Updated: August 23, 2023

22 Top HR Magazines to Read in 2023

You have found our list of the best HR magazines.

HR magazines are publications that focus on topics related to human resources management, such as employee recruitment and retention, training and development, compensation and benefits, and organizational culture. Examples include HR Grapevine, theHRDIRECTOR, and People Management Magazine. These magazines help HR professionals stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry. These issues are also known as HR publications.

HR magazines help readers gain insights into HR training programs, HR tips, and HR skills. Readers seeking additional resources can also check out HR newsletters, HR podcasts, and HR blogs.

This article includes:

  • HR digests
  • workforce magazines
  • HR trade publications
  • online human resources magazines
  • HR journals

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List of HR magazines

As the world of work continues to evolve rapidly, it has become more critical than ever for HR professionals to stay updated on the latest trends and best practices. One of the best ways to stay current is by reading HR magazines, which provide a wealth of information on the latest industry news, best practices, and expert insights in the human resources industry. Here are some top magazines for HR professionals to read.

1. Human Resource Executive

Human Resource Executive is a premier media outlet focused on strategic issues in HR. The publication provides news analysis, insights, strategies, and research reports to vice presidents and directors of human resources. The content covers various areas of employee and HR management, including benefits, compliance, DEI, employee experience, healthcare, and HR technology. Additionally, readers will gain insight into leadership, learning, recruitment, retention, and talent management.

Learn more about Human Resource Executive.

2. Human Resources Director

HRD America is a publication that offers high-quality news, opinion articles, and best practices in the HR profession. HRD America is part of Key Media Business Information, a global media company with offices in multiple countries. Key Media Business Information publishes trade publications in various professional niche markets, including HR, legal, insurance, education, safety, wealth, and mortgage industries.

Learn more about Human Resources Director.

3. Employee Benefit News

Employee Benefit News, or EBN, is a leading media resource for decision-makers in the fields of employee benefits, human resources, and workplace culture. EBN provides expert insights and analysis to help business leaders navigate industry challenges. For instance, readers will learn about reducing healthcare costs, improving retirement plans, and building diverse workforces. With a readership of 300,000 business leaders, including HR executives and benefits directors, EBN is a top choice for HR magazines.

Learn more about Employee Benefit News.

4. HRZone

HRZone is an online platform catering to HR professionals and business leaders. The site offers advice, guidance, opinions, and up-to-date information on various topics related to the modern HR professional’s working life and responsibilities. The platform covers a wide range of subjects, including employment law, HR technology, leadership, recruitment, and talent management. Readers will also learn about wellbeing, diversity, benefits, and training. In addition to editorial articles, HRZone provides research, premium reports for download, and live and digital events. Visitors to the site can also find content written by HR leaders, consultants, and industry commentators.

Learn more about HRZone.

5. HR Magazine

HR Magazine is one of the industry’s most widely read and respected HR trade publications. The quarterly publication is from the Society for Human Resource Management, the world’s largest HR professional society devoted to human resource management. HR Magazine features up-to-date news and addresses various topics of interest to HR professionals at all career levels, such as leadership, talent management, HR technology, and compliance. The articles are from top HR thought leaders and experts and have practical insights and advice that any company would find helpful. HR Magazine is available in both digital and print formats.

Check out HR Magazine.


Commonly referred to as the most respected independent resource for HR directors, this magazine is a notable name in the HR field. theHRDIRECTOR is an unconventional and feature-led HR publication dedicated to helping HR directors and senior professionals stay informed on important updates and trends in the industry.

The monthly publication provides tested and trusted HR strategies and in-depth analysis to help directors remain current and informed in this ever-evolving field. In addition, the magazine invites readers to share personal experiences, challenges, and success stories in each issue. The publication also features case studies from top global organizations and HR industry experts proffering real solutions to current HR issues.

Check out theHRDIRECTOR.

7. Human Resources Online

Human Resources Online is a great platform that provides the HR community with relevant news and information. The human resources platform equips HR leaders and their teams with the proper knowledge and information to excel in the field. HRO provides credible, timely, and trusted reports on news, trends, and knowledge. Readers can use these insights to develop and manage HR techniques that help to improve bottom-line results for HR decision-makers.

Human Resources Online provides HR managers and thought leaders with a rich platform that identifies and offers the best practices for attracting, engaging, and retaining the best talent for their companies.

Check out Human Resources Online.

8. HR Grapevine

HR Grapevine is one of the most popular workforce magazines in the industry. The publication provides professionals with the latest HR news and trends. The magazine’s contributors are all experienced human resources professionals. The journal aims to provide readers with actionable tips and unique insights they can immediately use in their workplaces. In addition to in-depth features, each issue has news summaries, interviews with HR leaders, case studies, and research on various HR topics.

The content generally focuses on HR management, resourcing, employee engagement, compensation, and training. HR professionals can also learn about relevant events, culture, and webinars.

Check out HR Grapevine.

9. People Management Magazine

People Management is the UK’s biggest HR magazine, ranked number one by numerous trusted sources in the global HR community. PM is the award-winning official publication of the Chartered Institute of Public Development. The magazine covers the latest news, trends, opinion, and insights from across the HR world via diverse channels.

Numerous organizations trust People Management because of its unique approach to disseminating information and knowledge. HR professionals can read up on specific issues, opinions, features, job updates, and analyses of employment laws.

Check out People Management Magazine.

10. Human Resources Management Journal

Human Resource Management Journal on Wiley Online Library is one of the educational online human resources magazines. This publication aims to promote the understanding of HR management to academics and practicing managers. The journal features diverse research that explores various facets of human resources and sheds light on some of the numerous issues and challenges facing the human resources field. Additionally, the journal offers an international platform for conversation and debates to analyze the critical importance of talent management and its economic, political, and social effects.

Check out the Human Resources Management Journal.

11. HRO Today

HRO Today provides the most in-depth and objective content available in the human resources industry. Since 2002, the platform has provided over 180,000 decision-leaders with vast and game-changing content through their magazines, e-newsletters, and social network. HRO Today’s magazine is the flagship of its media universe and is the go-to resource for leaders and executives across diverse fields and markets. The magazine is available in digital and print formats.

Check out HRO Today.

12. Human Resource Executive

Human Resource Executive is a premier media outfit that addresses strategic topics in human resources. The publication primarily targets vice presidents and directors of human resources, providing these key decision-makers with trending news analysis, stories, techniques, and research reports that can help them excel.

Human Resource Executive magazine aims to provide timely, accurate, and authoritative information for industry leaders. Articles address critical topics like HR technology, employment law, recruitment, and retention. The team works with top leaders in the industry to ensure insightful and strategic content.

Check out Human Resource Executive.

13. HR Future Magazine

HR Future is one of South Africa’s leading HR digests. The publication provides HR professionals with trusted advice and insights. This information helps readers make strategic and operational decisions that put their organizations ahead. For over 20 years, HR Future has been a trusted source of advice, insights, and tips. Executives, line managers, and HR professionals read this publication, helping these industry players prepare for the future of work.

In the digital magazine’s monthly issue, contributors and thought leaders worldwide provide readers with unique and strategic insights. In addition, the magazine offers readers interesting information on managing and leading employees in the future of work.

Check out HR Future.

14. People Matters Magazine

People Matters is a new-age media outfit that provides readers with seasoned insights and information to help HR professionals make quality decisions that will significantly impact their organizations. People Matters keeps the talent industry updated with current trends, creative ideas, and innovations that help to increase collective consciousness, bringing solutions pertinent to individuals and the workplace.

Their high-end digital magazine caters to a community of over one hundred thousand professionals, providing these readers with valuable insights, updates, and strategies to ace their careers and build successful workplaces. The monthly issue addresses recruitment, employee engagement, strategy, and performance reward.

Check out People Matters.

15. HR Aspects Magazine

HR Aspects Magazine is a rich platform with well-detailed articles, news, and information about numerous HR industry issues. The magazine targets a broad audience of personalities in the business world. As a result, readers can gain access to real-life stories and expert opinions on subjects that affect industries and issues that matter to businesspeople. HR Aspect Magazine’s mission is to be an indispensable tool for human resources leaders and professionals pursuing deeper understanding, better employee engagement, and better business outcomes.

Some topics covered include people development, leadership, talent recruitment and retention, strategy, and health and safety. In addition, the magazine provides readers with news about legal changes and updates on issues employers face while running their businesses. The publishers also offer events and seminars that may benefit business owners and their workforce.

Check out HR Aspects Magazine.

16. Recruiter

Recruiter is one of the top HR magazines in the UK. Even though the publication deals with Europe’s HR culture, many human resources practitioners worldwide respect and read the articles. The publication aims to provide timely news and business intelligence for recruiters, offering articles and opinion pieces and addressing culture, travel, and other aspects of the human resources field. Recruiter is an excellent resource for professionals and organizations seeking access to comprehensive knowledge and top conversations in the human resources field.

Check out the Recruiter.

17. Training Journal

Training Journal enjoys a wide readership in the human resource community. As one of the top HR journals, this resource addresses core HR topics like recruitment, training and development, apprenticeship, and similar topics that will benefit job seekers and organizations. HR managers and business owners read Training Journal to gain knowledge on how to make their organizations more compliant with current changes as they take place in the workspace.

Check out Training Journal.

18. Business Manager Magazine

Business Manager is a one-of-a-kind HR magazine that stands out with distinct authenticity and reliability. Owned and edited by renowned HR experts, the magazine exclusively focuses on HR and IR issues. The publication equips and informs HR managers on how to deal with practical problems in the workplace. The professional publication goes out monthly, with each issue unraveling exciting and in-depth information.

Check out Business Manager Magazine.

19. SightsIn Plus Magazine

SightsIn Plus is a top-quality monthly magazine addressing young leaders’ day-to-day challenges in building their businesses. The magazine provides the latest HR news, insights, best practices, and leadership announcements. The publication, written by seasoned HR professionals, offers valuable articles and suggestions for creating a productive workplace and motivated staff.

The magazine also provides perspectives and observations from young minds, spotlighting these leaders and the many disruptive innovations impacting the corporate world today.

Check out SightsIn Plus.

20. HR Digest

The HR Digest is one of the best resources in the human resource industry. This publication provides up-to-date news and insight into the latest events, conferences, success stories, training, and interviews. The goal of HR Digest is to help readers connect with other audiences around the globe. The specialized topics addressed in the publication include HR law, management, employee engagement, benefits, and workplace culture.

Check out HR Digest.

21. HR Professionals Magazine

HR workers interested in maintaining workplace standards and improving professional development should check out HR Professionals Magazine. This publication covers topics such as HR integrations, implicit bias, and pay equity. Readers can also sign up for test prep for professional development courses and SHRM certifications. HR professionals interesting in attending networking conferences can also find event info and flyers in this publication. Readers can enjoy archives dating back to 2019, and new issues come out monthly, so it is easy to stay updated on past and current events.

Check out HR Professionals Magazine.

22. HR.com

HR.com is an industry leader in education, career development, and compliance. Readers can enjoy the magazine’s ePublications online, in an interactive format, or as a downloadable PDF. The firm releases 13 publications annually, and each is separated by topic. HR professionals can gain insights into topics such as leadership, talent acquisition, and human experience. These multimedia issues focus on educating readers to encourage professional growth and knowledge.

Check out HR.com.


Human resources is an important field that encompasses a wide range of responsibilities and tasks. Whether you are a seasoned HR professional or just starting, staying updated on the latest trends, best practices, and news can be essential to your success. HR publications are full of resources, tips, and information to help professionals get better at their jobs. These magazines can provide valuable insights and resources for HR professionals and readers interested in staying informed on workforce issues and trends. In addition, the publications can help subscribers stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving HR and workforce management world.

HR magazines also enlighten professionals on the latest employment laws and regulations changes. Keeping up with these changes can help HR professionals ensure your organization complies and avoid legal issues.

For more HR resources, check out our articles on HR communities, HR books, and HR conferences.

FAQ: HR magazines

Here are frequently asked questions about HR magazines.

What are HR magazines?

HR magazines provide information, insights, and news on various HR topics, such as HR management, development, and practices. These magazines target HR professionals, executives, and leaders looking to stay updated with their field’s latest trends, best practices, and expert insights. HR magazines are available in print and digital formats and are published regularly, often monthly or quarterly.

What are the best HR magazines?

The best HR magazines to read include HR.com, Harvard Business Review Magazine, and Human Resource Executive Magazine. These magazines cover various topics, including recruitment and talent management, performance management, employee benefits and compensation, leadership development, and HR technology.

Why should you read HR magazines?

HR magazines can be a precious resource for HR professionals for several reasons. First, HR magazines provide the latest news and insights on the HR industry, including emerging trends, new technologies, and best practices. Also, many of these publications feature articles and interviews with industry experts, which can help HR professionals learn new strategies and approaches to common challenges.

Additionally, many HR magazines offer resources and information on professional development opportunities, such as certification programs and training courses. Last, many issues provide information on upcoming industry events, such as conferences and workshops. Attending these events can provide opportunities to network with other HR professionals and learn from experts in a more interactive setting.

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