Updated: March 23, 2022

Team Building Worksheets: Free Templates

You found our list of team building worksheets.

Team building worksheets are documents that help facilitate team building. For example, you could have a worksheet with icebreaker puzzles, scavenger hunt lists, or personality test questions. The goal of these worksheets is to promote team bonding and make it easier to do.

These worksheets are found in team building books and useful for team building lesson plans.

Here is the list!

Examples of team building worksheets

Check out more icebreaker games.

Check out more This or That questions.

Check out more Would You Rather questions.

Check out these photo scavenger hunt templates.

Download all of these worksheets here.

Final Thoughts

Team building worksheets can serve as an easy way to facilitate icebreaker activities during meetings, retreats, and conferences or in classrooms or clubs. These handouts make great last-minute team building exercises.

Feel free to also check out icebreaker Bingo and trust building activities.

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