Updated: August 29, 2023

20 Best Assistant Newsletters to Read in 2023

Here is our list of the best assistant newsletters.

Assistant newsletters are summary emails that explore helpful information about administrative assistance. These emails can target aspiring or professional admin assistants or clients seeking admin assistants. Examples include Society of Virtual Assistants, Your Virtual Assistant, and ASAP. The purpose of these newsletters is to highlight critical information and promote the website that sends the newsletter and its services.

Assistant newsletters are similar to marketing newsletters, HR newsletters, and work from home newsletters. These resources can help assistants learn more about virtual assistant skills and executive assistant skills.

This list includes:

  • virtual assistant newsletters
  • administrative assistant newsletters
  • executive assistant newsletters
  • free assistant newsletters

Here we go!

List of assistant newsletters

Assistant newsletters focus on giving career tips and information to help train, solve challenges, and provide opportunities to administrative workers. These newsletters could be weekly or monthly but highlight all the valuable data a website offers subscribers. Here is our list of the best executive assistant newsletters.

1. Office Ninjas

The OfficeNinjas Newsletter features articles on empowerment and excellence. The firm’s weekly digest guides administrative and operations professionals through their roles. The OfficeNinjas newsletter fosters a community of growth-minded individuals. As a subscriber, you gain access to a network of like-minded professionals who understand the challenges and opportunities that come with your role.

Each edition contains top industry insights, actionable advice, and career inspiration. Articles equip you with the tools to lead in today’s workplace. Whether you are an executive assistant, office manager, or part of the admin team, this newsletter helps you stay informed, inspired, and connected. By subscribing, you can enrich your career and make strategic strides within your organization.

Learn more about the OfficeNinjas Newsletter.

2. The Assist

The Assist is a dependable source for individuals seeking advancement in both personal and professional spheres. This newsletter aims to offer personal advice that a friend might offer. The mission at the heart of The Assist is to provide practical tips and clever strategies. The firm aims to support readers on their journey to enhance various facets of life.

Beyond the concept of work-life balance, the Assist is committed to aiding individuals in discovering the often elusive work-life happiness. This pursuit involves uncovering motivation, setting attainable goals, establishing boundaries, taking breaks, and boosting effectiveness and productivity. The content is approachable and engaging, avoiding dense white papers or academic jargon. Whether delving into the effectiveness of the Pomodoro Technique or sharing a chuckle over relatable memes, The Assist stands as a companion on the path of growth and well-being.

Learn more about The Assist.

3. Society of Virtual Assistants

Society of Virtual Assistants, or SVA, is a UK-based organization that began as a way to help virtual assistants connect and network. SVA regularly sends out its newsletters to virtual assistants and clients. These newsletters contain important information and details, such as tips about what makes a good VA and the best tools a VA should have, which both parties can explore. To become a recipient, readers must sign up. Registration is free, but a defined donation through PayPal is compulsory to complete the sign-up.

The site also includes a blog with valuable tips and information about virtual assisting. Other resources and training materials help individual virtual assistants learn the basics, grow, and build a thriving business. The SVA site doubles as a place for virtual assistants to find jobs through other virtual assistants and interested clients. Virtual assistants also get the chance to market themselves on the website.

Learn more about Society of Virtual Assistants.

4. VA Directory

VA Directory is a network of virtual assistants across Australia. Kathie M. Thomas, the website’s founder, started the site in 1994. A regular and informative newsletter is immediately available to readers who sign up for VA Directory. ACS News is the VA Directory’s newsletter and includes many helpful articles. The newsletter sign-up page doubles as the sign-up page for the photo and blog pages.

The newsletter offers several training resources for virtual assistants to ensure these professionals offer only the best services. The site also has a free blog that covers information in articles and other resources. In addition, the directory of virtual assistants has a country location filter so individuals worldwide can join. Clients can also place job details and hire virtual assistants directly from the site.

Learn more about VA Directory.

5. Tips For Assistants

As the name implies, Tips for Assistants offers many pointers on becoming a better administrative assistant. Tips for Assistants sends out administrative assistant newsletters with information about events, tips, tools, and career development opportunities. In some cases, the newsletter may cover tips on how to gain clients. The also site explores many assistants’ challenges and provides expert solutions and guides. In addition, Tips for Assistants offers a collection of books, events, and articles for assistants to explore. The website and newsletter are highly detailed, so admin staff will greatly benefit from a subscription.

Learn more about Tips for Assistants.

6. Your Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant has The Lever, a detailed newsletter that goes out periodically with tips and information about best virtual assistant practices and services. Assistants can stay connected to Your Virtual Assistant by submitting a name and email on the site. The Lever covers time, intellectual properties, technology, team, and networking. Several existing newsletter issues provide tips, tools, facts, and questions to improve the understanding of virtual assistance.

The New Zealand-based website supports other individuals and small businesses to thrive and succeed. The company explores several virtual assistant services, including business management, marketing, designing, event management, and accounting. Readers can find several free resources on Your Virtual Assistant, such as blogs and downloadables.

Learn more about Your Virtual Assistant.

7. Practically Perfect PA

When searching for free assistant newsletters, choosing a website focused on helping administrative assistants grow and develop is the best step. Practically Perfect PA offers an extensive and well-structured newsletter with all the necessary information without being pushy or overly sales-driven. Interested individuals can join the community of subscribers who get weekly newsletters. The weekly newsletter subscription is free.

The site provides many helpful tools, tips, and resources for individuals and small business admin teams through experience and authority within the industry. The service provider includes online administrative courses, live webinars, summits, books, articles, and learning resources. In addition, the executive assistant online campus offers educational information on becoming a thriving assistant.

Learn more about Practically Perfect PA.

8. The Assistant Room

The Assistant Room covers tips, guides, solutions, and tools for admin support staff, from entry-level assistants to the chief of staff. The Nutshell is The Assistant Room’s newsletter that keeps readers updated with the latest information, news, events, opportunities, and offers. The newsletter goes out every Wednesday, and readers can sign up to become a subscriber from the website’s front page.

In addition, the site’s blog covers topics about careers and lifestyle. The site also has a podcast section where executive assistants from the world’s biggest companies give tips and guides to help admin assistants globally.

Learn more about The Assistant Room.

9. Office Dynamics International

Office Dynamics International has been operating since 1990. The web solution focuses on training and development. Office Dynamics International subscribers gain access to the Monday Motivators newsletter, which offers techniques to change readers’ mindsets. For example, the newsletter contains timely tips, thought-provoking messages, and attitude-lifting inspiration, and other free career developmental tools.

Office Dynamics offers tips, courses, guides, and answers for companies, small businesses, and individuals trying to build a professional executive assistant role. Office Dynamics offers training solutions and services that cut across several administrative positions, skills, and tasks.

Learn more about Office Dynamics International.

10. Personal-Assistant-Tips

Personal-Assistant-Tips is a one-stop webpage for tips and information that all executive assistants will need to offer professional services. Readers can subscribe to the site’s newsletter and stay updated with the latest articles, books, guides, seminars, and career support. Additionally, the site has a collection of articles and topics revolving around personal assisting. The site provides in-house executive assistant and personal assistant training. Readers can also find courses, essential training resources, and materials. Visitors must complete registration to access the site’s features and articles.

Learn more about Personal-Assistant-Tips.

11. Executive Support Magazine

Executive Support Magazine is a training publication that supports administrative staff at all career levels. Executive assistants across the globe can sign up for the newsletter for free and get all the latest up-to-date information the site offers. Subscription to the newsletter is free. You can fill out the required information on the landing page to join the email list.

The magazine covers various topics to help administrative assistants to develop and grow within the industry. The magazine explores many issues, including project management, career development, communication, business strategy and acumen, and technology. The Executive Support Magazine offers other products and services, industry events, associations, and training.

Learn more about Executive Support Magazine.

12. Executive Assistance

The top virtual assistant newsletters should offer opportunities and tips for executive and personal assistants, and Executive Assistance is a leading site to explore. The free newsletter gives regular updates about new tips, events, and resources the Executive Assistance team curated. In addition, readers can choose from two newsletters, one geared toward employers or HR professionals and the other for assistants.

Also, the website includes a helpful blog page covering essential points in the executive assisting process. The news and event page covers certifications, webinars, seminars, and other resources, like the executive assistant survival handbook.

Learn more about Executive Assistance.

13. ASAP

The American Society of Administrative Professionals, or ASAP, is an industry-centered website providing professional assistants with tips, guides, and support. ASAP’s weekly newsletter highlights the latest resources and tips for administrative professionals. The newsletter goes out every Monday and is available to registered and non-registered members. Both the free and all-access members have access to the newsletter.

The site includes various training resources for communication, efficiency and skill, leadership, professional development, and technology. The site also contains events and certifications to support administrative assistants. Virtual assistants can explore an expansive library of webinars, events, articles, downloads, and training kits.

Learn more about ASAP.

14. Administrative Professional Today

Administrative Professional Today is a webpage that gives tips and guides for the everyday administrative assistant to thrive. The newsletter highlights the webpage’s essential information, resources, details, events, and guides. To access the newsletter, readers need a subscription. Once members register, they can enjoy the newsletter and other services.

The site also hosts a very active blog page on teamwork, minute-taking, personal development, Word, and Excel. Other topics include communication, career, meeting management, and productivity. In addition, the site offers several online training courses and resources for administrative assistants. Other tools include forms and templates, a grammar repair shop, skills check, and online training.

Learn more about Administrative Professional Today.

15. Pepper Virtual Assistant

Pepper Virtual Assistant is a Filipino-based virtual assistant service. The site sends out one of the best executive assistant newsletters. For VAs looking to subscribe to the newsletter, navigate to the news category page, and find the sign-up prompt on the right side. The newsletter promises the latest updates on productivity tools, marketing hacks, and management freebies. Pepper Virtual Assistant doubles as a job searching and posting site for various VA roles and industries. The blog page also covers business, financial, IT, life hacks, management, and virtual assistants.

Learn more about Pepper Virtual Assistant.

16. Prialto

Prialto is an admin management agency that connects companies to the best admin staff and vice versa. The site’s weekly newsletter provides insights and tips on admin productivity. The free newsletter is open to any interested subscribers. Beyond the newsletter, the site offers other resources like blogs, case studies, guides, podcasts, and reports. The blog explores topics like admin management, business growth, leadership, productivity, and staffing. Prialto’s features and services are open to individuals, teams, and enterprises.

Learn more about Prialto.

17. ELS

Executive Leadership Support, or ELS, is an online agency dedicated to helping admin staff grow, thrive, and succeed in the industry. The site uses webinars, events, and blogs to educate and improve executive assistants’ operational standards and processes. The agency also helps companies train and build an efficient assistant structure. The newsletter is free to join and covers highlights of new information, resources, events, webinars, and articles available on the site.

Learn more about ELS.

18. Virtual Assistant Assistant

Virtual Assistant Assistant is a website that informs readers about virtual assistant resources. The newsletter is one of the top free assistant newsletters and highlights many critical points and details the site has for members each week. Readers can learn more about product and service updates, tools, and software. Also, the newsletter may offer unique discounts for VAA subscribers. To sign up, check the bottom of the VAA website.

Additionally, the site reviews other virtual assistants with ratings and customer reviews. You will find reviews of VAs and several resources for virtual assistants looking for jobs and clients looking for VAs. Clients and VAs can explore blog articles, tools, education materials, surveys, and benefits.

Learn more about Virtual Assistant Assistant.

19. Robert Half Talent Solutions

Robert Half Talent Solutions is a talent sourcing and posting agency. The website covers hiring opportunities for administrative assistants in several sectors. These roles include finance, customer support, legal, marketing, and creative. Robert Half requires a complete sign-up process and executive support specification for assistants and employers looking to hire. Once registration is complete, the talent solution will regularly send specially curated newsletters to share admin-assisting advice and opportunities.

Learn more about Robert Half Talent Solutions.

20. Wishup

Wishup is a remote team staffing agency that focuses on helping clients get the best remote workers. The site allows virtual assistants to sign up and get assigned or linked to clients needing the service. Wishup’s newsletter gives tips and insights through articles and other resources. The newsletter is free to sign up for.

The site has blogs, case studies, podcasts, and white papers. The articles revolve around virtual assistants, hiring a virtual assistant, remote working, and start-ups and entrepreneurs. In addition, readers can find insights on marketing, software testers, virtual bookkeeping assistants, and real estate VAs.

Learn more about Wishup.


Executive or virtual assistant newsletters should come from websites relevant to the industry. Founders and experts with proven experience and successes in administrative work can offer valuable insights to assistants and employers alike. Readers can subscribe to the list of trusted websites with industry experience and knowledge to get crucial information on being an executive assistant. The websites listed in this article offer administrative staff a regular supply of career-developing information. Some websites also include freebies, coupons, and information about other useful tools and services for admin assistants.

For more assistant resources, check out these articles on virtual assistant companies, executive assistant books, and executive assistant tools.

FAQ: Assistant newsletters

Here are frequently asked questions about assistant newsletters.

What are assistant newsletters?

Assistant newsletters are email reports of helpful information related to administrative assistance. These newsletters usually originate from sites that focus on supporting or providing administrative assistant services.

What are the best newsletters for assistants?

Several options for the best newsletters for assistants include:

  • Administrative Professional Today
  • Executive Support Magazine
  • Personal-Assistant-Tips
  • C-Suite Assistants
  • Office Dynamics International
  • The Assistant Room
  • PA Life
  • Practically Perfect PA

These newsletters offer incredible resources to aid your executive assistant journey.

What kind of information is in assistant newsletters?

An assistant newsletter highlights critical points, including career opportunities, working tips, and solutions. These publications also offer valuable resources, such as tools, events, articles, videos, and podcasts.

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