Updated: May 11, 2023

18 Top Team Building Facilitators

Here is our list of the best team building facilitators.

Team building facilitators are experts trained to help a group of individuals work together effectively and increase their productivity. Examples include Leadership Strategies, CMOE, and Northstar Facilitators. The purpose of these facilitators is to help companies create actionable plans and strategies for achieving their desired team building goals.

These facilitators’ approaches can include team building exercises, team building events, and team building games. Their services can improve a team’s internal communication and create a positive work environment.


This list includes:

  • corporate team building facilitators
  • in-person team building facilitators
  • virtual team building facilitators
  • hybrid team building facilitators
  • team building professionals
  • team building coordinators

Let’s get started!

List of team building facilitators

Hiring a team building facilitator can help you identify pitfalls that could destroy your business early. These experts also help you understand your team better by discovering members’ strengths and weaknesses. From teambuilding.com to Skills Consulting Group, here are the best team building professionals to hire.

1. teambuilding.com

teambuilding.com is one of the best corporate team building facilitators. Our company organizes immersive online and in-person events led by world-class hosts. These experiences range from online games to tiny campfires to murder mysteries. If you have a larger group, then we can also provide a cohost to ensure a seamless experience. You can book teambuilding.com’s service yourself or work with a complimentary client advisor.

Our facilitators will tailor the experience to meet your team’s needs. You can also check out our official website’s free team building resources. In addition, your team building experience duration will depend on the kinds of events you book.

Learn more about teambuilding.com.

2. Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin is an expert team building facilitator who helps companies build high-performing teams globally. Menguin has reliable experience working with leaders across various industries. The expert has also worked with top corporations like Toshiba, Dell, and The World Bank. Furthermore, Menguin offers a free assessment tool to examine your team’s health.

You can rest assured that by partnering with Menguin, you can create a positive experience for your team members, build collaboration, and improve communication. Additionally, the expert will help you develop team building initiatives that encourage your team to learn positive skills and behavior. Menguin is a results-oriented team building provider and facilitated successful programs in various countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Learn more about Jef Menguin.

3. Mike Cardus

Mike Cardus is one of the best team building professionals. He organizes impactful programs for various groups to support their team development objectives. With his program, you will learn how to improve your team’s performance and clarify the roles between team members.

You can partner with Cardus if your team building objectives include improving collaboration between departments in your company and increasing employees’ job satisfaction. The expert will work closely with your organization to help build behaviors, practices, and habits that will impact your team positively. While working with Cardus, you will also gain insights into a unique decision-making methodology.

Learn more about Mike Cardus.

4. Institute for Communication Management and Leadership

The Institute for Communication Management and Leadership facilitates highly impactful team building workshops. The company’s staff focuses on developing teams with proactive and productive members. Furthermore, the workshop benefits different organizations with specific needs, such as improving productivity, motivation, and team collaboration.

The institute will use various tools and assessments to analyze your team dynamics and likely problems. These tools range from surveys to MBTI to Lencioni’s five behaviors of a cohesive team. Also, the facilitators can include specific training elements to help team members build leadership and customer service skills. Furthermore, the institute will ensure your team building session features an actionable plan and tangible outcomes. In addition, you can request a quote or learn more about this facilitation service by filling out an online form.

Learn more about Institute for Communication Management and Leadership.

5. The Collaborative

The Collaborative is among the best team building coordinators. The company offers constructive facilitation services to give your business a competitive edge. Plus, The Collaborative will customize the experience’s duration to your preference, whether a few hours or days.

The experiences facilitated by this service include organizational design assessments, onsite events, and offsite programs. You can share your team building ideas and goals with the facilitation service. After, the company will design a plan to meet your expectations and get the best from your team. The Collaborative program’s benefits include building healthy relationships among team members and settling conflicts that can hinder your goals. In addition, the company offers various personal development programs to help your team members on an individual level.

Learn more about The Collaborative.

6. Skills Consulting Group

Skills Consulting Group offers high-quality team development and facilitation services. The company helps partners achieve their organizational goals by designing custom team building programs. Also, the consulting company will help you transform your idea or team building theory into practice. Furthermore, these programs will help your team members identify and leverage their strengths.

The results to expect from the tailored team building program include employee retention and increased workplace productivity. Furthermore, Skills Consulting Group can facilitate outdoor team building challenges and games. The facilitation service’s objectives include helping team members better understand and tolerate one another. You can also expect changes in your team’s communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about Skills Consulting Group.

7. Meeting Facilitators International

Meeting Facilitators International is home to experienced team building professionals. The company helps clients build their teams through several approaches, including Appreciative Inquiry. This approach requires your group members to share their personal experiences and develop a unique model for building a successful team.

Furthermore, the company uses a book titled Strengths Finder 2.0 as a part of its facilitated team building experiences. The book contains a code to access an online survey tool after reading. This tool helps you and your team members identify your top strengths and talents. The company’s facilitation sessions are engaging and feature impactful discussions between participants and the facilitator. Additionally, Meeting Facilitators International offers free initial consultation.

Learn more about Meeting Facilitators International.

8. The Stairway Consultancy

The Stairway Consultancy offers impressive team building facilitation services. This organization partners with businesses to design custom team experiences and events. First, the consulting company will examine your organization’s goals, objectives, and culture. After, the staff can design interactive events and games that match your values.

The Stairway Consultancy helps teams identify members’ strengths and weaknesses using various diagnostics, including Strength Deployment Inventory and Myers Brigg Type Indicator. Additionally, the facilitator offers in-person training programs to teach participants different team building aspects, from team motivation to building a high-performing team. Furthermore, the consulting company provides a free diagnostic tool to help monitor your team’s performance.

Learn more about The Stairway Consultancy.

9. High 5 Adventure

High 5 Adventure is one of the best in-person team building facilitators. The company’s facilitators will work closely with your organization to understand your culture and customs. With High 5 Adventure’s service, you can discover your team’s potential and build good communication habits among members.

High 5 Adventure’s program also includes other team building goals like trust development, cooperation, and camaraderie building. In the session, High 5 Adventure focuses more on teams having fun rather than being competitive. The company will customize the program’s duration to meet your needs. In addition, High 5 Aventure’s staff can work with your team to design various experience meeting your goals, from workshops to outdoor activities to engaging dialogs.

Learn more about High 5 Adventure.

10. Compass International

Compass International has a group of awesome team building facilitators. The business partners with teams at any level, whether new employees or executive groups. Notably, Compass International’s facilitation service also covers working with team members on an individual level for a more effective result. In addition, the business will align the team building process with your organizational values and priorities.

Compass International provides coaching to help members identify their strengths and weaknesses. The company’s past clients include NASA, George Mason University, and USDA. If you wish to learn more about Compass International’s facilitators, then you can schedule a free consultation with this service.

Learn more about Compass International.

11. Leadership Strategies

Leadership Strategies is among the best hybrid team building facilitators. The organization’s facilitation service revolves around a three-level approach to team building. Plus, Leadership Strategies will tailor the team building experience to your specific needs and expectations.

Leadership Strategies also offers a team activation process for clients whose sessions run for at least two months and involve a minimum of five participants. With this process, you and your team members will go through three critical activities, including team building and skill building. Furthermore, the facilitation company will conduct a review to determine if your group has the eight essentials required for a successful team. In addition, Leadership Strategies can effectively facilitate onsite training and webinars.

Learn more about Leadership Strategies.

12. Bec Fox

Bec Fox is among the best team building facilitators. The leadership coach has decades of experience organizing team building activities. Depending on your needs, her facilitation session can run from a few hours to days. Fox customizes the team building programs to each client’s need for the best experience.

Furthermore, she can work with teams of all sizes. Whether you want to build team camaraderie or improve your team’s leadership skills, you can expect a result-driven experience working with Fox. Also, Fox can facilitate team building sessions in various events, from conferences to retreats to parties. Besides building essential skills and healthy relationships, Fox’s sessions usually feature plenty of laughter. Therefore, your team will have a lot of fun. The facilitator’s past clients include The University of Queensland, Robinson Accountants, and Cedar Creek Lodge.

Learn more about Bec Fox.

13. Accelerate UK

Accelerate UK is one of the best corporate team building facilitators. The company helps small and large businesses worldwide design impactful and challenging team building experiences. Besides being fun, these experiences will develop your team’s creativity and communication.

Also, Accelerate UK takes an approach that encourages your team members not to fear failure and to take more risks. The experience’s theme will align with your organizational values and mission. Additionally, the company will ensure that the experience you want revolves around a clear objective, whether a team building event or physical challenge. Accelerate UK takes pride in facilitating team building activities that help clients identify their team’s strengths and vulnerabilities while maximizing performance opportunities.

Learn more about Accelerate UK.

14. CMOE

CMOE partners with different industries to facilitate various organizational experiences, including team building. The company offers customized team development services to fit different groups’ unique needs. You can contact the company directly for a free team evaluation.

CMOE’s facilitators will work with your business directly to discover your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the company offers various team development services, including a leadership team alignment workshop and corporate outdoor training. Also, CMOE organizes a program called Orienteering, featuring a creative experiential learning approach to teaching groups how to assess the team’s strengths. With these tools, you can improve your group’s communication and learn to navigate change while building a high-performance team.

Learn more about CMOE.

15. Potentials

Potentials focuses on helping companies gain a competitive edge by developing their teams and leveraging members’ unique strengths. The company works with various multicultural teams worldwide. Potentials can help your group build a culture of open communication.

The facilitators will identify and solve lingering conflicts within your team that are potentially slowing down your company’s goals. Furthermore, the experts will tailor the team building facilitation process to your specific goals. Potentials helps clients maximize their outcomes by balancing tasks and encouraging active participation from team members. That way, a team can fully benefit from members’ talents and achieve objectives.

Learn more about Potentials.

16. Northstar Facilitators

Northstar Facilitators are among the best team building coordinators. The experts have vast experience working with companies across various countries. During the team building session with these facilitators, your teammates will learn new skills and connect with one another. Northstar Facilitators also help clients build actionable plans and will follow up to ensure there are positive and lasting changes.

The experts will guide you on ways to shift unhelpful images within your organization. Furthermore, your team members will gain insights into tools for building positive office culture. The best part is the facilitators will tailor the session to your team. In the end, you can expect your team members to be more motivated and perform better.

Learn more about Northstar Facilitators.

17. Find a Facilitator

Find a Facilitator offers easy access to friendly team building facilitators. You can partner with up to three facilitators and even select the professionals based on their style, location, and expertise level. The company’s facilitators embrace the leadership strategies’ three-level approach to team building.

Find a Facilitator’s service includes improving communication, defining team members’ roles, and analyzing your team’s goals. To get started, you need to provide the facilitation service with your team building session details. Then, the experts you work with will customize the experience to your team’s specific needs.

Learn more about Find a Facilitator.

18. Synergy Learning Systems

Synergy Learning System has an amazing team of virtual team building facilitators. The company offers remote training to help team members connect and learn to depend on one another.

During the session, participants will learn hacks for overcoming challenges experienced with teams whose members are in different geographical locations. The training also teaches groups how to maintain good communication in a virtual space. Synergy Learning Systems designed various virtual activities and challenges, from Virtual Circuit to Mission Outrageous, to achieve these team building objectives. These fun challenges focus on different goals, like developing problem-solving skills and understanding a team’s working style.

Learn more about Synergy Learning Systems.


Team building facilitators have the requisite training and experience to help clients achieve various team building objectives. These professionals specialize in promoting communication, collaboration, and trust among team members.

​Whether your team consists of newly hired employees or executives, you can benefit from a team building facilitator’s service. The experts often take various team building approaches, ranging from icebreakers to onsite experiences to fun challenges. Plus, the facilitators can customize the experiences to your needs for the best results. You can also partner with a facilitator to assess your team’s health and work on your dynamics.

​Hiring a team building facilitator can be a game-changer for your company. Whether your goal is building a stronger team or gaining a competitive advantage, these facilitators will help you achieve lasting and positive results.

Next, check these team building books and unusual team building activities. We also have lists of team building tips and team building elements.

FAQ: Team building facilitators

Here are answers to questions about team building facilitators.

Who are team building facilitators?

Team building facilitators are experts that help teams learn new skills and gain insights into ways to become more productive. These professionals usually take strategies like workshops, fun challenges, and discussions to help groups achieve their specific team building goals. Also, team building facilitators can work as freelancers or as part of a company offering various organizational services.

What do team building facilitators do?

Team building facilitators help companies build actionable plans and strategies for developing their teams. The experts can help you achieve objectives like skill building, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. Before creating a plan, a facilitator will study your company’s values and culture. After, you can experience a team building session aligning with these elements. Facilitators also lead discussions and may provide feedback on your team’s progress.

Who are some good team building facilitators?

Good team building facilitators include teambuilding.com, Meeting Facilitators International, High 5 Adventure, and Potential.

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