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Team Building for Large Groups: Activities & Ideas

Here is our list of the best team building activities for large groups.

Team building activities for large groups are challenges and events that foster trust and strengthen participants’ relationships. Examples include paint and sip, charity bike building, and an escape room. The purpose of these activities is to build a strong team spirit in a large group.

These ideas are similar to virtual team building activities for large groups, large group games, and large group team activities for adults. These activities include indoor team building activities and include theater games, large group icebreakers, and team building exercises.


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Here we go!

List of team building activities for large groups

Team building activities are a great way to break the ice among group members and enhance camaraderie. From paintball to yoga with furry friends, here are the best team building experiences ideal for a large group.

1. Field Day

A picture of a man throwing a ring

Field Day is one of the best large group team building games. This experience gets group outdoors for a series of competitive physical challenges, like tossing rings onto viking helmets and playing giant rock paper scissors.

What to expect:

  • 90 minutes
  • Led by high energy, hilarious expert hosts
  • Games to improve communication and team spirit
  • Memorable photo ops
  • Setup and cleanup handled by teambuilding.com staff

Learn more about Field Day.

2. Yoga with Furry Friends

Yoga with furry friends is one of the best large group team building activities for adults. To host a yoga day with your team’s fur companions, ensure you give enough notice time for adequate preparation. Also, choose a pet-friendly venue, preferably with a playground, in case your pets want to interact with one another after the event. You can also prepare treats to reward your furry friends for imitating poses and learning new tricks. If you would prefer a hosted experience, then you can partner with a yoga studio instructor experienced in offering pet-friendly classes.

​To take the theme further, you can even incorporate animal-inspired poses during the session, from downward-facing dog to frog poses. Besides several fitness benefits, this activity allows your team members to meet and greet their pets, building camaraderie.

3.Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is one of the best team building activities for big groups because it combines several of the key elements of a great group hangout: tasty food, fierce competition, and plenty of memorable photo ops. Brands like Amazon, Toast, and Deloitte love this experience.

In this experience, teams work together to concoct the best guac and out-dazzle other teams with their dip.

What to expect:

  • 90 minutes
  • All ingredients provided, with setup and cleanup included
  • Engaging, high-energy hosts travel to you and oversee the activity
  • On-theme team challenges and games that promote teamwork
  • Secret ingredients to up the ante

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4.Mix n Mingle

In large groups, folks can have a hard time branching out and making new connections. Mix n Mingle is a networking-style event designed to surpass small talk and urge maximum mingling.The experience has earned rave reviews from companies like Charles Schwab and LinkedIn.

What to expect:

  • 90 minutes
  • Guided by a savvy, social host
  • Elevated icebreaker activities
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Runnable in an large space, our team travels to you

Learn more about Mix n Mingle.

5. Team Mural

Making a giant mural together is one of the best team building activities for large groups. There are companies who will print giant coloring page banners you can use as your mural, or you can ask an artist to paint the outline straight on the wall and let individuals fill in the spaces. Another option is to let teammates freestyle and create whatever design inspires them as they work. Whatever the approach, this exercise gives teammates a chance to work together side by side, or in piecemeal. At the end of the activity, teammates will have a collective expression of their creativity and a lovely work of art to admire.

6. Escape Room Relay

Standard escape rooms are typically trend towards smaller groups, as there is a limited number of people that can be present in each room. You can transform the traditional escape room concept into a large group team-building activity. Simply create multiple rooms or puzzle stations, each with its own unique challenge or riddle. Then, divide participants into teams and assign each team to a starting room. The teams must solve their respective puzzles to unlock a clue that leads them to the next room. The relay aspect adds excitement and urgency as teams race against the clock to complete all the rooms. You can complete this idea by visiting an escape room center that has multiple rooms, or by taking different teams to a small escape room over a period of time and recording the game times for a tournament-style bracket.

This activity encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication between team members.

Here is a list of DIY escape room ideas.

7. Innovation Olympics

This activity involves organizing a competition that challenges teams to come up with innovative solutions to specific problems or create new inventions. To begin the activity, provide teams with limited resources and time to brainstorm, prototype, and present their ideas. The teams can showcase their creations through presentations, prototypes, or even dramatic skits. This activity fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration while encouraging participants to think outside the box and embrace a spirit of friendly competition.

These games are similar to virtual hackathons.

8. Geo-Caching Adventure

You can create a geo-caching treasure hunt for your large group. First, hide containers or geocaches around a specific area, such as a park or a campus, and provide teams with GPS devices or smartphones with geocaching apps. Each team must follow the coordinates and clues to find the hidden treasures. Along the way, teams may encounter additional challenges or puzzles to solve. This activity encourages teamwork, navigation skills, and problem-solving while fostering an adventurous and exploratory spirit.

Here are more outdoor team building ideas.

9. Storytelling Circle

To prepare this activity, set up a large circle of chairs and have each participant sit down. Next, begin a collaborative storytelling session where each person adds a sentence or two to continue the story. As you go around the circle, each participant contributes to the evolving narrative. You can encourage participants to be imaginative and build upon the ideas presented by others. This activity promotes active listening, creativity, and teamwork as participants work together to create an engaging and cohesive story.

10. Amazing Race

You can organize an Amazing Race-style challenge where teams compete in a series of physical and mental tasks at various locations. First, create a route with checkpoints and challenges that teams must complete to progress. The challenges can include puzzles, riddles, physical activities, or problem-solving tasks. Teams must strategize, communicate effectively, and collaborate to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line. This high-energy activity promotes teamwork, decision-making under pressure, and time management skills, while also adding an element of adventure and excitement to the team building experience.

Check out more DIY Amazing Race ideas.

11. Paintball

You cannot go wrong with playing paintball as a team building game for your large group.

​To organize a paintball outing with your team:

  1. First, contact a paintball facility to make reservations. Ensure the facility has enough obstacles and space to accommodate a large team.
  2. After selecting a date and time, arrange for the necessary equipment. Your booking might cover the equipment cost, or you may have to pay an additional fee.
  3. During the gameplay, dividing your group into teams beforehand is a great idea.
  4. You can make each team consist of players with different skill levels for a fair game.
  5. In addition, plan for breaks between games so you and your team can relax, share refreshments, and discuss the experience.

In the end, award the teams or players with the most score. A paintball game helps your team members learn to work together and socialize.

12. Lego City

You can embrace the power of Lego to enhance team building, problem-solving, and creativity.

Here’s how:

  1. Split the group into large teams
  2. Give each team a set of Legos
  3. Challenge teams to build a Lego city within half an hour
  4. Give each team a list of buildings that must be included, such as hospitals and schools.
  5. Encourage groups to incorporate other materials besides Legos
  6. Participants must strategize to split up construction and ensure that all elements are complete in time
  7. At the end of the activity, teams give a tour of their cities and a judge decides a winner

Through this hands-on activity, individuals can express their thoughts and concepts visually, leading to better communication, creativity, and collaboration within the team.

13. Cultural Exchange Fair

You can encourage diversity and cultural understanding within your large group by organizing a cultural exchange fair.

Here’s how:

  1. Divide participants into teams and assign each team a specific culture or country to represent.
  2. Teams will prepare displays, activities, and presentations that showcase the traditions, customs, cuisine, and art of their assigned culture.
  3. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, appreciate diversity, and engage in meaningful conversations.

This activity promotes teamwork, research skills, and intercultural communication, while fostering a sense of inclusivity and appreciation for different backgrounds and perspectives.

Here are more diversity and inclusion activities.

14. Artistic Fusion Showcase

You can merge art and team building by organizing an artistic fusion event.

Here’s how:

  1. Divide participants into teams and assign each team a specific artistic discipline, such as painting, sculpture, dance, or music.
  2. Teams will collaborate to create a unique performance or artwork that combines all the assigned disciplines. For example, painters may create a backdrop while dancers perform in front of it, and musicians provide live music.
  3. Each team presents their project to the rest of the group.

This creative exercise is a unique way to do a team talent show. This activity promotes collaboration, creativity, and appreciation for different art forms, while allowing participants to showcase their artistic talents in an innovative and interdisciplinary manner.

15. Game Show Extravaganza

You can host a game show-style team building event inspired by popular TV game shows.

The steps:

  1. Design a series of challenging and interactive games that require teams to answer trivia questions, solve puzzles, or engage in physical challenges.
  2. Incorporate elements of strategy, problem-solving, and teamwork into the games.
  3. Split the group into teams and play the games.
  4. Be sure to name winners and award prizes.

This activity creates a lively and competitive atmosphere, promoting teamwork, communication, and quick thinking, while providing a fun and entertaining team building experience reminiscent of game show excitement.

Here is a list of virtual game show ideas.

16. Paint and Sip

A paint-and-sip event is one of the best team building events for large groups. You can pick a theme for the experience to guide you on the image to paint. Also, depending on your group size, you should plan a venue beforehand. You can partner with a local studio and hire an experienced instructor to guide you through the experience. Also, arrange for various drinks to meet different tastes and dietary preferences.

Additionally, consider planning for other activities like icebreaker games, art demonstrations, and music performances to enhance the experience for guests. In the end, you can host a small exhibition show for participants to display their work. You can also let participants take their artwork home to help the event last in their minds.

17. Werewolf

Werewolf is one of the most fun team building games for large groups. This multiplayer game requires each participant to play a role and strive to survive the night. The game’s storyline often comes in different variations. However, the main story usually involves wolves trying to devour players at night. Common roles in the game include mere villagers, seers, wolves, and medics. You can add extra roles to make the game more complicated and fun.

To play werewolf with a large group:

  1. Pick a team member to moderate the game and assign roles to players.
  2. Once the moderator announces nighttime, the players must close their eyes.
  3. The moderator will then call a wolf, who will choose their victim quietly before returning to sleep.
  4. The moderator will also call on the seer to point to a player who is most likely the werewolf.
  5. Also, the moderator will wake the medic, who will pick a player to save.
  6. All players will open their eyes once the moderator announces the sun is up.
  7. Then, the moderator will lead a discussion among the villagers to determine the werewolf’s identity.
  8. The villagers can then vote on and choose a player they believe is the werewolf. Villagers who are dead cannot contribute to the discussion.
  9. The chosen player condemned to death will then reveal their true identity to the villagers, whether a wolf or a mere villager.
  10. The game continues until the villagers identify and kill the last werewolf.

Werewolf is entertaining and serves as a fun icebreaker or theater game. Be sure to brief your team members about the game rules for the best experience.

You can check out these werewolf game rules to learn more about the activity.

18. Happy Hour

Happy hour is a great way to have fun and boost your team’s morale. You can visit a local bar or restaurant for more options on the menu and discounted prices. If your desired venue is not easily accessible, then consider providing transportation or using your office space.

Picking a happy -hour theme is a great way to enhance the experience. Furthermore, plan for food and light bites, incorporating options to suit all attendee’s preferences and dietary requirements. You should also plan fun activities like games, live music, and icebreaker activities to make the event worthwhile.

You can check out these exciting happy hour games and activities.

19. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is among the most fun indoor large group team building activities. You should check for a local rock climbing gym with enough capacity to accommodate your group size. Also, assess your team members’ climbing skills to plan activities that meet all participants’ abilities.

You can hire a professional instructor to guide your group and teach members climbing skills. You can also elevate your experience by incorporating team building activities during the session. For instance, you can divide the group into small teams and assign each team a route to tackle together. You can also challenge participants to climb a particular route within a specified duration. These exercises help your team members develop their communication and problem-solving skills.

20. Mystery Dinner

If you are looking for ways to transform a party into the best team building experience, then you can host a mystery dinner. You should choose a theme that catches your group’s fantasy, such as Harry Potter, superheroes, or secret agents.

Sending out invitations to your guests is also a great way to get creative with your party planning. You can include a list of props, costumes, and the recipient’s roles inside each invite after confirming their attendance. Furthermore, highlight your theme with the event decor, food, and music. The event’s goal is to solve a mystery and identify the murderer. During the game, encourage guests to interact and gather clues. Once you solve the mystery, you can reserve enough time for guests to share their experiences and discuss the game.

Here are fun team building murder mystery ideas.

21. Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the best team building activities for large groups. You can visit a local ice rink for a fun session. To make the experience more fun, you can introduce other activities, ranging from ice skating competitions to demonstrations from a professional ice skater.

​You can also play fun ice skating games:

  1. Follow the Leader: In this game, players try to mimic the lead skater’s moves. A player leaves the game if they fail to imitate the moves successfully.
  2. Freeze Skate: Similar to freeze dance, players skate along with music and must freeze once the music stops. Players who do not freeze in place must leave the game.
  3. Skate Chain: To play, set up a relay course on the rink and divide skaters into teams. The goal is for each team member to skate a defined portion of the rink and pass a baton to another teammate. The team whose last player crosses the finish line first wins.

Furthermore, you can arrange refreshments to keep your group energetic during and after the activity. If you want to have a fun post-skating gathering with teammates, then consider booking a party room for your group beforehand.

22. Improv Night

Organizing an improv night is a great way for a large team to have fun and laugh together. You can hire a professional improv facilitator to lead the experience. Before the activity starts, you can warm the team with exercises like one-word story, Zip Zap Zop, and dance freeze.

After, the facilitators can guide you through the experience. To add a more personal touch to the event, work with the facilitator to tailor the games and exercises to your workplace. You can also set up a friendly contest encouraging players to perform their improvised scenes in teams.

Here is a list of improv games.

23. Team Building Workshops

A team building workshop is among the most interactive team building events for large groups. During these programs, your team members can learn more skills and ways to strengthen their bond as a team. The workshop usually includes discussions, games, and trust-building activities. Also, the programs usually start with icebreaker activities to build rapport and create a relaxing atmosphere.

The best part is you can customize most team building workshops to meet your goals, whether communication building or team bonding. Plus, team building workshops help break work monotony and make your group more productive. Besides finding a venue for the experience, you should decide on the event’s format and duration. In addition, you can hire a team building facilitator to lead the event.

You can check out these team building facilitators and team building workshops.

24. Dance-a-thon

Dancing with your team is a simple and fun way to encourage participants to mingle and have fun. You can play good music and encourage members to show off their best dance steps. You can also hire a dance teacher or ask a skilled team member to teach your group great moves.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a danceathon, where the last participant standing wins
  • Enjoy ballroom dancing lessons
  • Run a choreography contest where each group makes up a dance skit
  • Have a dancing competition where the audience votes for a winner

In addition, be sure to provide enough refreshments to keep the team fueled up during the session. You can consider adjusting the dance routine and moves to accommodate all participants . The idea is to have fun, even if your team members are beginners in dancing. You can also host a dance battle and have members who are not participating decide on the best team in the end.

25. The Floor is Lava

The floor is lava is a popular game teams of all ages and sizes can play. The goal is for players to cross over imaginary lava to a safe zone. Before playing, be sure to agree on the game rules. For instance, you can choose to have all or a portion of the playing area as the lava zone.

​Once all players agree on the rules, you can follow these steps to play:

  1. Split your group into teams.
  2. Place obstacles around the floor for players to step on.
  3. Be sure to use obstacles that do not have a splippery surface and are not safe to step on.
  4. You can also remove any hazard, like desks, chairs, and tiny objects from the room for safety.
  5. Participants must switch spots every few seconds. This step makes the game more challenging and increases their chances of falling of the obstacles.
  6. The goal is for players not to touch the floor. Otherwise, that player will leave the game.
  7. The last participant stepping on a safe object without touching the floor wins.

You can introduce new concepts to the game to make the exercise more fun. For instance, you can add magical objects on the floor, and players who pick them can save themselves if they touch the floor.

This game is great for large groups because the more players that are involved, the more chaotic and fun the game gets.

26. Laser Tag

A laser tag session is one of the best team building activities for large groups. First, you can check out laser tag facilities in your area to see if the center is large enough to accommodate your group.

After making reservations, follow these steps for a memorable laser tag session:

  1. Divide your group into teams with an equal number of players for fair gameplay.
  2. Choose a game mode suitable for a large team, whether death match or capture the flag.
  3. You can also assign roles to players to ensure coordination.
  4. Depending on how long you plan to play, you can occasionally ask members to switch teams. That way, team members can work and interact with different participants rather than a particular set of players.
  5. Keep track of scores and announce the teams with the highest hits and points as the winner.

In the end, debrief with your team members and discuss lessons learned or challenges faced when working together.

27. Family Photo Album

A collaborative photo album is one of the easiest team building ideas for large groups. Simply set up a collaborative album, such as on iCloud or in Google Drive. Then, invite team members to contribute pictures. You can use prompts to promote participation. For example, “last vacation?” or “favorite Halloween costume?” In large groups, employees sometimes have trouble figuring out who is who, and this activity can help teammates gain that familiarity. This approach also gives coworkers insights into each others’ lives and helps them learn more about each other. Not to mention, it is typically free and easy to do.

28. Charity Bike Building

If you are looking for ways to serve a cause while creating a memorable time with your group, then you can organize a charity bike-building event. The goal is to build and donate bikes from scratch to a charitable organization.

Before the event date, get enough supplies from a local bike shop. You can also partner with bike manufacturers to guide your team through the experience. Depending on the number of bikes you aim to build, split your group into teams. You can also organize a contest to boost your team’s morale and award the teams with the most creative bikes. With this event, your teammates get to spend quality time together while putting a smile on several kids’ faces.


Team building activities bring large groups together and refine participants’ team spirit. These activities often focus on one or more team building objectives, from communication to problem-solving to improved collaboration skills. Many of these experiences can take place indoors and outdoors. You should choose a safe venue to accommodate your group size. By incorporating team building exercises into your group’s routine, you can encourage members to learn more about each other and build strong interpersonal relationships. These activities can also help your team members acquire new skills in a fun way. Regardless of the activity you choose, be sure to create a safe environment where all team members feel included and valued.

Next, check out our lists of team building events and relationship building activities. We also have a list of team building tips.

FAQ: Team building activities for large groups

Here are answers to questions about team building activities for large groups.

What are team building activities for large groups?

Team building activities for large groups are interactive games and exercises for building participants’ skills, from communication to problem-solving to collaboration. The experiences can also create a safe space for group members to socialize and learn more about their colleagues on a deeper level. Besides being fun, these activities are a great morale booster.

What are some good large group team building games?

Fun team building games for large groups include team murals, werewolf, paintball, and an escape room relay.

How do you do team building activities for large groups?

To do team building activities, decide on an activity that will encourage participation from all your group members. Also, you can set a specific team building goal to guide you in picking a game or experience. To reduce the stress of dealing with a large group at once, consider splitting participants into smaller groups . You can also arrange refreshments to fuel the fun. In the end, leave enough time for debriefing and reflection on the experience.

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