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Team Names for Work: the #1 List & Free Generator in 2023

You found our list of the best team names for work.

Team names are titles for teams to use during group activities. Examples of good names include The Deciders, The Underdogs, Workday Warriors, and The Office Avengers. The purpose of these nicknames is to give the group a unique identity and add extra fun to team outings. You can choose names that are unique, funny, powerful, cool or just plan good. These titles are also known as “group names.”

You can use these team name ideas while playing team building games or during company retreats.


This list includes:

Here is the list!

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Good team names for work

  1. The Water Coolers
  2. The Scanners
  3. Boss Mode
  4. Lunch Room Bandits
  5. Never Overtime
  6. We Break for No-one
  7. Desk Champions
  8. Office Heroes
  9. Not Your Ordinary Desk Jockeys
  10.  Better Nine Than Five
  11. All Play and No Work
  12. Monday to Fri-yay
  13. 925ers
  14. The Squad
  15. Calculated Victory

Unique team names

  1. Fancy Freelancers
  2. Entrepre-new-world
  3. Team Caffeine
  4. Can’t Beat the C-Suite
  5. Space Bar Cowboys
  6. Rebooters
  7. Sea Wolves
  8. Pajamed Professionals
  9. Sells Like Team Spirit
  10. Employees of the Moment
  11. Can I See Your Dog on Zoom?
  12. The Cutest Telecommuters
  13. Telecommutiny
  14. The Virtualosos
  15. The Recruitables
  16. Just Here For Cake
  17. The Breakroom Bandits
  18. Florida Man’s Biggest Fans
  19. Zombeat Us If You Can
  20. Promotion Commotion
  21. Risky Biscuits

Cool team names

This section could also be called “cool group names.”

  1. Ain’t Nothing But a Work Crew
  2. Weekend Warriors
  3. The Avengers
  4. Team Canada
  5. We Are The Champions
  6. Bright Reds
  7. We Will Smash You
  8. Avalanche
  9. Forever Won
  10. Cool Runnings
  11. Toon Squad
  12. Win-Win Situation
  13. Old School Cool
  14. All For Won
  15. Won Plus Won = Two
  16. First Up

Funny team names

Here are the funniest names that have come through TeamBuilding’s Zoom rooms or popped into our staff’s brains.

  1. Al Capowned
  2. Silence of the Yams
  3. Chubby Squonks
  4. Hot Dog Isn’t a Sandwich
  5. Let’s Get Ready To Crumble
  6. Downton Stabbey
  7. No Lucks Given
  8. Agatha Crispy
  9. Baking Bad
  10. What’s Louvre Got to Do With It
  11. We’re On Mute
  12. Glitchy Biotches
  13. Ambitious Bishes
  14. Down for the Account
  15. HR’s Worst Nightmare
  16. Slack Attack
  17. Mission Implausible
  18. Watching Cat Videos At Work
  19. Zoom-Crashing Pets
  20. Insert Team Name Here
  21. Our Team Name is Invisible
  22. *REDACTED*
  23. It’s My First Day
  24. It’s Friday Somewhere
  25. Hypnotize the Boss
  26. We Tried
  27. Oh No
  28. Will Team Build for Beer
  29. Sonic Boomers
  30. We Deserve a Bonus

For more laughs, check out this list of icebreaker jokes.

Powerful team names

  1. Masters of the Universe
  2. Six-million-dollar Team
  3. The Tomorrow Team
  4. Team Beast Mode
  5. Best or Bust
  6. The Bold Type
  7. Miracle Workers
  8. The Big Leagues
  9. Too Great For Words
  10. Legends To Be
  11. The Future
  12. The Deciders
  13. Ace in the Hole
  14. Hail Mary
  15. The Underdogs
  16. Kingmakers
  17. Revolutionaries
  18. The Titan Tribe
  19. Monday’s Mammoths
  20. Tuesday’s Triumphs
  21. Wednesday’s Warriors
  22. Thursday’s Thoroughbreds
  23. Friday’s Fighters
  24. Team Phoenix
  25. Workday Warriors
  26. Office Avengers
  27. The Chosen Ones
  28. The Writers of History
  29. The Once-In-A-Lifetimes
  30. Written in the Stars
  31. Star Players
  32. The Talent Troupe
  33. No Risk, No Reward
  34. Fortune Favors the Bold

One word team names

  1. AvengHERs
  2. Unbeaten
  3. Conquerors
  4. Innovators
  5. Upholders
  6. Vanquishers
  7. Synchronizers
  8. Allies
  9. Supremes
  10. Explorers
  11. Dreamers
  12. MVPs
  13. Contenders
  14. Tremendous
  15. Stupendous
  16. Legends
  17. Indispensibles
  18. Commanders
  19. Marvelous
  20. Fantastics
  21. Masters
  22. First-Class
  23. Magnificent
  24. Bosses
  25. Champions
  26. Whiz-Bang
  27. Disruptors
  28. Closers
  29. Hustlers
  30. Kickstarters
  31. Thunders
  32. Inventors
  33. Misfits
  34. Chargers
  35. Fearless
  36. Dauntless
  37. Defenders
  38. Enforcers
  39. Finishers
  40. Avant-Garde
  41. Groundbreakers
  42. Vanguards
  43. Originators
  44. Ultimate
  45. Genesis
  46. Mastermind
  47. Initiators
  48. Gladiators
  49. Unbreakables
  50. Rogues
  51. Vigilantes
  52. Synergy
  53. Vaporizers
  54. Negotiators
  55. Strikers
  56. Strivers
  57. Troubleshooters
  58. Workaholics
  59. Alpha
  60. Immortals
  61. Wunderkinds

Murder mystery team names

  1. Sherlock & The Holmes
  2. We Stand With Watson
  3. Dupin it Out
  4. Miss Marple’s Crew
  5. The Hardy Boys
  6. Nancy Drew Plus Two
  7. A Slice of Life
  8. Killer Catchers
  9. The Clue Chasers
  10. Tick Tock, You’re Dead

Holiday team names

Choosing a festive team name can add an element of holiday cheer to your reindeer games. Here are seasonal suggestions for team names.

  1. Noel-It-Alls
  2. Rad Nose Reindeer
  3. Elves on Strike
  4. Coal for Christmas
  5. Rudolph the Red Knows Reindeer
  6. Frosty Reception
  7. Quizmas
  8. Wisemen/Wisewomen
  9. Saint Nick of Time
  10. Chestnut Roasters
  11. Work from Ho-Ho-Home
  12. Hide the Eggnog
  13. Silent Knights
  14. Jingle Belles
  15. Suing Santa
  16. Yule Be Sorry
  17. Wrap Battle
  18. Fab-Yule-us
  19. Peppermint To Be
  20. Use Your Eggnoggin
  21. Snow Angels
  22. Snow Devils
  23. Cold Coworkers
  24. The Gifted Team
  25. Ugly Sweaters
  26. Christmas Eve-olution
  27. Sleigh Queen
  28. Frosty Fighters
  29. Garland Guardians
  30. Grumpy Grinches
  31. Noel Nation
  32. Elf-made Millionaires
  33. Blizzard Busters
  34. Sleigh What?
  35. Mistletoe the Line
  36. Ballroom Blitzen
  37. Snowballers
  38. Winter Wonderkids
  39. Unemployed Elves
  40. Ho-ho-heroes

For more holiday fun at work, check out our guide to virtual Christmas parties.

Team names for Murder Mystery in Ancient Egypt

Something about TeamBuilding’s Egypt-themed virtual murder mystery game brings out teammates’ inner Shakespeare. Here are some of the best team names our staff has seen or can think of.

  1. Murder She Phawrote
  2. Sphinx, You Owe Me a Coke
  3. Sphinxters
  4. Glyphs Or It Didn’t Happen
  5. Not an Old Bus, but Anubis
  6. Mummy-Mia
  7. Hercule Pharaoh
  8. Pharaoh Rocher
  9. Gordon Ramsses
  10. Pharaohsmith
  11. Pharaoh’s Staff
  12. Uncommon Tutankhamun
  13. Cleopat-on-the-back
  14. Hyroglyphantastics
  15. Hand in Sand
  16. Tomb Masqueraders
  17. Anubis Kids in Town
  18. Cairo-row-row Your Boat
  19. Mummy’s Revenge
  20. Mummy Mystery Masters
  21. Hatshepsut and Tie
  22. We Will Ra-ck You
  23. OsirUS
  24. Stuck in the Pyramiddle With You
  25. Pyramidway Through the Workday
  26. Just Deserts
  27. Queens of the Desert
  28. PapyrUS

On the flip side, team names to avoid include “Pyramid Scheme” and “De Nile.” These names are more common and less clever than you might assume.

Learn more about Murder Mystery in Ancient Egypt.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a cool group name or good team name is part of the fun of team building. This step is typically the first collective action a group takes together, and the name can set the tone for the team dynamic. Thinking up a unique or funny team name on the spot can be difficult, and it helps to have suggestions and inspiration. Picking the best team name can make outings more fun and can make winning bragging rights feel extra sweet.

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FAQ: Team names for work

Here are answers to common questions about team names.

What are some good team names for work?

Some good team names for work include Supremes, Vanguards, Team Phoenix, and Can’t Beat the C-Suite.

What are the best team names for team building outings?

Some of the best team names for team building outings are Indispensibles, Queens of the Desert, Will Team Build for Beer, and Mission Implausible.

What are some funny team names?

Some funny team names for work are Murder She Phawrote, Agatha Crispy, Down for the Account, and Sells Like Team Spirit.

What are some unique team names?

Some unique team names for work include Space Bar Cowboys, Ambitious Bishes, No Lucks Given, and Telecommutiny.

How do you choose team names at work?

The easiest way to choose group names for office outings is to use a work team names generator. You can also brainstorm names as a group and put the name to a vote. Selecting a name that fits the theme of the event can make the outing more fun and festive. Also, if your team event is hosted, flattering the facilitator by making the team name a tribute to the host might just win your group extra points.

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