24 Best CEO Newsletters to Read in 2023

You found our list of the best CEO newsletters. CEO newsletters are email publications written by CEOs, top-level executives, or industry leaders. Examples include Owler, The Monthly Brew, and Mattermind Daily. These newsletters cover marketing, operations, finance, technology, and human resources. The purpose of these newsletters is to help business owners and CEOs gain insights, information, and […]

19 Fun Group Photo Ideas for Team Photos in 2023

You’ve found our list of fun and creative group photo ideas. Group photo ideas are creative possibilities for capturing fun images of your team. For example, you can take group photos to send out for promotional opportunities, with thank you notes, and as holiday cards or end-of-year greetings to clients and customers. Examples of group […]

18 Best HR Newsletters to Read in 2023

You found our list of best HR newsletters. HR newsletters are periodical publications, usually emails, which send useful and relevant HR news, analyses, and trends directly to subscribers’ inboxes. Examples include Workology, Granted, and SmartBrief Daily. The purpose of these newsletters is to help HR professionals to stay on top of the latest industry news, […]

20 Best Leadership Coaching Services

Here is our list of the best leadership coaching services. Leadership coaching services are classes, workshops, or seminars that develop leadership skills and abilities. Examples include Think Like a Leader by Brian Tracy, Building your Leadership Skills by HEC Paris, and First-Time Managers Development Program. The purpose of these services is to teach leaders to create an […]

18 Best Custom Printing Companies for Business in 2023

You found our list of custom printing companies. Custom printing companies are providers that offer printing services that let you tailor the final product to your exact design and material specifications. These businesses can print materials like business cards, brochures, banners, and promotional materials. Examples include Printful, Vistaprint, and GotPrint. The purpose of these companies […]

15 CEO Certification Training Programs

Here is our list of the best CEO certification training programs. CEO certification training programs are interactive workshops where participants learn how to lead and manage organizations effectively. The programs often teach various skills, from leadership and decision-making to negotiation and communication. Examples include the Career Self-Management Advanced Certification, BVOP Chief Executive Certification, and Rise […]

23 Best HR Communities for HR Professionals

You found our list of the best HR communities. HR communities are online gatherings of HR experts who exchange insights, tools, and practices in the human resources field. Examples include HR Exchange, CiteHR, and #People. These communities are for HR professionals who want to learn about new developments in their area and network with peers. These communities […]

20 Best Brand Consultants for Businesses

You found our list of top brand consultants. Brand consultants are professionals who help businesses create a distinctive presence in the marketplace. Examples of these advisers include Bellweather, SGK, and Tenet. The purpose of these consultants is to help businesses to reposition themselves, expand their target market, and gain a competitive advantage. These providers are similar to management […]

25 Best Management Newsletters to Read in 2023

You found our list of the best management newsletters. Management newsletters are emails with informative management-related reports and guidelines. Examples of these newsletters include Business Management Daily, Product Mindset, and Effective Managers. The purpose of these publications is to engage managers by sharing leadership tips and highlighting relevant industry trends. These newsletters also promote tools […]

15 Best Payroll Consultants to Work with in 2023

You found our list of top payroll consultants. Payroll consultants are companies or individuals who guide organizations on all payroll issues. Examples include Gusto, Paycor, and Paylocity. The purpose of these consultants is to simplify employee payment compliance, administrative issues, and essential business functions. Payroll consultants are professional employer organizations that help with employee management. With the right choice of payroll consultants, companies can increase employee […]

17 Workplace Culture Consultants

Here is our list of the best workplace culture consultants. Workplace culture consultants are experts who specialize in helping companies shape and redesign a unique company culture. These consultants work closely with leaders to assess their current culture and provide recommendations. Examples of these groups include The Culture Equation, Keogh Consulting, and Boston Consulting Group. The purpose of […]

22 Best Leadership Newsletters to Read in 2023

You’ve found our list of the best leadership newsletters. Leadership newsletters are email subscriptions offered by business and thought leadership industry leaders. Examples of leadership newsletters include subscriptions from Five Bullet Friday, SmartBrief, and Know Your Team. The purpose of these newsletters is to keep workers and managers informed of the latest leadership topics for personal […]

24 Best Work from Home Newsletters to Read in 2023

You’ve found our list of work from home newsletters. Work from home newsletters are email publications that provide ideas and support for independent contractors and remote workers. Examples of work from home newsletters include Out of Office, Sorry, I Was on Mute, and Virtual Not Distant. The purpose of these newsletters is to help non-office […]

18 Best Farewell Party Ideas for Colleagues in 2023

Here is our list of farewell party ideas. Farewell parties are events or get-togethers that celebrate an employee’s departure from a company and show appreciation for their service. Examples include Treasure Hunts, Cocktail Parties, and Comedy Shows. The purpose of these activities is to foster team bonding and appreciate former employees for their dedication to […]

32 Best Corporate Retreat Gifts and Swag

You found our list of the best corporate retreat gifts and swag. Corporate retreat gifts and swag are items presented to workers or customers as a token of gratitude after an event. Examples include hoodies, water bottles, and T-shirts. These gifts are distributed during company events and retreats to show appreciation to recipients for their hard work or continued patronage. These ideas are […]

25 Top Training Companies for Business in 2023

You found our list of the best training companies. Training companies are firms that offer learning and education opportunities, such as courses in management, customer service, and technical skills, to other businesses and organizations. Examples include Nomadic Learning, Brainstation Inc, and Build Labs. Corporate training companies offer a defined and organized approach to the professional […]

15 Best Management Consulting Companies

You found our list of the best management consulting companies. Management consulting companies are firms that help businesses improve their performance by providing expert advice on organizational operations. Examples include Accenture, Roland Berger, and LEK. The purpose of these companies is to help other organizations identify operational gaps and devise ways to solve these challenges. […]

13 Top Sales Training Companies to Use in 2023

You found our list of the best sales training companies. Sales training companies are firms that provide programs that can improve a salesperson’s ability to sell or a manager’s ability to coach a team. Examples include Force Management, SalesLabs, and RAIN Group. Contracting with these companies can improve the exploration and creation of sales skills and techniques. This training often […]

28 Best Marketing Newsletters to Read in 2023

You’ve found our list of the best marketing newsletters. Marketing newsletters are free emails that contain helpful information for companies looking to promote their products or services. Examples of marketing newsletters include SmartBrief, Growth Hacks Weekly, and Think With Google. The purpose of these newsletters is to provide ideas and techniques that can help businesses make their […]

20 Best Company Uniform Suppliers in 2023

You found our list of the best company uniform suppliers. Company uniform suppliers are vendors who design, create, or sell employee uniforms, protective gear, and uniform materials. Examples of these companies include SanMar, Bravo Apparel, and Welking Garment. The purpose of these suppliers is to provide employees with quality and comfortable work uniforms to enhance […]

13 Fun Team Building Cruise Ideas & Activities

You found our list of the best team building cruise ideas & activities. Team building cruise ideas are fun activities that employees can enjoy during a sailing trip. Examples include scavenger hunts, carton boat races, and murder mysteries. These activities encourage team bonding and remove the monotony and boredom that can come with sailing for […]

29 Top Gifts for Bosses to Buy for Managers in 2023

You found our list of the best gifts for bosses. Gifts for bosses are presents you can give your employer or manager. Examples include gift cards, office accessories, and leadership books. The purpose of these gifts is to express your gratitude for their efforts and leadership or celebrate milestones. These ideas are examples of work from home gifts, employee gifts, and boss day gifts. This […]

37 Best Gifts for Coworkers

You found our list of the best gifts for coworkers. Gifts for coworkers are presents you can give your colleagues in the workplace for the holidays or a milestone. Examples include mouse pads, desktop organizers, and humidifiers. These gifts are excellent ways to show your appreciation to coworkers. These gifts are related to client gifts, employee gifts, […]

16 Best Employee Resource Group Ideas for 2023

Here is our list of the best employee resource group ideas. Employee resource group ideas are activities and games that educate employees about the importance and impact of employee resource groups. These experiences help create employee connections and foster a culture of respect and support. Examples include cultural events, team outings, and virtual game nights. The […]

25 Best Employee Wellness Gifts for 2023

You found our list of employee wellness gifts. Employee wellness gifts are items that encourage and inspire self-care among workers. Examples of employee wellness gifts include fitness trackers, healthy snacks, and yoga equipment. These gifts set a tone of mindfulness and intentional well-being in the workplace. These gifts are great items to hand out during holiday […]

26 Best Get-Well Gifts for Employees in 2023

Here is our list of the best get-well gifts for employees. Get-well gifts for employees are presents that an employer sends to hurt or sick staff. Examples include a soup gift box, a tea kit, and a healing wishes blanket. The purpose of these gifts is to show employees support and send them well wishes […]

16 Women in Leadership Programs

Here is our list of the best women in leadership programs. Women in leadership programs are training sessions that address the challenges women often encounter in the corporate world. The programs also provide practical strategies for women to overcome these challenges and become powerful leaders. Examples include the Women’s Senior Leadership Program, Harvard’s Women of Color […]

How to Build a Team Mentality

You found our guide on how to build a team mentality. A team mentality is the shared mindset of a group of colleagues working toward a common goal. Also known as a team first mentality, a team mentality involves cooperation, collaboration, and utilitarianism. Understanding this practice is important because workforces can more easily overcome challenges, achieve success, and […]

16 Best Corporate Gifting Companies

Here is our list of the best corporate gifting companies. Corporate gifting companies are services that help companies create and deliver gift boxes to their clients, employees, or prospects. Examples include Corporategift.com, The British Gift Co., and Gift My Client. The purpose of these companies is to handle all tasks essential for curating and sending […]

17 Leadership Certification Programs to Take in 2023

Here is our list of the best leadership certification programs. Leadership certificate programs are courses and training sessions designed to advance participants’ skills in leadership. Examples include Leading Leadership Development Certificate, Wharton’s Leadership and Management Certificate Program & Course, and Simon Fraser University Executive Leadership Certificate. The purpose of these programs is to teach rising […]

16 Management Certification Programs

Here is our list of the best management certification programs. Management certification programs are courses designed to train attendees to become better managers and acquire good managerial skills. Examples include The Complete Management Skills Certification Course, Google Project Management: Professional Certificate, and Essential Management Skills. The purpose of these programs is to help participants enhance […]

28 Best Business Automation Companies

You found our list of top business automation companies. Business automation companies are firms that develop technologies like software tools or bots that help businesses automate manual processes. Examples include Kofax, Active Campaign, and Blue Prism. These companies help other organizations save time and money while streamlining processes. These platforms are similar to HR automation, […]

22 Best Promotional Items Companies

You’ve found our list of promotional items companies. Promotional items companies are businesses that create corporate swag. These companies provide branded products for organizations to use as marketing materials and appreciation gifts. Examples of promotional items companies include SwagWorx, Quality Logo Products, and Crestline. Promotional items companies are similar to corporate swag vendors. You can use these services to create items for employee appreciation […]

13 Best Recruiting Companies in 2023

You found our list of the best recruiting companies. Recruiting companies are organizations that help match applicants with appropriate job openings. Examples include Manpower, Adecco, and Insight Global. The purpose of these businesses is to connect job seekers with opportunities and help companies find the right fit for their needs. These organizations work effectively with other businesses that […]

12 Best HR Consultants to Partner with in 2023

You found our list of the best HR consultants. HR consultants are professionals who provide advice and support to organizations on human resource-related issues, such as recruiting, employee relations, and performance management. Examples include Bain & Company, Strategy Source, and Deloitte. These consultants provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help organizations navigate complex […]

16 Best HR Certification Programs in 2023

You found our list of HR certification programs. HR certification programs are credentials that human resources professionals often use to enhance their careers. Examples include SHRM certification, Professional in Human Resources, and Certified Professional in Learning and Performance. These programs help HR professionals demonstrate their expertise to employers and keep up with the latest employment law […]

Severance Package: Ultimate Guide

You found our ultimate guide on severance packages. A severance package includes every form of compensation firms give employees after their employment contract ends through dismissal or termination. Examples include monetary compensation and other benefits like continued health coverage, vacation pay, and outplacement services. The severance package may be a goodwill gesture from the employer […]

19 Innovative New Employee Welcome Ideas for the Office

Here is our list of the best ​​new employee welcome ideas. New employee welcome ideas are activities used to integrate new employees into a company or organization. Examples of such activities include welcome gifts, a shadowing program, and a welcome party. These exercises aim to ease new employees into their new roles and reduce the […]

12 Fun Work Desk Games to Amuse Employees in 2023

Here is our list of the best work desk games. Work desk games are a fun way to relieve your stress in the office. For example, crossword puzzles, sudoku, and Rubik’s Cubes are just a few work desk games you can play alone in your cubicle. These activities help you beat your boredom in the […]

19 Office Game Night Ideas for Work in 2023

Here is our list of the best office game night ideas. Office game night ideas are fun ways to bring workers together to get to know each other outside the office. These events usually involve many fun activities that spark meaningful relationships between coworkers. For example, charades, spoons, or a traditional holiday-themed game night. These […]

25 Best Work From Home Quotes for Remote Teams

You found our list of inspiring work from home quotes. Work from home quotes are sayings that motivate and inspire people who work from home to succeed. Examples include “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,” or “they told me to grow roots, instead I grew wings.”  The point of sharing these […]

27 Best CEO Blogs to Read in 2023

Here is our list of the best CEO blogs. CEO blogs are digital publications with articles geared toward upper management. Examples include CEO.com, CEO Blog Nation, and The Female CEO. The purpose of these blogs is to share insights and resources from other company leaders. CEO blogs are also a place where business professionals can […]

63 Thoughtful Thank You Messages For Work

You found our list of the best thank you messages for work. Thank you messages for work are sentiments expressing gratitude and recognition for moments big and small within a company. Examples include “the amount of experience and knowledge you bring is something we all benefit from. Thank you for being here,” “thank you for […]

48 Fun Out-of-Office Messages For Work In 2023

This is a list of the best out-of-office messages for work emails. Out-of-office messages are messages you can send via email, Slack, or other similar digital platforms to let your co-workers and employees know that you are not available and may be delayed in your response. Examples include “I am out of the office. Thank […]

20 Unique Gift Box Companies to Use for Employee Gifting

Here is our list of the best gift box companies. Gift box companies are businesses that sell collections of themed presents. Examples include Marigold & Grey, Jasper Hill Farm, and Xiao Chi Jie. The purpose of sending gift boxes is to show appreciation for employees or clients. Gift box companies are a great addition to […]

How to Rebuild Team Morale After Layoffs

You found our guide on rebuilding team morale and motivating employees after layoffs. Ways to rebuild team morale after layoffs are strategies that will restore a sense of unity and purpose within a workforce and provide support and motivation to the remaining employees. Examples include reassuring the remaining workers, developing employees’ skills, and focusing on team building activities. Understanding this practice is essential because organizations will equip themselves with ways to support workers after a […]

24 Layoff Best Practices: How to Lay Off Employees with Dignity

Here is a guide to layoff best practices. Layoff best practices are ways of letting go of workers by following a fair, transparent, and empathetic process. These practices can include the best ways to convey the news to the affected employees and assist them in finding new employment opportunities. Understanding this concept is crucial because […]

20 Water Cooler Topics & Questions

You’ve found our list of water cooler topics. Water cooler topics are fun and exciting subjects for workers to discuss around the office. These subjects can take a lighthearted approach to conversation or introduce more serious issues worthy of discussion. In addition, the right topics can help forge bonds between team members and reveal fascinating […]

13 Inspirational Women CEOs

You found our list of inspirational women CEOs. Women CEOs are female leaders who run their organizations. CEOs are responsible for their company’s mission, goals, and profitability. Examples of female leaders include Dana Donofree, Katie Fang, and Rosalind Brewer. The purpose of this list is to highlight these exceptional leaders’ accomplishments. Creating inclusive workplaces is […]

20 Top DEI Consultants and Advisors to Book in 2023

You found our list of best DEI consultants and advisors. DEI consultants and advisors are professionals who provide expert advice and support to organizations on all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Examples include Wayne Sutton, Deborah Levine, and Elizabeth Williams. These experts help organizations create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all individuals. […]