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14 Best Werewolf Online Apps & Websites

Here is our list of the best Werewolf apps.

Werewolf apps are mobile applications and websites that allow players to play the virtual version of this popular party game. The apps usually come in different variations and offer varying numbers of players, roles, and time limits. Examples include Werewolves Online, Werewolves Online X, and Werewolf for Telegram. The purpose of these apps is to provide a convenient way to play the game with friends anywhere and at any time.

These apps often provide guides on how to play Werewolf. The game is among the best problem-solving games and communication activities.


This list includes:

  • Werewolf game apps
  • Werewolf online browser games
  • Werewolf game websites

Here we go!

List of Werewolf apps

Werewolf apps are a convenient way to socialize with friends and other players worldwide. Depending on the app you choose, you can start a private game with your friends or join a public room. From Wolfy to Mobile Werewolf, here are the best apps for playing Werewolf.

1. Wolvesville

Wolvesville is one of the best Werewolf game websites for playing the game online with friends. You can play the game directly on wolvesville.com or download the application on Google Play and Apple Store. The game is ideal for up to 16 players. To get started on the website, you have to sign up and choose a username. The game features different kinds of wolf characters, such as junior wolves, alpha werewolves, and guardian wolves. Other characters include the beast hunter, fool, and doctor.

The game has three phases repeated throughout the game until the end. The first is at night when the werewolves, zombies, and bandits select their victims. Also, villagers with special powers can choose to save or protect a player. The next phase is the discussion stage, where you talk about recent happenings with other players. You can skip this stage and proceed to the voting stage to decide who you believe is a killer on the team. If you find the characters confusing, then you can learn more about the participating roles in the role menu. The best part is you can customize your character to your taste.

Learn more about Wolvesville.

2. Werewolves Online

Werewolves Online is a great platform to play Werewolf for free. You can either belong to a pack of wolves or a group of villagers. The villagers include exciting characters ranging from witches to seers. You will get to know your role once the game starts.

The goal is for the wolves to devour the villagers without getting caught. On the other hand, the villagers must try to figure out the werewolves before all members die. Any member suspected and voted out by the members dies by hanging. The game is available in over 20 languages, including English, French, and Italian.

Learn more about Werewolves Online.

3. Wolfy

Wolfy is an excellent choice for Werewolf online browser games. The app allows players to customize their avatars’ features, from clothes to hair colors. You can also download and play this game on your phone. The game is ideal for about 20 players in one gameplay. The roles include the villagers, hunters, and little girls who get up at night to spy on the wolves. A necromancer can also communicate with dead players to find important information.

You can play this game in English or French. Furthermore, the game will display your username and avatar on the website if your rank falls between the first and third positions.

Learn more about Wolfy.

4. Wowgame

Wowgame is one of the best apps for playing Werewolf. This Werewolf game is great for groups of six to 18 players. Different game rooms are available, such as the classic mode, power rangers, and special realm. Also, the basic roles include werewolves, hunters, and civilians. However, depending on the room, there might be extra roles like terrorist, doctor, and kidnapper.

Each player will receive a random role at the start of the game. However, only the Werewolf hunters and werewolves can see other players’ identities. The game rules are simple. Civilians go to sleep while the wolves kill the player with the most votes from the previous night. Then, in the morning, the civilians will vote and throw the player with the highest number of votes into jail. Plus, each player gets three chances to vote.

Learn more about Wowgame.

5. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is one of the best Werewolf apps. This app works with the One Night Ultimate Werewolf games published by Bezier Games and automates the activity’s narration. You will also get a timer for the game’s daytime. The One Night Ultimate Werewolf game does not require a moderator to play. Also, you can purchase the playing cards directly on the website. Furthermore, the app’s new version lets you play the narration in different languages.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is ideal for groups with three to ten players. The game runs for about ten minutes and does not involve any player elimination. Each participant gets a role ranging from werewolves to minions to hunters. Additionally, you can download the game rules directly on Bezier’s website to learn more about each role.

Learn more about One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

6. Mobile Werewolf by It’s All Widgets!

If you are looking for fun and easy-to-access Werewolf game apps, then the Mobile Werewolf is a great option. The game’s storyline begins with you and your friends inhabiting a strange village. However, a few of you suddenly turned into werewolves at night.

The villagers must figure out who the werewolves are and burn them at the stake. The best part is you can play this game offline with your friends using one device. You can also connect with your friend’s devices using your local network. Aside from werewolves and seers, other available roles include witches, cupids, and angels to make the game more fun.

Learn more about Mobile Werewolf.

7. Werewolf by NextGlobe

Werewolf by NextGlobe is a simple and fun Werewolf game version to play online. This version is great for players who easily get confused with the many complex roles featured in the game. In Werewolf by NextGlobe, you can play one of six roles, including hunter, seer, and villager. However, if you prefer more exciting roles in the game, then you can email the developers to share your ideas for the new character.

To play the game, you can create a custom room or have one automatically assigned to you. The game’s language is available in English and German. Furthermore, the rooms can accommodate up to ten players. But if you want to increase your room’s capacity to 50 players, then you have to subscribe to NextGlobe One. Additionally, you can customize various aspects of this game, from the voting order to the visibility of players’ roles after death.

Learn more about Werewolf by NextGlobe.

8. Gidd.io Werewolf Game

The Werewolf Game by Gidd.io is one of the best Werewolf online browser games. The activity can accommodate up to 20 players playing about 15 roles. You get to decide on different aspects of the game. For instance, you can choose whether or not to reveal the roles of the dead. You can also decide how long the lynch voting lasts and every player’s role.

Aside from the Werewolf and the mere peasant, the game features interesting roles like the wild child. This character can choose a role model from other roles and even become a Werewolf when they die. Other fun characters include the black raven, the protector, and the huntsman. The game’s goal is for players to find out who is good or evil through discussions.

Learn more about Gidd.io Werewolf Game.

9. Werewolf for Telegram

Werewolf for Telegram is fun and easy to play with your friends. To get started, all you have to do is add @werewolfbot to your group. If you are an admin in your group, then you can configure the game’s language, the maximum number of players, and the visibility of roles after players die.

After using the configuration command, the Werewolf bot will send you a menu privately. Also, when the time to vote for a suspect comes, you will receive a private message featuring the list of players you can choose. Depending on your desired experience, the game comes in “normal” and “chaos” options. In the normal game, the bot will moderate the game so that there is a fair chance for the team of villagers and werewolves to win. On the other hand, in the chaos game, the bot will give players random roles. The available roles include the chemist, beholder, detective, and doppelganger. You can read about these roles and their abilities on the website.

Learn more about Werewolf for Telegram.

10. Werewolf Friends

Werewolf Friends is an excellent choice for teams looking to play Werewolf games on Zoom. The host can easily control the game’s screen area and the players’ videos. You have to first sign into your Zoom account to add this game. This app separates all players into villagers and werewolves.

The game rules are simple. Players try to hide their roles and survive each game phase. Every night, the wolves devour one villager. However, the villagers wake up the following morning and vote for a player suspected to be the wolf. The wolves win if they successfully eat all the villagers. On the other hand, the villagers win if they can successfully vote out all the werewolves.

Learn more about Werewolf Friends.

11. Werewolf by The Slap Happy App Company

This Werewolf game developed by The Slap Happy App Company is one of the best Werewolf game apps for Android devices. The developers make the game setup flexible, allowing players to adjust the settings to their tastes. After creating a game, you can decide the number of players for each role and even include other special roles like a witch, village drunk, and alpha Werewolf.

Also, you get to customize the length of both night and daytime to your preference. In addition to the game’s great graphics, you can track the statistics on the number of wins, losses, and draws.

Learn more about Werewolf by The Slap Happy App Company.

12. Werewolf Online X

The Werewolf Online X is among the best Werewolf online websites. In the game, you and other players will belong to either the human or wolf camps. The game’s storyline starts with the arrival of a pack of man-eating wolves in a village. However, the wolves disguise themselves as humans and secretly devour one human per night.

The game moderator will privately notify each player of their respective roles to get started. The available roles include knights, psychics, and seers. The website contains all the information you need to know before playing. To make the experience more fun, consider creating a “competition village” by selecting the “Competition Mode” after creating your village. This mode features a special scoring system where players earn points based on their roles and gameplay. For instance, a knight who survived earns two points, while a psychic who guessed the right Werewolf wins a point.

Learn more about Werewolf Online X.

13. Play Werewolf

Play Werewolf is one of the best Werewolf game websites. To get started, you need to create a game. During this step, you can choose the method of moderation. The app allows you to choose a dedicated or temporary moderator with different powers during the gameplay. After, you can build your deck by customizing the roles to your preference.

In addition, you can set an optional timer to spice up the gameplay. The app allows players’ role cards to flip over to prevent other participants from peeking at your cards if you play in person. Furthermore, you can check the player list to find out the players who are dead, alive, or have their roles revealed.

Learn more about Play Werewolf.

14. Mobile Werewolf by Skoyst

This Werewolf game by Skoyst is one of the best Werewolf apps for mobile phones. You can run the app on one device if you are playing on a single phone mode. However, you can only play with a moderator in this mode. On the other hand, the local network mode does not require any moderator if you download the app on multiple phones and connect to one WiFi network.

The rules for both modes are the same. Once the game starts after the first countdown, every player has to close their eyes. Afterward, the game will specify while roles open their eyes and the actions to perform. The game features other roles like the black Werewolf, wolfdog, and guardian to make the experience more fun. You do not have to worry about mastering each role’s function at first since the game will guide you at all stages.

Learn more about Mobile Werewolf.


Werewolf games are among the most popular party games often played in person. However, you can conveniently play the game virtually with your friends through various Werewolf apps and websites. Playing Werewolf through online apps is a great way to connect to your friends from the comfort of your home. Depending on the app you download, you can play with just one device or connect with your local network using several phones. Also, most of these apps and websites contain information on how to play and the roles’ abilities to make the experience easy for players at all levels. Whether you are a huge fan of Werewolf games or a first-time player, you can check out one of these apps and websites to test your survival skills in a wolf-infested world.

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FAQ: Werewolf online apps & websites

Here are answers to questions about Werewolf online apps and websites.

What are some good apps to play Werewolf?

Good apps to play Werewolf include Wolvesville, Werewolf Online X, Gidd.io Werewolf Game, and Wowgame. These apps offer relevant information to guide you through the gameplay and setup.

How do you play Werewolf online?

To play Werewolf online, you need to pick an app or website where you can set up the game. You can find websites that allow you to play directly on the site or integrate with other apps, from Zoom to Telegram. If you prefer to play directly on your phone, then consider an app you can download on your device. Next, you should get familiar with the game rules and the players’ roles. You can check out this information on the website or apps you are using. Nevertheless, most of the apps usually tell participants what to do at every phase of the game.

​You should also gather a team of players, depending on the number of participants the app requires. Although the game’s storyline may vary from different apps, the rules are similar. When all players sleep, the werewolves wake up and find one villager to devour. Several players can have special abilities to save the chosen player. By morning, the villagers and disguised werewolves will wake up to discuss the recent happenings. Then, all players will vote for one player suspected to be the Werewolf. The villagers will lynch or behead the player with the most votes.

After the player dies, the app or website can reveal their actual role. ​The werewolves win if they successfully eat all the villagers. On the other hand, if all the werewolves die, then the villagers win.

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