Updated: August 27, 2022

24 Virtual Team Outing Ideas For Remote Teams in 2023

Here is our list of the best virtual team outing ideas.

Virtual team outing ideas are experiences that let team members explore an area or simulate the experience of meeting somewhere besides a Zoom room. Examples include virtual safaris, virtual hikes, and coffee brewing tours. These activities aim to enable team bonding and eliminate the isolation that comes with remote work.

Online outings are similar to virtual offsites, Zoom socials, remote team building activities, online tours, and virtual field trips.

This list includes:

  • online team outing locations
  • remote team outing games
  • Zoom team outing activities

Let’s get to it!

List of virtual team outing ideas

The physical distance of remote work can quickly turn into an emotional distance, leading to isolation. Fortunately, thoughtful online outings can bridge the social gap. From online stand-up comedy shows to graffiti workshops, here is a list of our best virtual team building outing ideas.

1. Virtual safari

A virtual safari is a team outing idea where participants see wild animals in their natural habitat. For this activity, seek out animal livestreams and live virtual safari tours and share the links on Zoom.


  • National Geographic offers fantastic safaris that your team can enjoy.
  • Wild Earth Safari Live offers extraordinary safari experiences that will give your team an interactive virtual experience in the wild.
  • Asilia Africa offers virtual safaris where your team will explore camps across Kenya and Tanzania.

If you can get a guided safari, then team members can have an interactive session and even ask park rangers questions.

2. Zoo visit

A virtual zoo visit is an interesting adventure where teams can learn more about different animals. You can look for zoos that offer live shows of animals.


  • Cincinnati Zoo – Zookeepers will introduce your team to different animals such as black rhinos, pandas, and sloths.
  • Edinburgh Zoo – Watch animals including birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals
  • Explore – Watch a live feed of different animals

Zoos that offer live shows behind the scenes, such as animal feeding times and playtime, are also an excellent idea. You can also book interactive experiences that involve feedings and Q&A with zookeepers.

3. Hikes

A virtual hike will let your team explore nature from the comfort of their home. Led by a group of researchers, teams will learn about the effects of climate change on the hills or mountains. You can discuss conservation measures that your team can partake in after the activities.

Here are virtual hike ideas:

  • Mt. Everest
  • The Kuliouou Ridge Trail in Honolulu, USA
  • The Oregon Coastline with Indian Beach Trail, USA
  • A Hike to Juan de Fuca, Canada
  • The Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
  • Redwood National Park, USA
  • Mount Baker, USA

Virtual hikes are great activities for participants who have never hiked and avid hikers. The hikes can also boost your team’s mental health as they enjoy what nature offers.

4. tiny campfire

If you are looking for out-of-the-box remote team outing games, then you will love tiny campfire. Tiny campfire offers team players the experience of a camping adventure in the comfort of their home. The experience includes ghost stories, camp-based competitions, icebreakers, and fun games.

tiny campfire banner

Before your virtual team outing, your team will receive a tiny campfire kit that includes wood skewers, a campfire candle, and the makings of gourmet s’mores. You will then receive a link to a secure room. Then, for 90 minutes, a virtual guide will give your team a camping experience that does not need mosquito repellent.

Learn more about tiny campfire.

5. Hometown tours

Virtual hometown tours are among the best online team outing locations for a diverse workforce. For this activity, tell participants to take pictures and videos of their towns and communities one week before the activity. Teams can share their local favorite spots and landmarks and act as tour guides for their hometowns.

Virtual hometown tours will give team members the experience of visiting other towns while celebrating the participants’ diversity. Teams can even put together the videos and pictures and make a simple compilation alongside their favorite music.

6. Amusement park tour

Amusement park tours are Zoom team outing activities that will give your team members an immersive experience. For an interactive amusement park tour, you will start by identifying the ideal destination for your team. Then, schedule a date and time when all participants can attend. Next, share the link to the virtual amusement park tour depending on the platform chosen.


The interactive 360-degree amusement park tours will give your team an unforgettable experience. You can even include a rollercoaster building game or ride simulator as part of the experience.

7. The White House tour

If you want your team to learn the history of the USA, a virtual visit to the White House is an excellent idea. Located in Washington D.C, the White House is a symbol of the government and history of the United States. The famous building is the only private residence of a head of state that is open to the public.

A White House virtual tour gives your team several options to explore. For instance, the annotated White House tour will take your team through the most iconic spaces in the building, such as the Entrance Hall, the East Room, and the Public Audience Room. Your team will also explore fine art objects, including presidential sculptures, portraits, and furniture.

Exploring the White House is a great way to teach the country’s history and instill the spirit of togetherness. Since the White House tours fill up quickly, submit your request in advance.

8. Spelunking

Spelunking is the exploration of caves. If you spelunking enthusiasts on your team, then you can ask them to recommend caves that you can explore with the entire team.

One of the best spelunking experiences is the Son Doong. Located in Vietnam, Son Doong is the world’s largest cave, up to 200 meters tall, with an estimated cave system of over 200 kilometers. National Geographic offers a spelunking experience to the Son Doong that your team will enjoy. Virtual cave tours provide an understanding of cave exploration that would otherwise require your team to travel and can be a great way for claustrophobic folks to enjoy the majesty of caverns.

9. Aquariums

Virtual visits to aquariums are soothing and fascinating online team outing locations. These visits will enable your team to learn more about sea animals across the globe.


  • Monterey Bay Aquarium– This aquarium offers many views such as the Open Sea, shark cam and the Monterey Bay cam.
  • National Aquarium– Your team will explore scenes such as alligators, the Amazon River, sea turtles, and American Samoa.
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo– You can offer your team a unique and luxurious experience through the Dubai Aquariums. Participants will explore the Shark Week Exhibit, The Main Tank and Underwater Zoo.
  • Tennessee Aquarium– your team will experience macaroni penguins, nest building, watch river otters and venture into the saltwater exhibit that is home to sharks, reef fish, and sea turtles.

The best online aquarium experiences tend to be guide-led.

10. Farm visit

Virtual farm visits will allow your team to immerse themselves in agriculture. You can choose to do a virtual farm tour of a world-class or a local farm. Your team can learn the art of cheese making, milk processing, rearing pigs, and growing their favorite vegetables. Virtual farm visits are an excellent way to get your team to appreciate farming and food production.

The American Dairy Association Northeast and FarmFood 360 are two good sources for online farm tours.

11. Recycling center visit

Recycling centre virtual tours are among the best virtual team outing ideas that teach environmental sustainability. You can look for a recycling center or a modern landfill. Your team will learn about the entire process of sorting, packing, and shipping recyclable items. Teams will also learn about landfill construction and maintenance.

For similar activities, check out virtual Earth Day ideas.

12. Virtual vacation

Virtual vacations are a nice way for your team to experience travel destinations and tick off the bucket list. Your team can also use virtual vacations to know if the travel destinations are worth an actual holiday. If you want your team to have an interactive session, then be sure to book a live tour with guides. You can also look for countries that offer tours on their YouTube channels.

Examples of virtual tour destinations:

Virtual vacations are among the simplest methods that you can use to enable your team to learn and experience different cultures.

For more online travel ideas, check out this list of the best Airbnb experiences.

13. Virtual stand-up comedy show

If you want to have a fun team outing, then you have to try a virtual stand-up comedy show. You can start by looking at virtual comedy shows online that your team can watch together. For this virtual team outing idea, let your team members have their drink of choice and snacks. You can even let participants share some good jokes with the team after the virtual stand-up comedy show.

While Zoom distractions can derail the comedy show, let every participant stay unmuted and have their camera on. You can also let your team members interact with the comedian after the performance.

Here is a list of virtual comedy shows to try.

14. Virtual cooking class

Virtual cooking classes are clever virtual team outing ideas that enhance team bonding. For this activity, start by selecting a simple menu. Then, share the shopping list with the team in advance. Be sure to exclude ingredients that can be difficult to find and offer alternatives for team members who may have allergies. You can also consider sending all team members everything they need for the cookout experience.

When selecting the dishes, consider the prep time. Simple meals like salads are often the easiest and quickest to make. While your team will enjoy learning new menus, do not choose a complicated recipe. For a more interactive virtual cookout, you can schedule one cookout per week where every team player gets to teach other participants a new recipe.

Check out this list of online group cooking classes.

15. Graffiti workshop

If you want to encourage creativity among your workforce, then a graffiti workshop is a great idea. For this out-of-the-box virtual team outing idea, start by booking a virtual graffiti workshop. Participants will require a pencil, drawing paper, different coloured markers and white-out. The guide will lead the team through the process of recreating graffiti or creating a unique design. Your team will have a greater understanding of the craft, learn the evolution of graffiti, and even have new art that they can display in their homes.

Providers like Graff Tours offer virtual graffiti drawing workshops that your team can enjoy.

16. Coffee brewing tour

A cup of coffee is a standard for some of your team members. You can make the team’s day by scheduling an interactive coffee brewing tour.

For this activity, team players will receive a coffee-making kit and three packets of coffee sourced from different parts of the world. The instructor will teach your team how coffee is grown, where brewers source their coffee, and the different brewing techniques. The team will also learn the different types of brews and select what works better for them.

To make this virtual activity more interesting, have a coffee-off at the end of the session. Then, let participants show off their barista skills by making their favourite brew and share with the rest of the team.

Here is a list of online coffee-tasting experiences.

17. Virtual book club

A virtual book club is a great way to foster team bonding. For this online get-together, start by selecting a book that all participants will read. Next, give teams two weeks to one month to read the book. Finally, teams will meet up on Zoom to share thoughts and reactions about the read.

As a bonus, share a cocktail or mocktail recipe that participants can sip as you discuss the book. You can make the book reading activity more memorable by reaching out to the author. You might just get lucky and get the writer to pop into the Zoom call for a quick chat. Also, be sure to have a list of questions that you randomly ask participants.


  • What best teachings did you learn?
  • How did you feel right after finishing the book?
  • What is your favorite line from the book?
  • What character did you hate or love in the book, and why?
  • Name one outcome that you did not anticipate.
  • If you could ask the author one question, what would it be?

To keep the book club momentum going, let a different participant pick a book for the next reading. Virtual book clubs can help build a community in your team as participants will feel connected to other readers.

18. Virtual debates

Debates are a great way to get your workforce engaged in real-world issues and get teams’ perspectives. For a virtual debate, you can start by choosing a topic and motion. First, give participants enough time to read through the topic and prepare, preferably four to six days. Next, let teams choose two speakers for the motion and two speakers against the motion.

You can choose three industry leaders or team members who are well-knowledgeable about the topic to act as judges. Let other participants join the debate as the audience. Be sure to mute the audience during the debate and unmute them when you need their input.

19. Dance lessons

A dance party is the best way to make your team enjoy and get the feel of a night out with teammates. For this virtual outing activity, set the date and time. You can use the Zoom audio share option to play music

Next, invite a choreographer to teach the team new dance moves. You can ask participants to wear festival or dance style attire and even go extra by setting up disco and fairy lights in the background. Let team members check their framing on the webcam or phone camera before the onset of the dance lesson. An angle that’s higher up than a regular Zoom meeting is ideal.

You can make the activity more interesting by giving extra points to participants who dance with a pet, friend or family.

20. Picnic

Weather permitting, virtual picnics are among the best team outing ideas for team bonding and relaxation. For this activity, let participants have a picnic set up within their homes, whether in the backyard or patio. You can send the entire team a picnic basket or share an easy recipe that every participant will prepare.

Teams can catch up and even engage in remote team outing games such as tea tastings and magic shows. Virtual picnics will create a positive and unforgettable experience for your team and break them out of the standard work routine.

21. Virtual community service

Virtual community services acts are a sure way to get workers involved in the community and support those in need.


  • Bake homemade dog treats for an animal shelter nearby.
  • Write letters to essential workers or seniors.
  • Create graphic designs for charities and NGOs
  • Create homemade pet toys for shelters
  • Plant houseplants in pots and donate them to a nursing facility
  • Invite seniors for a virtual board game or card game
  • Organize a virtual fundraiser for a local charity or cause.

You can reach out to a local charity before the team outing date and devise ways in which your team will support the organization.

22. Skillshare workshop

Your team members have unique skills that they can teach others. Let all participants find skills or talents that they can share with other members. For non-handy skills, participants will prepare a five-minute slideshow presentation and present to other members. For handy skills, members will ensure that they have all resources ready for a quick presentation. Each member will take a turn hosting a skillshare lesson. For example, team members can teach HTML coding, playing chess or pottery. A virtual skill share workshop is an interactive team outing idea that gives team members an insight into participants’ professional and personal skills.

23. Guided meditation

Your hard-working team players often need a moment of zen. Guided mediation is a refreshing remote team building outing idea for any group. You can find meditation guides online and share the link on Zoom. For this activity, let team members find a quiet space in their homes. Your team will destress and get ready to face a new day.

Check out more virtual employee wellness ideas.

24. Virtual film viewing

A virtual film viewing is a great team building activity for remote workers. Your team can watch films in the comfort of their homes. You can use the Zoom screen share option or platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube. When selecting a film, be sure to accommodate all group members and find a film that all participants will love. Let the team discuss the film and give insights after the virtual viewing.

For inspiration, here is a list of movies about teams.


Creating an atmosphere of camaraderie can be challenging with remote teams. Virtual outing activities will allow workers to experience places and activities with other team members. Planning fun online team outings regularly will ensure your team gets an opportunity to work together and create a bond even without physical interactions. Be sure to choose an activity that fits the personalities of your team.

Next, check out these lists of virtual team bonding ideas, remote team celebration ideas and virtual team event ideas.

FAQ: Virtual team outings

Here are answers to questions about virtual team outings.

What are virtual team outings?

Virtual team outing ideas are experiences that let team members explore an area or simulate the experience of being somewhere else even if they are in a Zoom meeting.

What are some good ideas for online team outings?

Some good ideas for online team outings include dance parties, coffee brewing tours, and virtual safaris.

How do you do a team outing on Zoom?

Zoom team outing activities enable remote workers to learn how to work together and build a stronger connection.

Here’s how to do a team outing on Zoom:

  • Download and install the Zoom app
  • Create your Zoom account using your work email or the Facebook or Google single sign-in feature
  • To schedule the team outing, click the ‘’schedule’’ icon
  • Enter meeting details, including the date, topic, and time
  • Invite your team to join the meeting by sharing the meeting link
  • Participants will join the meeting by entering the meeting ID and typing in their name

Be sure to schedule the Zoom team outing at a convenient time for all participants.

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