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Icebreaker Bingo: #1 Free Card Generator in 2023

You found our free icebreaker Bingo card generator.

Icebreaker Bingo is a game that encourages players to talk to each other and learn fun facts about colleagues. The game’s cards contain prompts such as “does Yoga” and “knows how to surf.” The purpose of the game is to loosen the group up and get team members more comfortable with each other. Icebreaker Bingo is sometimes called “human Bingo”, “get to know you Bingo”, “networking Bingo”, or “mingle Bingo.”

This exercise is a type of icebreaker game, team building game, and getting to know you activity. The card prompts are similar to icebreaker questions.

This article includes:

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  • human Bingo questions
  • ideas for getting to know you Bingo
  • ice breaker Bingo template
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Here we go!

Icebreaker Bingo card generator

Use this free generator to create your cards for icebreaker Bingo. You can click any of the words to highlight a square and then complete a row. Press “New Bingo Card” when you are ready.

Fun Icebreaker Bingo questions for work

  • Knows how to read tarot
  • Knows ASL
  • Appeared in a movie
  • Met a celebrity
  • Went viral online
  • Owns a gaming computer
  • Knows how to surf
  • Has an unusual family tradition
  • Loves true crime podcasts
  • Likes pineapple on pizza
  • Been on a bad blind date
  • Proposed to spouse in public
  • Been to Disney this year
  • Loves roller coasters
  • Does Yoga
  • Can do a cartwheel
  • Rides horses
  • Knows martial arts
  • Started a club
  • Attended a concert this year
  • Has been to the Olympics
  • Has a pen pal
  • Has been on a reality show
  • Spelling bee champ
  • Has been on a road trip
  • Sends Christmas cards
  • Screams during scary movies
  • Loves karaoke
  • Was lead in a play
  • Can hula hoop
  • Can bench press 150+ lbs
  • Good at escape rooms
  • Has been skydiving
  • Won an eating competition
  • Wearing funny socks
  • Won at a casino

Good human Bingo questions

  • Same birth month as you
  • Owns same car brand as you
  • Never flown on an airplane
  • Never learned to ride a bike
  • Collects something
  • Goes all-out on holiday decorating
  • Recently handmade a gift
  • Received an award
  • Has performed in public
  • Has a phobia
  • Has a BFF from high school
  • Fostered or adopted a child
  • Currently a student
  • Took a how-to class recently
  • Listens to podcasts
  • Travels often
  • Attended high school reunion
  • Has food allergies
  • Belongs to a club
  • Named after a relative
  • Has a scar
  • Has broken a bone
  • Has a nickname
  • Birthday is on a holiday
  • Has a bucket list
  • Makes New Year’s resolutions
  • Good cook
  • Taught a class
  • Had a secret admirer
  • Helped a stranger
  • Got help from a stranger
  • Worked at a family business
  • Visited 4+ continents
  • Had a long-distance relationship
  • Took dance lessons
  • Bingo questions for adults
  • Speaks 2+ languages
  • Can code
  • Won a contest
  • Gardens
  • Traveled in the last year
  • Can bake a cake from scratch
  • Knows the whole periodic table
  • Can do basic car repairs
  • Was in a wedding party this year
  • Owns cryptocurrency
  • Invests in the stock market
  • Climbed a mountain
  • Moved in the past year
  • Owns a boat
  • Has a big backyard
  • Digital nomad
  • Notary public
  • Lives near a coffee shop
  • Lives in a rural area
  • Can drive stick
  • Reads newspapers
  • Does stand up comedy
  • Owns a vacation house
  • Started a business
  • Firefighter or EMT
  • Has been in a hot air balloon
  • Has taken a cruise
  • Won a race
  • Ran in a marathon
  • Has a side hustle
  • Regularly writes reviews
  • Watches documentaries
  • Knows calligraphy
  • Brews beer
  • Built an app
  • Mixologist

Office Bingo questions

  • Prefers remote work
  • Prefers working in office
  • Has a snack stash
  • Drinks 3+ cups coffee a day
  • Has worked here 3+ years
  • Has worked in another industry
  • Has a work playlist
  • Has a favorite pen
  • Has a messy desk
  • Has 0 unread emails
  • Prefers working in the morning
  • Prefers working at night
  • Has worked here <1 year
  • Has had an 1hr+ commute
  • Manager
  • This is their first job
  • Bikes to work
  • Carpools
  • Runs errands during lunch break
  • Buys coffee every morning
  • Buys lunch every day
  • Played prank on a coworker
  • Works out before work
  • Works out after work
  • Has taken kid to work
  • Has been employee of the month
  • Received a gift from a client
  • Mentioned by name in good review
  • Was one of the original employees
  • Worked for a rival company
  • Mentor
  • Attends networking events
  • Part of a professional group
  • Organized a work outing
  • Going on vacation soon
  • Was promoted this year
  • Switched departments this year
  • Good at interviews
  • Bad at interviews
  • Hired an employee
  • Led a project
  • Planned a work party

For more inspiration, check out remote work Bingo.

Get to know you Bingo questions

  • Only child
  • Twin or triplet
  • Comes from a big family
  • Military family
  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Lived in another country
  • Hand-made an outfit
  • In a sports league
  • Plays an instrument
  • Volunteers regularly
  • Read 10+ books this year
  • Wears contacts
  • Has a cat
  • Has a dog
  • Has an exotic pet
  • Runs regularly
  • Has an unusual hobby
  • Lives with roommates
  • Has a tattoo
  • Attends religious services
  • Is left-handed
  • Has officiated a wedding
  • Has been scuba diving
  • Double-jointed
  • Uses a paper planner
  • Vegetarian
  • Introvert
  • Extrovert
  • Creates art
  • Enjoys meeting new people
  • Met partner through online dating
  • Writer
  • Got engaged this year
  • Got married this year
  • Bought a house this year
  • Bought a car this year
  • Had a baby this year
  • Became debt-free this year
  • Quit a bad habit recently
  • Has a Masters or PhD
  • Has a sweet tooth
  • Has a hidden talent
  • Child of immigrants
  • Grew up in this city
  • Midwestern
  • Southern
  • From the west coast
  • From the east coast

Here is a list of more get to know you questions.

Final Thoughts

Icebreaker Bingo is a game that helps folks get to know each other. Most players are already familiar with the rules, and the instructions are easy to follow. The game is a low-risk and low pressure way to learn more about teammates. These conversations can reveal surprising facts about coworkers. Not to mention, the game gets people chatting and loosens the group up.

This exercise can uncover some surprising facts and show similarities between players. Because the game goes fast and cards are easy to generate, you can play multiple rounds or play the game often during meetings, outings, or work events.

For more fun, check out this list of connection games and this list of rapid fire questions, and this list of fun activities for networking events.

FAQ: Icebreaker Bingo

Here are answers to common questions about icebreaker Bingo.

What is icebreaker Bingo?

Icebreaker Bingo is a game that encourages players to mingle and learn more about each other. Cards contain questions and personal prompts relating to the players. Participants must talk to other players and mark the square with a name of another player who fits the description.

How do you play icebreaker Bingo?

To play icebreaker Bingo, first make and hand out randomized cards full of personal prompts and questions. Next, give players time to mingle and talk to each other. Players must mark each square with the name of another player who fits the description. The first player to get five squares in a row and shout out “Bingo!” wins the round.

You can also play blackout Bingo where players must fill the board entirely, or ask for a diamond or x-shape instead of a straight line.

How do you play icebreaker Bingo on Zoom?

The game rules are the same to play icebreaker Bingo in person or on Zoom. If you play icebreaker Bingo on Zoom or a similar virtual conferencing platform, then you can send players into breakout rooms to make it easier for participants to have small group conversations and find teammates that match the prompts.

What are the rules for icebreaker Bingo?

The rules for icebreaker Bingo are simple. To win, you must get five squares in a row, column, or diagonal. You can only mark a player’s name in the square if you have talked to that person. Also, you cannot use the same players’ name twice on the card.

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