Updated: June 02, 2023

17 Best Gifts for New Employees for the Ultimate Welcome

Here is our list of the best gifts for new employees.

Gifts for new employees are items and gift packages great for welcoming a new team member onboard. Examples include the Intandem Promotions Gift Set, Happy Hyge Gift Box, and Japan Candy Box Subscription. The purpose of this gift is to give new workers a heartwarming welcome while creating a positive impression of your workplace.

The gifts are a subset of employee corporate gifts and are great for improving company culture and boost employee morale.

This list includes:

  • onboarding gifts
  • new employee welcome kits
  • new hire gift baskets
  • small welcome gifts for new employee
  • corporate gifts for new employees
  • new employee welcome gifts

Let’s get to it!

List of gifts for new employees

Giving your new workers welcome gifts can build your company culture and inspire the recipients to bring their A-game to work. From the Sensational New Employee Welcome Basket to New Job Survival Kit, here are the best gifts to give newly-hired employees.

1. Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit

The Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit from Baudville is among the best new employee welcome kits. The package includes a ballpoint pen, a journal, and mints packed in a mini box inscribed with, “Thanks for your commit-mint!” The kit also has a welcome certificate with spaces where your teammates can sign.

In addition, the box features a welcome message on the front. You can also customize this welcome package with your company’s logo for an additional fee. Furthermore, Baudville offers same-day delivery for most personalized products. Therefore, this package is excellent as a last-minute gift for new hires. You can make the gift stand out by including a personalized gift card.

Learn more about Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit.

2. Happy Hygge Gifts Box

This gift box from Happy Hygge is ideal for almost any corporate need, including onboarding. The gift box comes with a refillable notebook, journal, and tumbler. You can imprint “Congrats” or “Thinking of You” on the tumbler to delight your employees.

Furthermore, the package comes with a gift card. Before checking out, you can write a welcoming message for the gift box to encourage your new workers. This kit is affordable and comes with a hand-tied ribbon. Also, you can reach out to Happy Hyge if you have any special requests or gifts you want to add.

Learn more about Happy Hygge Gifts Box.

3. Laneway Promos Onboarding Kit

The Laneway Promos Onboarding Kit is one of the best corporate gifts for new employees to order in bulk. You can purchase 25 to over 500 sets. The pack comes with the basics to welcome your employees, from branded lanyards to notebooks to pens.

You can customize the items with your brand logo to make the gift stand out. Furthermore, the company can help you send each box to recipients’ addresses. Additionally, top businesses and organizations like Canva, Monash University, and Coles trust Laneway for their employee corporate gifts.

Learn more about Laneway Promos Onboarding Kit.

4. Canva Custom Business Cards

A custom business card for your company’s newbies is one of the best small welcome gifts for new employee. Canva is a digital design platform where you can create business cards to your liking. Plus, the customization tools are free and easy to use.

The platform already has thousands of templates you can choose from, depending on your preference. After choosing your favorite design, you can adjust the colors and fonts. Canva also features editing tools that let you add borders, photos, and frames. After creating the card, you can have high-quality copies delivered to you. In addition, you can give these business cards as a stand-alone gift or with other items in a gift box.

Learn more about Canva Custom Business Cards.

5. Confetti Gift Company Box

This gift box from Confetti’s store is a simple yet thoughtful way to show new employees you are happy to have them on your team. The kit has a durable ceramic mug imprinted with “Rise & Shine.” Your employees will also receive chocolate chip cookies, “high five” scented candles, and matches.

Furthermore, the box includes a complimentary card featuring a personal message you can leave at checkout. If you do not like the gift combo in this package, then you can build your own box from scratch. You can also add a succulent your new employees can use to brighten their workspace.

Learn more about Confetti Gift Company Box.

6. Sparks New Hire Gift Box

Sparks New Hire Gift Box features high-quality items to welcome your workers thoughtfully. The content includes a tree-free notebook, a bottle, a T-shirt, and three laptop stickers. You can customize these items with your preferred logo or artwork.

In addition, the gift comes in a mailer box you can fully customize to reflect your brand. Furthermore, the vendor requires a minimum purchase of 50 units. You can contact Sparks directly if you would like to add a gift item not already included in the box. In addition, you can write a heartwarming welcome or congratulatory message on a customized card that comes with each package.

Learn more about Sparks New Hire Gift Box.

7. By the Clique Bulk Sanitizer

These sanitizers from By the Clique are simple yet thoughtful onboarding gifts. The sanitizer is an excellent choice for a bulk welcome gift and comes in a set of 50. You can send this gift alongside other hygienic products like tissues, screen wipes, and paper towels. Also, you can choose from about eight options for the package’s color, from green to black to pink.

The sanitizers come with silicon holders your employees can easily attach to their purses and bags. Furthermore, the product has a fantastic scent and is portable for traveling.

Learn more about By the Clique Bulk Sanitizer.

8. Japan Candy Box Subscription

If you are looking for fun and unique gift ideas to welcome new team members, then you can treat your employees to a subscription box from Japan Candy Box. Your new workers will enjoy authentic Japanese candies monthly from brands like Hi-Chew, Kit-Kat, and Pretz.

You can visit Japan Candy Box’s site to check out the boxes curated in previous months. Furthermore, the snack company prioritizes every first box and ships the package within a few days. Depending on your budget, you can subscribe to a one or six-month plan. You can also opt for the 12-month plan and enjoy a discount on your monthly boxes. Your recipients can expect up to ten varieties of exclusive Japanese snacks monthly.

Learn more about Japan Candy Box Subscription.

9. Sensational New Employee Welcome Basket

The Sensational New Employee Welcome Basket is among the best new hire gift baskets. The basket comes in varying options to fit different needs and budgets. Each package includes a plant your employees can place on their desks. Your recipients will also get delectable snacks, from apples to chocolate chips to granola bars.

In addition, you can choose to receive the gifts in a basket or a box. Sensational Baskets includes a gift tag, label, and ribbon in each basket. Furthermore, the company offers a customization service and will help imprint your logo on this onboarding gift.

Learn more about Sensational New Employee Welcome Basket.

10. New Job Survival Kit

The New Job Survival Kit contains various items that instantly make your recipient feel welcome to the team. The package features snacks, polarized sunglasses, tea, and an instruction card.

Also, the gifts come in a muslin bag bearing the words, “Congratulations on your new job!” This bag is great as a keepsake and a marketing gift since you can imprint your logo on the front. In addition, you can add a personalized message for your team member before checking out. You can also customize the card with your favorite artwork or logo.

Learn more about the New Job Survival Kit.

11. The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins

The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins is among the best onboarding gifts. This book will leave a good impression on your company, whether you give employees as a stand-alone gift or with other thoughtful items. The First 90 Days addresses strategies your new employees can use to start winning early at work. Although the author wrote this book with new leaders in mind, employees recently recruited in other roles can also learn a lot from the guide.

The author discusses how starting a new role can be challenging. If employees and leaders take the wrong steps within the first 90 days, then these missteps can affect their performance and success. In each chapter, this book will guide your employees through avoiding taking the wrong steps while adjusting to their new roles. In addition, the book features self-assessments and checklists for readers to apply the lessons learned and monitor their progress.

Notable quote: “Mission is about what will be achieved, vision is about why people should feel motivated to perform at a high level, and strategy is about how resources should be allocated and decisions made to accomplish the mission. If you keep in mind the what, the why, and the how, you won’t get lost in debates about what a mission is, what a vision is, and what a strategy is.”

Learn more about The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins.

12. Intandem Promotions Gift Set

Intandem Promotions offers an affordable gift set for welcoming employees into the team. The box comes with a mouse and a mug. Furthermore, you can get other products alongside this gift set to impress your new employees, like a stainless bottle, a desk plant, and passport holders.
The company can help you customize your logo on the gift items. Further, you will get a complimentary greeting card for each box you order. You will also get virtual proof of your order before approving the production. Also, the company requires a minimum purchase of 25 units.

Learn more about Intandem Promotions Gift Set.

13. Deluxe Bundle Welcome Kit

The Deluxe Bundle Welcome Kit is among the best new employee welcome kits. The pack features devices that will enhance your employees’ experience at work, from wireless headphones to a charger to a SpinSocket. The headphone has in-built noise cancellation features and will help employees block out distracting background sounds.

You can order a single unit or hundreds of this gift. Plus, businesses looking to print their logo or artwork on the gifts can utilize the customization options. After uploading your design, you can request a digital proof before bulk ordering.

Learn more about this Deluxe Bundle Welcome Kit.

14. HappySwag Gift Box

If you would rather build your own employee welcome package from scratch, then the HappySwag Gift Box is a great option. The company provides a platform where you can curate your welcome packs in a few minutes. Plus, HappySwag offers a free consultation. You will get a quick demo of sending this welcome pack to over 1,000 employees. You can also ask any questions relating to the products or your order.

The minimum purchase the company allows is 25 units. Nevertheless, the company can allow orders below the minimum purchase quantity if you curate your welcome packs with unbranded gifts. Additionally, the boxes will feature your logo or artwork. HappySwag offers worldwide delivery and can send the products directly to your employees’ doorsteps. Furthermore, the company sources the products from local artisans and diverse businesses, including LGBTQIA+ and women-owned stores. Also, the company partners with suppliers prioritizing eco-friendly goods and items that give back to a cause.

Learn more about HappySwag Gift Box.

15. Meeting Place on Market’s Gift Box

This gift box from Meeting Place on Market is one of the best corporate gifts for new employees. This package includes a mug, a notebook, and a pen. Your employees will also receive baked goodies and tea. If you want a gluten-free version of this gift box, then contact the vendor directly. The vendor can also include a personalized welcome message for your new workers.

You can order this gift box in bulk. Also, you can add a sticker or stamp featuring your logo on the box to reflect your brand. Furthermore, the vendor will ship the packages directly to your recipients’ addresses.

Learn more about Meeting Place on Market’s Gift Box.

16. All the Buzz New Hire Basket

All the Buzz offers various new hire baskets with options to customize your selected package. You can work closely with the company’s staff to curate your own custom gift baskets with items like your company’s booklet, branded items, and snacks. All you need do is describe the box design, gift items, and customization you want. Afterward, the company will ship the gifts to your employees’ addresses.

You can also request the company to inscribe vinyl lettering for an added fee. This gift basket idea is best if you already have a box design and theme in mind. If not, then you can check the past new hire boxes and the pre-curated employee appreciation packages on the company’s website for inspiration.

Learn more about All the Buzz New Hire Basket.

17. Engraved Name Plates

These Engraved Name Plates are among the best small welcome gifts for new employee. This product is about eight inches long. However, you can request a different size fitting and add up to three lines of text.

Furthermore, your employees can place the plates on their desks or attach the item to their office doors. Also, the nameplates come in varying colors, including black and yellow. Therefore, if you plan to curate a themed box, then you can easily match the plates with your desired color theme. You can also purchase the plates in blank form. In addition, you can send this item alongside gifts like personalized desk accessories, mini calendars, and pen holders.

Learn more about the Engraved Name Plates.


Giving gifts to new employees in your company is a great way to welcome them to the team. Plus, this gesture will portray your company as a business that cares about the staff. There are countless gift ideas, including snacks, technology devices, company swag, and personalized office supplies. These gifts will leave your employees feeling loved and valued. New employee welcome gifts make great additions to onboarding.

Whether you send a pre-curated gift box or select each gift item yourself, you cannot go wrong with welcoming your employees on board with these gifts. Furthermore, you can make your new employees your brand ambassador by customizing the gifts with your brand’s name and logo. In addition, take note of any dietary restrictions or the recipient’s personal preference when choosing a new hire gift. Additionally, consider writing a personalized message congratulating your employees on their new roles to make your gifts exceptional.

Next, check our list of work anniversary gifts, employee appreciation gifts, and corporate care packages. We also have a list of top snack vendors.

FAQ: Gifts for new employees

Here are answers to questions about gifts for new employees.

What are gifts for new employees?

Gifts for new employees are thoughtful items for welcoming and congratulating new team members. These products help the new hires feel recognized and appreciated. These gifts can range from personalized items to snacks to desk accessories. Also, you can choose from various gifts that reflect your company’s value and brand identity.

What are the best gifts to give new employees?

The best gifts for new hires include the Laneway Promos Onboarding Kit, All the Buzz New Hire Basket, HappySwag Gift Box, and Sparks New Hire Gift Box.

Why give new employees gifts?

Giving new employees gifts is a great way to show the recipients you appreciate their decision to be a part of your team. Also, this gesture can build a positive relationship between an employer and employee from the first day of work. Furthermore, giving new employees thoughtful gifts can boost the recipient’s morale. You can also motivate your new workers to provide their best work.

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