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12 Fun Social Committee Ideas for Work in 2023

You found our list of fun social committee ideas for work.

Work social committees are employees responsible for organizing social or extracurricular events for the workplace. Work social committee ideas may include hosting networking events or scheduling outings such as happy hours or baseball games. In other cases, these groups even plan volunteer events so that employees may give back together. These activities can help increase employee engagement in the workplace and boost the firm’s profitability.

These groups are similar to company culture committees and employee resource groups.

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The importance of a work social committee

A work social committee is crucial because it helps create a positive workplace culture by bringing employees together. This committee organizes events and activities, like team building exercises and celebrations, that let coworkers bond outside of work tasks. These events boost employee morale, teamwork, and collaboration, creating a more pleasant and productive work environment.

Additionally, the committee contributes to employee engagement and retention. When employees feel valued and connected to their colleagues, they are more likely to stay with the company. By considering various interests and backgrounds, the committee ensures all employees can participate and feel included.

Finally, the committee acts as a communication channel between employees and management. The group gathers feedback and insights from employees, helping management better understand their needs and preferences. This process fosters open dialogue and helps the organization adapt to changing employee expectations. In essence, fun work social committee ideas play a vital role in creating a lively, connected, and thriving workplace culture.

Read more about the importance of employee engagement.

List of work social committee ideas

Coming up with work social event ideas is challenging, whether you are looking for social work team building activities or preparing your annual Christmas party. Below is a list of the top work social committee ideas to help relieve the burden of organizing a business or work event.

1. Cook-off at work

One of the most fun social committee event ideas draws inspiration from the TV classic, The Great British Bake-Off. Each team member will bring a tasty dish to the workplace for the cook-off activity. This event is essentially a competition where employees may compete to see who can develop the best recipe. Each employee will put their dish on the reserved food table and have others vote on which edible entry wins.

The social work committee should prepare to ensure a variety of sweet and savory treats for the event. After getting a winner, there will yet be a ton of food for the team to consume. Going to a park or open public field is usually a good option for an out-of-office gathering, and you can transform the occasion into a picnic with games and drinks.

Here is a guide to doing cook-offs at the office.

2. Historical reenactment

Historical reenactment allows employees to step back in time and immerse themselves in a specific historical era. This unique activity brings history to life through authentic costumes, props, and activities. For instance, employees may enjoy a Civil War battle reenactment or a Renaissance fair. These events feature period-appropriate activities and games. Historical reenactments provide a captivating and educational experience. Employees can gain a deeper appreciation for history, learn about different cultures, and strengthen camaraderie.

3. Hiking and hot springs retreat

A hiking and hot springs retreat offers employees a relaxing escape from the office to enjoy nature’s beauty. Participants can explore scenic hiking trails, take in amazing views, and enjoy physical activity in the great outdoors. After a day of hiking, unwinding in natural hot springs provides relaxation and a sense of peace. This retreat allows employees to connect with nature, de-stress, and strengthen their bonds with colleagues. Teams can share outdoor adventures and soak in the therapeutic benefits of hot springs. This retreat is an ideal way to promote wellness, work-life balance, and team cohesion in a serene setting.

4. Boardgame tournament

A competitive board game competition can be fun, challenging, and imaginative. Every employee in the workplace likely has a favorite board game, whether a classic like Monopoly or a new twist like Cluedo. The social committee can invite employees to bring in their favorite games and create board game spots. If you want to make it a competition, you may form a team for every department and have them compete against each other.

This social event idea stimulates employees’ minds, sparks a bit of competition, and unifies the entire team. You may hold the event at your place of business and have a buffet lunch delivered, or you can rent a function space at a nearby location and have a complete package that includes lunch, coffee, and light snacks.

Check out these lists of the best team board games and office game room ideas.

5. Go-karting

With a dash of competitiveness and a dash of pleasure, this exercise is a favorite with team members. The ultimate go-kart race is the perfect way to rev up the engine and get the excitement burning.

Go-karting is a fun workplace outing for team-building, and the work social committee should not find it difficult to organize. There are go-kart tracks for every team member to enjoy. You only need to ensure your staff pays attention to the safety talk before the event begins. It is also a great idea to have a few drinks at your neighborhood bar afterward.

6. Social committee spirit week

School spirit weeks have their roots in the annual high school event. Teams, departments, and corporations may participate in different fun events, themed days, competitive games, and friendly contests for one week to foster camaraderie and team building.

Some ideas for your theme days include:

  • Alien Day
  • Beach Party Day
  • Camo Day
  • Crazy Hat Day
  • College T-Shirt Day
  • Dress-up Day
  • Decade Day
  • Favorite Movie Day

Virtual spirit weeks is one of the most effective social committee ideas for remote workers. The online version of the spirit week is usually not as competitive as the traditional spirit week. Still, the activity can be more entertaining to engage remote employees and enable them to connect virtually.

Check out these guides to office spirit weeks and virtual work spirit weeks.

7. Soapbox derby

A soapbox derby is among the most thrilling and creative ideas for social committee events at work. Employees design, build, and race their own miniature, gravity-powered cars down a hill or track. This event fosters teamwork and creativity as teams build the fastest and most wind-resistant soapbox cars. Derbies promote problem-solving skills, encourage creative engineering, and bring out the competitive spirit in a fun and safe environment. Watching these handcrafted vehicles speed downhill makes soapbox derbies a memorable and unique addition to your work social committee’s list of activities.

8. Gala ball

An annual Christmas or summer party would be a good fit for this social work activity. Gala ball requires a more substantial budget. Hosting a gala ball at an event venue is an excellent way to reward your staff. You may even make this a themed event, such as a black dress or suit and white bow tie.

You will get tablecloths, centerpieces, and drapes at an event center to provide an elegant dining experience. You could make room for a dance floor and DJ. With a three-course dinner and beverages, your staff can relax and socialize outside of the workplace. Alternatively, you may convert this into an awards night where you honor the workplace prankster, the greatest revenue taker, and the chattiest worker.

9. Robotics or drone races

Robotics or drone races combine technology and competition in an exciting way. Teams or individuals can design and build their robots or drones, and then race them in thrilling contests. These events promote creativity, problem-solving, and innovation as participants optimize their creations for speed and agility. Robotics or drone races also encourage teamwork and collaboration, as participants may need to fine-tune their creations and strategize to beat their opponents. These high-tech races provide a unique twist to team building and can inspire a passion for STEM fields among participants.

10. Film-a-thon

Film-a-thon is an excellent idea for a winter social event at work. You can rent a projector screen for this activity, rearrange the office desks, get snacks, and all your employees’ favorite movies. You can also make it more exciting by bringing takeout pizzas. This activity allows your employees to take a break from work for a full day. Organizing team-building outings or relaxing movie nights is a great way to build team morale and boost employee satisfaction.

11. Charitable fundraising activities

Giving to charity is always a great initiative, and fundraising is among the most meaningful team building committee activities. Charitable fundraising events are a great way to have fun while making a positive impact. You may arrange various philanthropic activities, from walks and charity balls to more organized competitions like Tough Mudder. All you need to do is decide on a cause and raise money.

Here are lists of charitable team building ideas and virtual fundraising ideas.

12. Thrill-seeking

Thrill-seeking activities include exciting events and carry some physical risks but are not life-threatening. This activity is a terrific concept for a work social event. The gathering can revolve around one intensive activity or can consist of a series of adventures. Thrill-seekers will be in for a treat for the big finale. Theme parks are always an excellent option, and since your employees probably enjoy a good rollercoaster ride, you can get their adrenaline pumping.

If you want to go above and beyond, offering your staff the chance to skydive or bungee leap will go well with the daring crew. This activity is also a great way to raise money for a good cause while having fun and adventure. Employees can go out for drinks or dinner once the challenge is complete to celebrate their courage. You may talk about the event all night long.

How to organize a social committee event at work

To run a work social committee, you should find out what your team members find interesting or have on their bucket list. Even if the social committee organizes some fantastic events, they will be pointless if no one shows up.

1. Inform employees about your intentions

If you want to form a social committee, you will need to get some aid from team members. Your manager and maybe HR need to be aware that you adhere to all business policies. Executive buy-in is essential to get events running. Your manager may also organize committee meetings over lunch or beyond regular work hours to discuss the events.

2. Find out what team members find interesting outside work

Every team member has unique preferences, so do not assume that they all enjoy the same activities. You could conduct a poll and find out what ideas most interest employees. You can request their opinion on networking, happy hours, coffees, sporting events, volunteer work, and even a book club. Attendees’ interests should guide the work and social activities you organize.

3. Establish a schedule for work social events

An excellent place to start might be quarterly or monthly events, depending on your group’s size and the activities you are considering. Organizing a monthly happy hour or ice cream outing should be simple if you have a small workforce. The more people on your team, the more time you will need to start preparing ahead of time.

4. Decide the funding sources

One of the aspects to cover is deciding whether the company or employees will fund the activity. Department funding or policy may have an impact on this factor. Certain firms do not cover the cost of alcohol at off-site functions for their workers. It would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the company’s policies and speak openly. It would also help if you prevented workers from thinking that the firm is paying for the social events by properly clarifying the funding source.

5. Have a safety strategy in place for off-site trips

Even though a social committee is supposed to be enjoyable, being responsible is also important. You should make adequate arrangements to ensure every employee’s safety. You need to ensure no team member gets too intoxicated or injured during a hike or a sports event. Also, make arrangements to prevent employees from drinking and driving home after happy hour.

A well-thought-out safety plan can help you stay ahead of the curve, even in the event of an accident. When making arrangements, do not forget to account for factors like dietary allergies. For example, if a team member is highly allergic to peanuts, then it is preferable to avoid venues that use nuts or nut oil. You should also label allergies clearly if you are offering food or drinks at your events.

6. Measure and review the event’s success

Measuring and reviewing the success of a social committee event at work is an important step. This process helps groups understand if the event achieved its goals, like boosting teamwork or simply having a good time. Firms can measure this success by asking attendees what they thought, checking how many individuals came, and comparing the event’s costs to the planned budget. Reviewing the event also helps groups find ways to make future events even better. This process shows that companies care about making the workplace enjoyable and want to learn and improve.

Benefits of work social committees

A work social committee has the following advantages.

1. Increased employee engagement

Employees who can build personal ties with their coworkers tend to have a higher engagement rate at work. Establishing an office social committee may allow you to begin collecting information on employee engagement. You should check your company’s employee engagement survey results before you begin organizing social events and then check occasionally to see how if the engagement levels have improved.

Here are examples of employee engagement survey questions.

2. Career advancement and networking opportunities.

Employees may benefit from work social events as they get to know more about the company’s top executives. In addition, employees may feel more confident in applying for a new advanced position if they have had the opportunity to get to know their prospective manager in a more informal situation.

For more on the benefits of this element, check out professional development ideas.

3. Reduced employee turnover

The cohesiveness of a team is crucial. There is a correlation between lower turnover and better employee engagement. Creating chances for employees to socialize and have fun with their coworkers may deter them from looking for a new position elsewhere.

Check out this guide to employee turnover.

4. Reduced workplace conflict

It is simpler to lash out at coworkers you do not know well at work. You can reduce conflict, especially in stressful situations by establishing chances for your team members to learn about one other. Relationships may help you communicate better and in a healthier manner.

Here is a list of conflict resolution activities.

5. Possibilities for inclusion and diversity

Work social activities may promote a sense of belonging in heterogeneous teams. Employees may discover commonalities they did not realize when meeting with coworkers from varied backgrounds in a more informal setting. Outwardly dissimilar employees may discover that they have more in common than they think. For example, the similarities might be a mutual interest in cuisine, holiday destinations, or even a hobby that employees may not talk about during meetings.

Check out this list of diversity and inclusion activities for the office.


Work social committee ideas may be a lot of fun for every team member involved, and there are genuine professional reasons to engage with coworkers outside of work. These work social activities are great for improving employee satisfaction, which is beneficial for the firm’s bottom line.

Your employees deserve rewards for the hard work for your company. If employees do not feel valued, they may find jobs elsewhere or may feel less engaged at work. Work social committees take steps to make employees feel connected, appreciated, and fulfilled.

For more resources, check out these guides to making work fun and creating positive work environments, and this list of National Fun at Work Day ideas.

We also have a list of the best raffle ideas for work and a list of fun ideas for company culture committees.

FAQ: Work social committee ideas

Here are some frequently asked questions about work social committee ideas.

What are work social committees?

Work social committees are employees responsible for organizing social or extracurricular events for the workplace.

What do office social committees do?

Office social committees organize different work social activities or events to make the workplace more fun for employees.

What are some fun ideas for work social committees?

Some fun ideas for work social committees include escape rooms, spirit weeks, and go-karting.

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