Updated: July 28, 2023

23 Fun Summer Team Building Activities for Work in 2023

Here is our list of the best summer team building activities.

Summer team building activities are ideas you can use to foster team bonding and increase workers’ engagement in the summer. Examples include Go-kart racing, paddling excursions, and city tours. The purpose of these activities is to boost workers’ bonding and productivity by encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

These team building exercises are similar to virtual Fall team building activities and field day games, and include outdoor team ideas, team building event ideas, and company offsite locations.


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Here we go!

List of summer team building activities

Team building activities will foster personal bonding and boost team engagement in your organization. From camping and nerf gun wars to outdoor cinemas, here is a list of the most fun team activities for summertime.

1. Field Day (Fully Hosted)

Field Day is a 90-minute, fully facilitated experience that is likely to remind your team of their favorite days in school. This experience consists of a tournament of outdoor games that put fun new twists on classic childhood games.

You and your team can expect:

  • A host and cohost to guide the games
  • Full setup and cleanup, with all materials brought by hosts
  • Engaging, high-energy, competitive games
  • Photo ops to capture moments of team bonding
  • An easy booking experience and responsive customer support

Field Day is one of the most fun summer team building events for employees. Your group will be grateful to get outdoors and soak up the sun while working together with their coworkers!

Learn more about Field Day.

2. Beach party

If you want your team to have a fun-filled day at the beach, then a beach party is a fantastic idea. For this activity, rent an area at the beach where your workforce will enjoy beach games and the sunset amid delicious food and drinks.

Examples of beach games:

  • Beach photo booth
  • Tug of war
  • Volleyball
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Sandcastle building
  • Kite flying
  • Water gunfights
  • Beach darts using rocks or shells
  • Backward walks and runs
  • Beach bowling

Since the beach party is still a work event, let the dress code be casual. However, let participants avoid speedos and bikinis.

Here is a list of fun beach party ideas for work.

3. Copycat

Copycat is a team building activity that requires participants to replicate an object using building blocks or clay.

  1. Start by looking for an outdoor space such as community grounds or office outdoor space.
  2. Then, divide the team into groups of eight to ten participants.
  3. Create an object out of the clay or blocks and hide the structure.
  4. Give one team member 10 seconds to peek at the object you have created. The team player will describe the object they have seen to the other participants.

If the team fails to create the correct object, then you can give another team player a chance to peek at the object. Be sure to offer an incentive for the group that gets the object recreation right.

4. Go-Kart racing

If you are looking for adrenaline-pumping summer group activities, then you must try Go-Kart racing. This idea is also one of the most engaging and fun team building activities for workers. If you have a large workforce, get a venue that can accommodate big groups.

You can schedule races between employees and bosses, inter-departmental races, and intra-departmental races. Be sure to offer prizes for the participants who win the races. Do not forget to reiterate the importance of following the Go-Kart racing instructions issued by the guides.

For an extra fun spin on this activity, allow participants to dress up and decorate the cars, for instance by cosplaying as characters from Mario Kart.

5. Memorial Day celebrations

Celebrants observe Memorial Day on the last Monday of May to honor fallen soldiers. Traditionally, Memorial Day is the onset of the summer season.

Here are examples of Memorial Day celebration ideas:

  • Watch a parade
  • Attend a concert to honor fallen soldiers
  • Volunteer at an organization that supports veterans
  • Lay flowers on veterans’ graves
  • Serve a patriotic-themed picnic lunch
  • Create a patriotic-themed sidewalk mural. For example, teams can use red, white, and blue chalk to create a flag.
  • Go on a White House tour
  • Give workers coupons to shop at veteran-owned businesses

Memorial Day is the perfect time to let workers pull out their sunscreen, summer wear, and hats and head outdoors.

Check out this list of virtual Memorial Day ideas.

6. Labor Day celebrations

Labour is an annual holiday on the first Monday of September that celebrates the contributions of American workers. You can use the three-day summer weekend to celebrate your workers and foster team bonding with warm-weather fun activities.


  • Company management cook-off for all workers
  • Labor Day beach party
  • Potluck themed picnic
  • Outdoor company games
  • National Park visits
  • Coupons to stock up on cold-weather outfits
  • Museum tours
  • Labor Day happy hour
  • Workers bonuses

You can use Labor Day to gather your workforce and celebrate the end of the summer season. Be sure to plan activities that all workers will enjoy.

Here is a list of virtual Labor Day ideas.

7. Charity activities

Charity activities are fantastic summer team building events that support a good cause. Outdoor charity activities make for unforgettable summer team bonding activities.


  • Charity run to raise funds for a charity organization
  • Deliver gifts to a children’s hospital and hang out with the children.
  • Collaborate with a nursing home and take the elderly for a tour
  • Design graphics for a local charity organization
  • Develop an app that will help a non-profit organization
  • Mobilizing food donations for the homeless
  • Build bicycles for children

You can also look for charitable activities that stretch your worker’s professional capabilities.

Here are lists of charity team building ideas.

8. Paddling excursion

Paddling excursions are among the best summertime team outings for team bonding. Examples of paddling activities include kayaking, canoeing, and rowboat riding.

You can start by looking for resorts that offer paddling excursions for teams. Paddling excursion adventures will take your workforce out of their daily work routines and allow participants to have an unforgettable experience. You may even help your workers to tick their bucket lists. Getting an experienced excursion guide will help avoid risks such as drowning or capsizing.

9. Camping

If you are looking for team bonding summer team outing activities, then you cannot go wrong with camping. For this outing idea, you will plan an overnight camp where team members work together and pitch up tents at a campsite. Your team can bond over camp stories, campfires, marshmallows, and games. You can also plan a team barbeque party and offer a wide variety of food options and drinks. If your team is not the roughing-it type, then you can opt for a glamping experience instead.

Here is a list of virtual campfire ideas.

10. City tour

A city tour will challenge your workforce to learn more about their city. For this activity, divide participants into smaller teams of up to ten members. Then, give teams one day to explore the city and report findings of interesting facts, monuments, and spaces they did not know existed. To make a city tour more captivating, buy the teams lunch to munch during the city tour break.

For a virtual version, here is a list of Airbnb online tours and experiences.

11. 4th of July celebrations

The 4th of July is a holiday that commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the United States. You can celebrate the holiday by engaging your employees in outdoor activities.


  • Patriotic potluck- Workers will bring in red, white, or blue food such as blueberries and powdered doughnuts.
  • Scavenger hunt- Buy American flags and hide them in an outdoor space. Give workers clues to use to locate the flags.
  • Office barbeque- Treat employees to a traditional lunch at a nearby outdoor grill. Make foods such as burgers and hotdogs.
  • Random acts of kindness- Teams will compete to perform the most acts of kindness as they explore the city within the set duration.

You can encourage themed attire for the 4th of July outdoor team celebrations. You can even have a festive Independence Day attire best-dressed contest.

Check out this list of virtual July 4th ideas.

12. Nerf gun war

A Nerf gun war is a battle between teams where players work together to defeat other teams. Nerf guns are plastic guns that shoot out foam bullets. You can take the Nerf gun war in a wooden forest, playgrounds, or campsites. For this activity, start by dividing your workforce into smaller groups. Teams will shoot as many opponents as they can within the given time.

If you have a large workforce where not all participants have weapons, then play humans vs. zombies. Simply let all participants who have guns play as humans while those who do not have guns play as zombies. When a zombie touches a human, the human becomes a zombie. For the teams to easily identify each other, use clothing tags. Zombies can tie bright-colored clothing around their heads while humans wear it on their arms.

Ensure to have sufficient safety guidelines in place. For instance, all players must wear eye protection.

13. Picnics

If you want your team to enjoy a chilled summer team building activity, then a picnic is an excellent idea. For this activity, look for a picnic area that can host your workforce. Then, provide the participants with snacks and drinks. You can also incorporate fun picnic games that foster team bonding. For instance, teams can enjoy scavenger hunts, play giant Jenga, or charades.

Learn more about how to do a company picnic.

14. Outdoor cinemas

The warm months are a perfect time to take team movie nights outside. You can look for nearby outdoor cinema options, such as drive-in theatres or movies in the park. Let teams bring a warm blanket that they can set in a picnic-style. Be on the lookout for spaces that offer food and drinks for an all-in-one experience.

Or, you can DIY your outdoor cinema by projecting a film onto a blank wall or large sheet in front of an open space like a field or parking lot.

Outdoor cinemas are great options if you are looking for nighttime summer activities for your team. Your workforce may even enjoy incredible views as they catch on the latest movie and sip drinks.

Here is a list of team-themed movies.

15. Inflatable obstacles

Inflatable obstacles are fun summer team building games that involve giant inflatable objects. For this activity, start by selecting the blow-ups. Next, divide participants into different teams. For instance, an inter-departmental game creates team bonding and encourages healthy competition.


  • Giant costumes run
  • Slippery slides
  • Relay races
  • Ball ponds
  • Bouncy castles
  • Bungee runs

Inflatable obstacles will build workers’ relationships professionally and playfully.

16. Company sports day

If you want to engage your workforce in summer team building games, then a company sports day is your best bet. For this activity, teams will participate in different outdoor games. To prepare for the sports day, look for a field that can accommodate your workforce.


  • Badminton
  • Tug of war
  • Egg and spoon
  • Three-legged races
  • Archery
  • Football
  • Volleyball

A team sports day will encourage bonding and teamwork. Be sure to have different sporting activities to accommodate varying fitness levels.

For inspiration, check out Office Olympics.

17. Hiking

A hiking experience is among the best summer team building ideas for avid and new hikers in your team. For a start, you can look for a beginner-friendly trail. Ensure all participants have the right hiking gear, water, and snacks. You can plan for an outdoor lunch after the hike and even partake in team bonding games. If you want to increase your brand visibility, then offer hiking gear to the team as swag. Be sure to have first aid measures in place.

18. Fishing

Fishing is one of the best team bonding summer group activities for small teams. For this activity, you can look for resorts that offer a fishing package. If you get a resort where teams can grill the fish caught, then your team will enjoy a fresh-caught fish meal. However, you can also head over to a body of water nearby and see who catches the biggest fish. Depending on state laws, be sure to catch and release if you do not have a fishing license.

19. Community clean-up

A community clean-up is a summer activity that will foster team bonding while also doing a noble act. For this activity, start by identifying a nearby community that could benefit from a clean-up. Depending on your workforce, you can cover a block, an intersection, or a whole city neighborhood. Next, schedule a date where every participant will take part. Provide your team with shovels, brooms, trash bags, and gloves. Teams can clean drains, paint over graffiti, or report abandoned vehicles. Be sure to provide every participant with hygiene essentials and a meal after the community clean-up.

Check out more group volunteer opportunities.

20. Finish line photo

The finish line photo is an easy summer team building activity. For this activity, look for a playground or community field nearby. Using a rope or masking tape, set up a finish line and let teams walk or run across the line at the same time for a photo. If one team player is not in sync, all participants must begin the race. The team that gets a perfect finish line photo within the first trial wins. The finish line photo game is one of the best summer team building activities to teach good coordination and cooperation among participants.

You can have departmental races or management races. If the finish line photo is not satisfactory, then teams will repeat the run until you get a good team finish line photo. While the finish line photo looks deceptively simple, it requires good team communication and coordination skills to win.

21. Beach scavenger hunts

If you want to teach friendly competitiveness and have fun, then a beach scavenger hunt is an excellent idea. For this activity, workers will find a series of items on the beach, take a picture or bring listed items to the team leader.


  • Take a picture of a team member buried in the sand
  • Collect enough shells to fill a pail
  • Trace your name in the sand with your finger
  • Find ten people wearing a blue sun hat
  • Find ten pieces of metal or plastic trash and safely dispose of
  • Find a smooth rock
  • Find three different kinds of shells
  • Find something made of wood
  • Find a rock bigger than your foot
  • Find items buried in the sand- You can bury items in the sand and give your team clues on where to find the items

Scavenger hunts are an excellent excuse to escape the office in the summer. These hunts also teach workers how to collaborate and solve problems as a group.

Here are more scavenger hunt ideas for adults.

22. Outdoor blindfold challenges

Blindfold challenges are activities your team will complete when blindfolded with opaque clothing. You can look for a large open field to accommodate your group for blindfold challenges.


  • Blind count off- For this activity, let teams stand in an outward-facing circle. Select one team player to start the count. Other participants will continue to count in an audible pitch, but only one participant can speak at a given time. Teams will not repeat numbers in a row. The blind count off focuses on listening skills.
  • Blindfold maze- Group participants into pairs. Each partner will lead the other player to a given route and task them to retrace their steps and end up as close to the start point as possible.
  • Blindfold tent building- Have teams build a tent from scratch when blindfolded
  • Blindfold egg carry- Participants will carry a raw egg on a spoon
  • Blind retriever- Divide your workforce into teams of five to eight participants. Team leaders will blindfold one player in each team. Other participants will give the blindfolded team member clues on where to find a hidden object.
  • Trust walk- Blindfold all team players apart from one participant. The team player who is not blindfolded will lead all players to a surrounding area. For the trust walk, be sure to get an open field that has various obstacles such as trees or muddy fields. The trust walk is among the best summertime team outings for building trust among your workers.

Blindfold challenges are fun summer team building activities that you can use to develop communication skills such as active listening. Be sure teams observe safety measures while partaking in blindfold challenges.

23. Paintball

Paintball is a fast-paced and competitive summer team building activity. For this activity, look for an outdoor space that is large enough to accommodate your workforce. Offer each team player paintball guns. Teams will compete by shooting the rival group without hurting each other. Once a player hits an opponent, the contender will exit the game. The paintball fight will continue until you declare a winner.

24. Cook-off

A cook-off is among the best summer team building ideas if you want your team to have a culinary experience. For this activity, teams will create new dishes that require creativity. You will not provide any menu. Rather, team members will figure out which dish they will make based on the ingredients.

You can start by dividing teams into smaller groups depending on your workforce. Next, pick a food category. For instance, you can provide ingredients that teams will use to make a cocktail while others make a sandwich, pizza, ice cream, or milkshake. To make the activity more interesting, hold the event outdoors. You can also pick a single ingredient that every team must use, such as pineapples.

Here are more ideas for your company cook-off.


To cultivate a team that supports each other, you need to reinforce relationships among your workforce. Summer team building activities are pivotal in fostering team bonding, leadership, and collaboration. Summer team outings also teach workers problem-solving skills while reinforcing the company culture. And since summer weather can be unpredictable, be sure to stay up to date on severe weather when engaging your team in outdoor activities.

For more ways to entertain teams, check out group activities for adults, the best minute to win it games for work, and ways to have fun at work with employees.

FAQ: Summer team building activities

Here are answers to common questions about summer team building activities.

What are summer team building activities?

Summer team building activities are ways you can use to foster team bonding and increase workers’ engagement in the summer.

What are some good team outing ideas for summertime?

Some good team outing activities for summertime include beach parties, outdoor blindfold challenges, and fishing.

How do you plan team events in summer?

A successful summer team building event requires prior planning. Here are steps to take when planning a summer event for your workforce.

  • Identify the ideal activities for your team. For instance, know whether you want your team to be active and competitive or laid back and creative.
  • Depending on the type of activity chosen, find an ideal venue. If you want your team to be active, then find an outdoor space that can comfortably accommodate all participants.
  • Ensure that all participants have summer essentials. For instance, you can offer sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses as company swag.
  • Reinforce the need for safety. Let teams know the rules of the activities beforehand. And where needed, have team leaders ensure that participants observe all safety measures.

A successful summer team building event will reinforce comradeship and boost workers’ engagement.

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