Updated: May 01, 2023

22 Best Office Gift Ideas for Workplace Giving

You found our list of thoughtful office gift ideas.

Office gift ideas are presents given to coworkers or bosses in a professional setting. Examples include wireless charging picture frames and clear blue light blocking glasses. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation to the recipients and create a connection with an organization.

These examples are similar to gifts for coworkers, corporate gifts for employees, gifts for managers, and work from home gifts. A robust corporate gifting culture will boost employee motivation for work.

This list includes:

  • gift ideas for office staff
  • unique office gifts for coworkers
  • office gift exchange ideas
  • fun office gift ideas
  • holiday office gifts

Let’s get to it!

List of office gift ideas

Thoughtful office gifts will make recipients feel good and motivate other team members to work hard. From the Custom Figurines to the Port Authority Retro Backpack to the Gel Mouse Pad, here is a list of the best items businesspeople can gift each other.

1. Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Given how stressful work can get, the Pinch Me Therapy Dough tops the list of unique office gifts for coworkers. The dough has the ideal texture, spa-quality oils, and subtle hues of calming scents. Together, these elements can combat everyday stressors, enhance mood, and calm individuals. Workers can also use the Pinch Me Therapy Dough to rebalance and refocus, especially on long work calls. Participants can also use the dough repeatedly, making it a great choice of durable gift items for team members.

Check out the Pinch Me Therapy Dough.

2. Sunrise Alarm Clock with Himalayan Salt Lamp + Wireless Charger

The Sunrise Alarm Clock with Himalayan Salt Lamp + Wireless Charger tops the list of gift ideas for office staff. Featuring the date, time, and temperature, the alarm clock will help workers get up on time and avoid the last-minute rush. The clock wakes individuals up by subtly transitioning from dark to fully lit within 20 minutes before the set time. Another notable feature is the ability to choose the lamp’s brightness and color. With the natural bamboo look and the Himalayan salt lamp, the clock is also an eye-catching bedside accessory.

Check out the Sunrise Alarm Clock with Himalayan Salt Lamp + Wireless Charger.

3. Modern Sprout Terracotta Grow Kit

Whether you want to commemorate a colleague’s milestone or celebrate a birthday, the Modern Sprout Terracotta Grow Kit is a clever pick. The grow kit comes with items to nurture a house or office desk plant. Some essential plant items individuals will receive are organic clover seeds, a coco grow medium, and a coconut husk pot. The Modern Sprout Terracotta Grow Kit also features an impressive look, perfect as a desk accessory.

Check out the Modern Sprout Terracotta Grow Kit.

4. Custom Fantasy Figurines

Ideal for any occasion, Custom Fantasy Figurines top the list of fun office gift ideas. The handmade item is a unique way to celebrate workers. Individuals will receive a figurine crafted with attention to detail and with a resemblance to diverse characters. You could even gift an employee a figurine of their pet or an iconic figure they admire.

Check out the Custom Fantasy Figurines.

5. Wooden Stacking Zen Stones

If you are searching for game-themed office gifts, then the Wooden Stacking Zen Stones are a good bet. The stones are popular for their focus-building, creativity-inducing, stress-relieving, and meditative capabilities. The set contains five wooden rocks of varying shapes and sizes. Employees can play around with the stacking stones during work breaks or social settings.

Check out the Wooden Stacking Zen Stones.

6. All-Purpose Promotional Tool Case

One of the most important toolsets any employee could have is the All-Purpose Promotional Tool Case. The durable case has multiple storage options, including side pockets for storing tools and accessories. An exterior clip stores tape measures for easy access. Additionally, the molded grip handle helps users carry their tools with ease. These items can help individuals accomplish tasks easily around the office or at home.

Check out the All-Purpose Promotional Tool Case.

7. Personalized Photo Heated Blanket

Personalized Photo Heated Blankets are a great selection of office gift exchange ideas. Employees could pair up, find their colleague’s memorable photos, and gift each other a photo blanket. The blanket has three timed heating settings, which recipients will love during the cooler seasons. The Personalized Photo Blanket is a great way to foster bonds between colleagues since individuals can celebrate each other’s pivotal life moments.

Check out the Personalized Photo Blanket.

8. Plant Life Support Self-Waterer

If you are looking for office gift ideas for plant lovers, then the Plant Life Support Self-Waterer is a good bet. Similar to IV bags, the self-waterer can replenish potted plants with moisture for up to seven days. The gift item eliminates the worry of plants dying if recipients forget to water the plants or are away for a few days. Users just need to fill the bag with water, hang the bag on the hook, and open the flow regulator.

Check out the Plant Life Support Self-Waterer.

9. Employee New Hire Kit

One of the best ways to welcome new workers and boost your gifting corporate culture is by welcoming new workers with goodies. The Employee New Hire Kit contains workplace essentials such as a spiral notebook, polyester and quilted foam sling backpack, incline stylus pen, and desk calculators. The new hires will also receive a hand sanitizer, backpack, and tumblers with hot and cold drink insulation capabilities. The Employee New Hire Kit is the perfect set to help employees settle in and boost the company’s image.

Check out the Employee New Hire Kit.

10. Tablet or Recipe Book Stand

The Tablet or Recipe Book Stand is a versatile gift that recipients can use in the office or at home. With the bamboo stand, users will enjoy an appealing space and comfort when working with a portable device. Organizations can also use the tablet stand to reduce the health risks associated with poor head, neck, and body posture for extended periods. Additionally, the stand elevation eases eye strain that can cause health issues like headaches and eye problems.

Check out the Tablet or Recipe Book Stand.

11. Bottle Shaped Wine Promotional Gift Set

If you have wine lovers in your workplace, then you should check out the Bottle Shaped Wine Promotional Gift Set. Individuals will receive a stainless-steel corkscrew, a pourer with a stopper, a drip ring, and a hinged case with a magnetic closure. You can even customize the label with company branding or your recipients’ names. This classy, sophisticated set is a great selection for team leaders looking for fun office gift ideas.

Check out the Bottle Shaped Wine Promotional Gift Set.

12. Personalized Rosewood Folding Business Card Holder

As one of the most functional corporate items, business card holders are fantastic gift ideas for office staff. The Rosewood Folding Business Card Holder has impressive features, including its reddish-brown tone and compact sizing. With the capacity to hold up to 30 business cards, employees can carry the card holder throughout their daily meetings or organize their business cards on their desks. Business card holders also keep the cards clean and neat, creating a positive impression of an employee and the brand.

Check out the Personalized Rosewood Folding Business Card Holder.

13. Bamboo Aromatic Oil Diffuser

The Bamboo Aromatic Oil Diffuser is a great selection of office gifts for individuals who want to promote wellness. The heat-free item is one of the best aromatherapy gift options for anxiety, stress relief, and relaxation. The item comes with use instructions, including calming essential oil suggestions. The Bamboo Aromatic Oil Diffuser has a battery life of seven to 14 hours, depending on the usage.

Check out the Bamboo Aromatic Oil Diffuser.

14. Steambox

Make bringing lunch from home a breeze with a self-heating lunch box. This rechargeable device heats meals to piping hot within minutes using steaming technology. The box comes with one washable food liner, and you can order more to cut down on doing the dishes. For truckers or outdoor workers, a self-heating lunch box is a great way to bring a warm meal into the field.

Check out the Steambox.

15. Football Can Holder

The Football Can Holder is a top pick for sports lovers in your company. The 12-ounce can holder features flexible polyurethane and has a textured grip. This item keeps beverages cold and condensation at bay. Individuals can place the can holders on their desks or use them on the go. The Football Can Holder is a great gift option for employees during the warmer seasons.

Check out the Football Can Holder.

16. Waterproof Smartphone Case with Audio Jack

Employees searching for functional and unique office gifts for coworkers could try the Waterproof Smartphone Case with Audio Jack. The pouch features a heavy-duty waterproof closure that protects contents from water up to a depth of 32 feet. The waterproof phone case also has an audio jack and a clear front that allows touchscreen functions. In addition, the Waterproof Smartphone Case with Audio Jack comes with an elastic strap and a lanyard.

Check out the Waterproof Smart Phone Case with Audio Jack.

17. Geo Light-Up Logo Wireless Speaker

With the compact feature that ensures usability, the Geo Light-Up Logo Wireless Speaker is a clever gift for colleagues. However, one of the most interesting features is the skeletal lights that respond to music and shine throughout the imprint area. The speaker has a playback of four hours and connects to devices 30 feet away. The item also comes with a micro-USB cable.

Check out the Geo Light-Up Logo Wireless Speaker.

18. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you have colleagues who spend a lot of time on gadgets, then the Goldbond Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a great office gift idea. These glasses have special lenses that protect wearers from excessive levels of blue light. As a result, employees will have minimal issues with eye fatigue, headaches, visual performance, and sleep quality. The glasses are also light and fashionable, making them an everyday apparel item for employees.

Check out the Goldbond Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

19. Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug

The Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug is a fantastic choice for office gift exchange ideas. Ideal for colleagues in number-oriented careers, recipients can check out spreadsheet formulas at their convenience. The Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug has many easy-to-follow shortcuts, including formulas, functions, and formatting. Recipients will relish the mug as they utilize the shortcuts and sip their beverages.

Check out the Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug.

20. Gel Mouse Pad

The Gel Mouse Pad is a practical office gift item that organizations can give workers. The item features an oval shape that boosts the appearance of an office desk. Recipients will also enjoy the non-skid plastic base and the ergonomic gel pad for wrist support. With impeccable dust- and stain-resistance capabilities, this item will serve individuals wherever they choose to complete computer tasks.

Check out the Gel Mouse Pad.

21. Retro Backpack

As one of the most practical work accessories, you can not go wrong with the Port Authority Retro Backpack when giving employees presents. The backpack features a large main compartment, a padded laptop sleeve, and a front zippered pocket. With the padded shoulder straps, recipients will also love the comfort as they carry their laptops and work essentials. The Port Authority Backpack provides a retro feel while maintaining the modern touches of a laptop sleeve and office organizer.

Check out the Port Authority Retro Backpack Backpack.

22. Wireless Charging Picture Frame

The Wireless Charging Picture Frame is a gift your colleagues will relish. The product offers the convenience of charging Qi-enabled devices through its wireless features. The Wireless Charging Picture Frame also has a four-by-six-inch frame where individuals can imprint their logo. An additional notable feature is the micro-USB input with a cord.

Check out the Wireless Charging Picture Frame.


Organizations can center their gifting culture around small, thoughtful, or more elaborate presents. These gestures will boost individuals’ morale, motivation, and teamwork. However, givers must ensure items are appropriate and do not create conflicts of interest or favoritism. Office gift-giving can be a great way to show appreciation, build relationships, and enhance workplace culture. Whether you are looking for inexpensive or unique ideas, check out our list of gift items, and watch recipients marvel at your thoughtfulness.

Next, check out our list of virtual gift boxes, employee care packages, swag bag ideas, and swag vendors.

FAQ: Office gift ideas

Here are answers to common questions about office gift ideas.

What are office gift ideas?

Office gifts are items that employers, employees, or colleagues give each other on special occasions. These events include holidays, birthdays, or work anniversaries. Office gifts can range from affordable to extravagant presents, depending on the funds available and the occasion.

What are some of the best office gift ideas?

Office gifts are some of the best ways employers, employees, and colleagues can show appreciation for each other. However, the most tasking challenge lies in selecting the best gift item for specific individuals. The appropriateness and value of office gifts may vary depending on the corporate culture, the occasion, and the relationship between the giver and recipient.

We advise individuals to be mindful of any cultural or religious differences that may impact the appropriateness of certain gifts. Some of the best office gift ideas include the Plant Life Support Self-Waterer, the Rosewood Folding Business Card Holder, and the Sunrise Alarm Clock with Himalayan Salt Lamp + Wireless Charger.

What is the importance of building a gifting culture in the workplace?

A gifting culture in the workplace refers to the practice of giving and receiving gifts among colleagues, managers, and employees.

Here are some reasons why a gifting culture is pivotal in the workplace:

  • Builds relationships: Giving and receiving gifts can help build positive relationships between participants leading to better collaboration, communication, and teamwork.
  • Boosts morale and motivation: Receiving a gift can be a source of motivation and encouragement, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Shows appreciation: Gifts can be a way to show appreciation for a job well done, a special occasion, or a milestone achievement. The appreciation boosts employee recognition, resulting in more commitment to work.
  • Fosters a positive workplace culture: A gifting culture can contribute to a positive workplace culture by promoting generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness among participants.
  • Improves retention and recruitment: A workplace culture that values and recognizes employees can help with retention and recruitment efforts by creating a positive reputation and attracting top talent.

However, companies should create a voluntary gifting culture free from pressure or expectations for employees to participate. Additionally, businesses should set guidelines and policies to ensure a fair gifting culture.

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