Updated: July 12, 2023

20 Quiz Games, Websites & Apps for Team Building in 2023

You found our list of the best quiz games and websites for teams.

Quiz games, websites, and apps are ways to play knowledge-based challenges online or via mobile device with friends, family, or coworkers. For example, you could play Trivial Pursuit or Personality Quizzes. The purpose of these tools is to facilitate fun games that encourage teamwork and team bonding.

These tools are a form of team building games and are similar to virtual trivia games. You can use these tools for virtual game nights, competitive team building, and as virtual team building activities for work.

This list includes:

  • free team quizzes for work
  • team quiz games online
  • online multiplayer trivia games
  • fun quiz games online
  • trivia games for adults
  • online general knowledge quizzes

Here we go!

List of quiz games for teams

Here is a list of quiz tools for team building at work, school, or community gatherings.

1. Virtual Team Trivia (Popular)

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With Virtual Team Trivia, you can enjoy the exhilarating atmosphere of a bar trivia night, all from the comfort of your screens! This captivating competition is designed to enhance friendships and strengthen teamwork skills among participants.

Virtual Team Trivia includes the following:

  • a 60-minute session hosted by a highly talented facilitator
  • small groups, team names, and enjoyable icebreaker activities
  • unique game mechanics featuring group deliberations and clever wordplay
  • themed trivia or personalized questions in a range of categories

Further, you can customize the trivia questions, send out s’mores kits, or even have cocktail kits delivered. These packages allow you to curate the perfect experience for your team members. If you are interested in a fun-filled environment that fosters team camaraderie, then Virtual Team Trivia is the ideal choice!

Learn more about Virtual Team Trivia.

2. Jeopardy

Jeopardy is one of the most popular trivia games for adults. The quiz game is useful for individual gameplay or team play. You can customize the categories to be specific to your company or industry or to align with players’ interests and areas of expertise.

The basic rules of Jeopardy are that players select a category and potential prize amount, then answer the corresponding question. All responses must be in question form. The host keeps track of the scores, and at the end of the game the player or team with the most points wins the competition.

There are many ways to play Jeopardy, including via slide show, app, or websites.

Here is a guide to team building Jeopardy, and a list of ways to play Jeopardy online.

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is one of the best free team quiz platforms for work. This app makes it easy to play quiz games with groups. The game leader simply logs in and creates a quiz, then shares the room pin code with participants. Players enter the pin into mobile devices and use these smartphones or tablets to answer. The app automatically tallies points based on the speed and accuracy of the answers. Quiz-makers can add photos and videos, and the game includes entertaining animations. At the end of the quiz, Kahoot! names the winners.

Learn more about Kahoot!.

4. Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia is a site with thousands of trivia quizzes on hundreds of topics. The site hosts hourly live competitions, as well as self-guided trivia challenges. The quizzes come in different formats such as matching, photo quizzes, and fill in the blanks. Users can browse through hundreds of existing quizzes in popular or trending topics, or create a custom quiz.

Visit Fun Trivia.

5. Sporcle

Sporcle hosts a variety of entertaining quizzes ranging from “can you name these teen movies from a snippet of a one-star review,” to “can you click the correct state given two cities that start with Q, X, or Z.” Visitors can sort through quizzes using filters such as difficulty, length, rating, type, and favorites. The site also offers puzzle quests, multiplayer modes, and live trivia competitions, as well as an app. Users also have the option of creating brand new quizzes.

Learn more about Sporcle.

6. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is one of the most classic multiplayer quiz games. The basic premise of the game is that players move around the board while answering questions in one of six categories, such as Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, and Sports & Leisure. Each category has a corresponding color, and players earn a colored wedge upon answering the question correctly. The objective of the game is to collect at least one wedge in each color.

There are many ways you can play Trivial Pursuit in groups, including using game software or apps or DIY-ing your own version of the game by building a slideshow template. If you are playing in person, then you and your team can also play the actual board game.

Check out the official Trivial Pursuit web game or the Trivia Quiz Pursuit Knowledge App.

We also have a list of the best Trivial Pursuit questions.

7. Slack Trivia

Trivia is a Slack app that facilitates random challenges between channel members. The app’s suite of games includes instant or custom quizzes, true or false, GIF charades, and word puzzles. Trivia also has virtual water cooler functions and the ability to auto schedule virtual happy hours. The app notifies team members when a new game begins, and also keeps an office scoreboard and leaderboard for ongoing competitions.

Download the Trivia app extension, and browse more team Slack apps.

8. Trivia Maker

Trivia Maker is a quiz game for virtual calls. The site has four different game styles to choose from: grid, list, trivia, or wheel. Using these templates, gamemasters can easily input information and create an entertaining and engaging quiz game show, or choose from one of hundreds of pre-made games submitted by other players. The game is streamable to a variety of devices including phones, computers, tablets, TVs, and projectors, and has many customizable elements. Trivia Maker comes in four different subscription tiers, including a basic, forever free option.

Check out Trivia Maker.

9. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the best quiz tools around. The platform uses a flash-card format to question players on different topics. Users can choose from pre-existing activities in subjects such as languages, sciences, and arts and humanities, or can create a custom quiz. Participants can answer questions on the cards one at a time, or can play timed games like Match or Gravity with the card materials.

Learn more about Quizlet.

10. QuizWhizzer

QuizWhizzer is a gamified quiz platform designed for teachers and students, yet also fun for work teams. Gamemakers can custom-build a quiz with a unique image background, eight different question types including drag and drop, ordering, multiple choice, and short answer, and interactive power-ups. Players join the game via code and can choose a unique avatar. Each quiz can accommodate up to fifty participants. QuizWhizzer offers a free version or an inexpensive pro monthly subscription plan.

Learn more about QuizWhizzer.

11. Team Building Quizzes

The best way to use quizzes for team building is to design quizzes around team members. These quizzes may be trivia about coworkers, for instance, “which team member backpacked around Paraguay?” or “which team member has a turtle named Señor Evil?” You can also give team members a list of behavior-based questions or general preference questions and then compare and contrast results.

Team building quizzes are more of a type of quiz than a specific tool. You can create team building quizzes by using other entries on this list, such as Kahoot!, to design and administer the survey.

Check out these lists of team building quiz questions and get to know you questions for more ideas.

12. Mental Floss

Mental Floss hosts some of the most fun quiz games online. Quiz offerings include amusing options like Who Said It: Bill Murray or Ernest Hemingway or Micronation or Marvel Country, as well as more general categories like Pokemon Trivia or Match the Horror Movie to the Tagline. Mental Floss quizzes are a blend of highbrow and lowbrow entertainment that can appeal to a wide range of team members.

Visit Mental Floss.

13. Personality Quizzes

While personality quizzes do not have concrete right or wrong answers, these games can be a fun way for team members to learn more about each other. You and your team can take analytical quizzes like MBTI or What’s Your Emotional Type, or just for fun quizzes like What Famous Internet Cat Are You? Participants can either take the tests individually and compare and discuss results, or talk through the quizzes in real time and explain the reasoning behind answers. This exercise is just for fun and there are no winners and losers. However, these quizzes can spark conversation and give team members a better grasp on coworker’s core identities.

Check out this list of online personality quizzes.

14. Random Trivia Generator

Random Trivia Generator is one of the greatest free team quizzes for work. The site automatically shows a random assortment of questions across miscellaneous subjects, or players can narrow down the categories to arts, entertainment, science, geography, or history. Random Trivia Generator displays rows of flashcards in the chosen topic, and players can click on each tile to reveal the answer.

Visit Random Trivia Generator, and check out this list of trivia questions for teams.

15. Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games specializes in quiz-based party games. Most users buy bundles or “party packs” that contain assortments of games, however you can also purchase individual titles. The most quiz-heavy offerings are You Don’t Know Jack, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, and Fibbage, however many of the games have quiz-like elements.

To play Jackbox Games, choose your title, start your game, then invite other players to join the game by entering a room code. While only up to eight other devices can join, multiple participants can share a device and play as teams.

Buy Jackbox Games.

16. TriviaPlaza

TriviaPlaza is one of the most straightforward and simple quiz websites for team building. Visitors choose from trivia categories and subcategories, then pick a quiz to complete. Each quiz is in a 10 question, multiple-choice format. The game keeps a running score of correctly answered questions, and awards a letter grade at the end of the game. Teams can either complete the quizzes together and agree on answers, or take the same tests and compare scores.

Learn more about TriviaPlaza.

17. Quiz Planet

Quiz Planet bills itself as “one of the greatest social quiz games in the galaxy.” The game is playable via app, Facebook, and website, and is available in upwards of 27 languages. Players can choose from several categories such as customs & traditions, food & drink, and body & soul, and answer thousands of questions. The game is not on a time limit, making it ideal for teammates on contrasting schedules to play during downtime in the workday.

Learn more about Quiz Planet.

18. Serterra

Serterra offers over 400 geography-centric quiz games playable online or via mobile app. Players first choose a continent, then select a quiz category such as countries, capitals, physical features, bodies of water, or flags. Then, the game prompts participants to click on a map to show the requested location. This activity is sure to delight the geography buffs on the team and is especially relevant for remote and dispersed teams. The site also has quizzes about science and anatomy. Best of all, the quizzes are available in dozens of languages.

Play Serterra quizzes.

19. QuizWitz

QuizWitz is one of the most fun online multiplayer trivia games. The platform hosts 6 players at a time on the free version, or up to 1,000 on the premium plan. Players answer prompts live via smartphone or tablet. The site has helpful Quiz Editor and Quizmaster App tools that help to simplify the process of creating and hosting a digital trivia competition. Users can create and share quizzes with other game enthusiasts, and can also browse and play popular quizzes like Who’s the Actor and European Countries.

Learn more about QuizWitz.

20. Quizwise

Quizwise offers one of the best online general knowledge quizzes. The site posts a short general trivia quiz each day, and visitors can also access years worth of daily archives or generate a random quiz. If searching for more specialized trivia, then users can browse by subject and select from categories such as Science, History, or People. The site is simple to use and makes hosting a daily or regular quiz with teams a breeze.

Learn more about Quizwise.

Final Thoughts

In school, most folks groaned when the teacher announced “pop quiz!” In the workplace, random quizzes can be a way to re-energize and re-engage groups, not to mention an activity that encourages teamwork and team bonding. With the variety of tools, websites, and apps that exist online, creating, sharing, and playing quizzes with teams is easier than ever.

Next, check out this collection of virtual game show ideas or this list of scavenger hunt apps. We also have a list of fun question games.

We also have a list of the best virtual team building apps and this list of trivia games for adults.

FAQ: Quiz games for teams

Here are answers to common questions about quiz games for teams.

What are quiz games for teams?

Quiz games for teams are challenges that groups can play together in-person or remotely. These games come in the form of websites, apps, or software, and often use multiple choice or fill in the blank formats. These quizzes can either be trivia and knowledge-based or personal and just-for fun. The purpose of these games is to help players show off their smarts or preferences and grow closer to teammates in the process.

What are some good quiz games for Zoom?

Some good quiz games for Zoom include Random Trivia Generator, TriviaMaker, Kahoot! and Jeopardy.

How do you play quiz games online?

To play quiz games online, first pick a game and a platform. Depending on the nature of the game, you and your teammates can either play via an app or mobile device, or share a single screen and call out or write down answers. If your chosen method of play does not keep score automatically, then be sure to tally points each round and name a winner at the end of the game.

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