, and taking a break from checking emails. Bare minimum […]

20 Best Assistant Newsletters to Read in 2023

Here is our list of the best assistant newsletters. Assistant newsletters are summary emails that explore helpful information about administrative assistance. These emails can target aspiring or professional admin assistants or clients seeking admin assistants. Examples include Society of Virtual Assistants, Your Virtual Assistant, and ASAP. The purpose of these newsletters is to highlight critical […]