Updated: August 23, 2023

18 Top Manager Magazines for Business Leaders

Here is our list of the best manager magazines.

Manager magazines are publications that offer information, viewpoints, and best practices for managers in different fields and roles. These magazines address various management-related issues, such as marketing, human resources, operations, finance, and leadership. Examples of manager magazines include Inc MagazineFast Company, and The Economist. The purpose of these volumes is to provide valuable resources for managers looking to stay informed and connected to the broader management community.

Manager magazines are similar to other leadership resources, including books for new managers and management podcasts. Readers will gain insight into effective team management skills and management tips.

This list includes:

  • business management magazines
  • project manager magazines
  • magazines for managers
  • online management magazines

Let’s begin!

List of manager magazines

Manager magazines help managers across all sectors gain new insights and ideas, learn from successful case studies and thought leadership, and improve their management and leadership skills. Here is a list of manager magazines you should read.

1. Training Magazine

Training Magazine is a 55-year-old professional development magazine that focuses on training and workforce development. Lakewood Media Group publishes this magazine, which is available in both print and digital, as well as a weekly e-newsletter called Training Weekly. This publication covers a wide range of topics, including leadership, HR, recruitment, and learning theory. The magazine targets professionals in training, human resources, and business management across all industries.

Learn more about Training Magazine.

2. Management Today

Management Today is dedicated to championing business in the UK and helping leaders build or sustain world-class businesses. The publication provides practical advice, brilliant thinking, and fresh ideas to inspire the next generation of business leaders.

The magazine and website focus on various aspects such as leadership, manufacturing, innovation, ethical sourcing, supply chain, brand marketing, and more. Articles reveal how top businesses operate, explain technological transformation, curate insights from top leaders and academics, and make sense of high-level management strategies. Readers will also learn about the impact of good and bad leadership on productivity and results. Additionally, topics cover the importance of purpose and long-term thinking for sustainable businesses. Interested readers can enjoy four free articles per month or subscribe for full access to the magazine and other benefits.

Learn more about Management Today.

3. Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community was launched in 2011 as a platform for business professionals to establish thought leadership, increase exposure for their organizations, and network with others.

The website provides a wide range of information and educational guides for business owners, including industry trends, software reviews, and real-life experiences from over 20,000 expert contributors.

Business 2 Community‘s mission is to create an open community for business owners, offering a balanced view of the current business landscape and providing deeper insights into the complexities of online trading, helping businesses make more informed decisions. The platform also aims to foster a “Business-to-Community” experience by featuring insights from contributors in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors.

Learn more about Business 2 Community.

4. Inc Magazine

Inc Magazine tops the list of magazines for managers. This publication covers topics like founders’ stories, business growth, money, and technology. In addition to these subjects, Inc Magazine backs its articles with research and data while offering insightful advice every organization will find valuable. Inc Magazine suits managers and business owners who enjoy reading about other entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders who have overcome similar challenges. Readers can enjoy monthly or annual subscriptions to physical and digital issues. These subscriptions make it easy for readers to consume quality content consistently.

Check out Inc Magazine.

5. Project Manager Today

Project Manager Today gives project management professionals the latest news, opinions, and industry best practices. The magazine addresses many project management-related issues and is one of the best project manager magazines for professionals at all levels. Project management experts can use the publication to learn about the sector’s most recent trends and best practices. Project Manager Today covers project scheduling, risk management, project planning, project leadership, and project governance. The magazine also includes interviews with project management experts and professionals, giving readers access to the perspectives and guidance of businesspeople who have successfully managed challenging projects.

Check out Project Manager Today.

6. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur offers business owners and entrepreneurs insights and information on various entrepreneurship-related issues. The magazine aims to inspire, educate, and celebrate successful entrepreneurial journeys. Entrepreneur touches on topics like business strategy, funding, marketing, sales, leadership, and management. This magazine hires experienced business owners, entrepreneurs, and specialists who offer their knowledge and insights to aid others in succeeding. Entrepreneur also includes interviews with successful business owners, giving readers valuable tips and motivation from individuals who have walked the path. The magazine is accessible to a large readership because of its availability in print and digital formats.

Check out Entrepreneur.

7. Fast Company

Fast Company is a popular business publication emphasizing innovation, creativity, and technology. The magazine is committed to giving readers knowledge and inspiration from some of the world’s most prosperous and creative companies and executives. Fast Company covers innovation-related themes across technology, design, leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity. In addition, the magazine includes articles on the most recent developments in many industries as well as profiles of prominent CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs. One of the distinctive features of this magazine is its focus on design and creativity. Fast Company highlights the most recent design advancements and trends and how design influences business plans and final products.

Check out Fast Company.

8. McKinsey Quarterly

McKinsey Quarterly is a publication from McKinsey & Company, one of the top management consulting organizations in the world. Senior executives, business leaders, and management professionals will benefit from this publication. The magazine offers insights and analysis on various business, management, and leadership-related subjects. Also, the McKinsey Quarterly offers readers insightful data-driven research and analysis on market trends, consumer behavior, and other crucial business indicators. Business leaders who need to make data-based choices need to have access to this information.

The magazine includes professional criticism and thoughts from well-known business influencers and leaders. These viewpoints give readers a more comprehensive perspective on significant topics and assist them in comprehending the effects of recent trends and advancements.

Check out McKinsey Quarterly.

9. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is one of the most prestigious online management magazines worldwide. The magazine features articles by leading business professionals, scholars, and practitioners. As a result, readers can gain insights and guidance for practical situations. Further, articles share a deeper understanding of business management and leadership difficulties. Harvard Business Review also includes case studies of business issues and how successful companies handled them. These case studies offer readers valuable illustrations of using management theories and tactics in real settings.

Check out Harvard Business Review.

10. Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine is one of the best business management magazines that provides news, insights, and analyses about the business world. The magazine covers topics around business, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership. By publishing articles by journalists and industry professionals, Fortune Magazine provides readers with valuable insights into the most recent trends and advancements in the business and management sector. The company publishes high-profile rankings each year, including the Fortune 500, which ranks the biggest American corporations according to revenue. One feature distinguishing Fortune Magazine from other publications is social and environmental issues coverage. Also, the magazine frequently publishes corporate social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion stories, giving readers a larger view of the business world.

Check out Fortune Magazine.

11. The Economist

The Economist is a renowned weekly publication that offers readers in-depth coverage of international news and opinion. Since its inception, the magazine has established a reputation for serious, balanced reporting and analysis of global events. The Economist’s thorough international news coverage is one of its distinguishing qualities. Readers can find in-depth analyses of current affairs in the magazine, from politics and economics to science and technology. Readers are free to establish their conclusions based on thoroughly researched facts and analysis thanks to The Economist‘s objective and impartial coverage.

Check out The Economist.

12. Strategy + Business

Strategy + Business is a quarterly business magazine that provides an in-depth analysis and insight into the latest trends in the business world. Strategy + Business is one of the world’s most respected and influential business publications. This magazine focuses on strategy and management while touching on strategy development, leadership, innovation, and organizational culture. Industry experts and thought leaders provide readers with cutting-edge insights into the latest trends and best practices in management and business strategy. Whether you are a CEO, a manager, or an entrepreneur, Strategy + Business is your next stop for achieving your strategic goals and improving your organization’s performance.

Check out Strategy + Business.

13. Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine covers subjects relating to technology and how it affects society. The magazine thoroughly analyzes the most recent technological trends and advancements. Articles discuss cybersecurity, virtual reality, robots, and artificial intelligence issues. Wired Magazine‘s emphasis on the effects of technology on society is yet another distinguishing quality. Additionally, thought-provoking insights place technological trends in a broader social and political context. Wired Magazine also features in-depth profiles of entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders in the world of technology. These profiles give readers insights into the strategies and philosophies of some of the technology industry’s most successful and influential figures.

Check out Wired Magazine.

14. Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek provides in-depth coverage of recent business trends and advancements. Focusing on breaking news and analysis, the magazine’s coverage prioritizes breadth and sophistication. These features give readers access to the most current information in the business world. Bloomberg Businessweek‘s journalists have meticulous reporting skills and the capacity to uncover news items other publications pass over. Also, the magazine offers an in-depth analysis of the world economy and news about currencies, commodities, and financial markets. In addition, the magazine’s reporters and analysts are renowned for using data and analytics to find patterns and insights others might overlook. Due to its data-driven approach, Bloomberg Businessweek is one of the most reputable and vital sources of business journalism.

Check out Bloomberg Businessweek.

15. CIO Magazine

CIO Magazine offers IT leaders and professionals helpful information and resources. The magazine covers various IT management-related issues, such as leadership, strategy, and technological trends. The emphasis on offering real-world guidance and analysis for IT executives and professionals is one of the magazines distinguishing characteristics. With up-to-date stories, features, and articles, readers receive practical advice on handling challenging IT projects. Another standout feature is the magazine’s cutting-edge trends and technologies. CIO Magazine covers artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

Check out CIO Magazine.

16. Project Times

Project Times provides valuable insights and resources for project managers and professionals. This magazine covers project planning, team management, and best practices. One of the key features of Project Times is the focus on practical advice and insights for project managers. With these articles, readers can improve their project management skills and gain access to actionable strategies and best practices for managing complex projects. Furthermore, the magazine offers in-depth coverage of subjects like agile techniques, project management software, and remote team management. These subjects keep project managers updated on the most recent advancements in the field.

Check out Project Times.

17. Real Leaders

Real Leaders covers entrepreneurship, energy, healthcare, and technology topics. Also, the magazine features interviews with CEOs, executives, and thought leaders who discuss their perspectives on innovation, leadership, and sustainability.

The magazine features the experiences of business executives and entrepreneurs who positively impact their respective industries. In addition, the publication highlights the accomplishments of folks and organizations that highly value sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical leadership. Through these stories, the magazine hopes to inspire and motivate readers.

Articles champion ethical corporate practices and emphasize the value of purpose-driven leadership. Also, the magazine aims to change the emphasis from profits to humans, the planet, and purpose. Real Leaders achieves this goal by highlighting corporations’ need to make significant social contributions.

Check out Real Leaders.

18. MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR)

MIT SMR explores how modern management techniques adjust to a disruptive world. Articles cover topics such as machine learning, managing technology, and social responsibility. Additionally, readers can benefit from the firm’s extensive research, such as the future of the workplace and responsible AI. Issues release quarterly, and subscribers can choose from annual or biannual subscriptions. The magazine is available in print and online, making it easy to read from anywhere. Also, a subscription grants you access to MIT SMR‘s 30-year archive, best-selling management guide, and downloadable articles and frameworks.

Check out MIT SMR.


Manager magazines are crucial for leaders looking to stay current on the industry’s newest trends, best practices, and thought leadership. These magazines offer a wealth of knowledge and insights from practitioners and industry experts on various subjects, including management, strategy, operations, and human resources. Managers can learn about successful case studies and methods and obtain new perspectives and ideas. Additionally, readers can keep up with the most recent advancements and trends in their industry by reading management periodicals. Also, managers can use this information to advance individual management and leadership abilities, encourage innovation, and raise enterprise performance standards.

Next up, check out these articles on signs of a good manager, signs of a bad manager, and management training programs.

FAQ: Manager magazines

Here are frequently asked questions about manager magazines.

What are manager magazines?

Manager magazines offer information and insights from practitioners and industry experts, assisting managers in staying current with changes and trends in their sector.

These magazines adopt case studies and success stories from many fields. These case studies give practical illustrations of effective tactics and methods, enabling managers to learn from the mistakes of other successful managers and apply these strategies to their businesses.

Why are manager magazines important?

Manager magazines offer insightful advice and direction on effective management and leadership techniques. These publications allow managers to learn effective leadership techniques, obtain new perspectives and ideas, and develop management and leadership skills.

Manager magazines are a wise investment for any manager looking to remain on top of trends and foster success within the company. The business environment is rapidly changing. As a result, managers should remain agile, adaptable, and effective by staying informed and connected to the larger management community.

What are the best manager magazines?

The best manager magazines include Real Leaders, Bloomberg Businessweek, and CIO Magazine. Given the variety of management publications accessible, it is essential to pick the ones that best suit your interests, industry, and job function before subscribing. There is a management magazine that can support you in staying educated and inspired, whether you favor paper or digital media.

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