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257 Clean Never Have I Ever Questions for Work (Ultimate List)

You found our list of the best Never Have I Ever questions.

Never Have I Ever is a game that involves participants lowering one finger each time another player lists off a past behavior. This activity acts as a fun and casual way for group members to get to know each other better. Some versions of the game can get racy, however the Never Have I Ever prompts on this list are clean and appropriate for work.

This exercise is a type of question game, as well as a popular icebreaker game. The activity is similar to “How well do you know me?” and can also be an online drinking game.

This list includes:

  • funny never have I ever questions
  • work appropriate never have i ever questions
  • easy never have I ever questions
  • gross never have I ever questions
  • innocent never have I ever questions
  • random never have I ever questions
  • unique never have I ever questions
  • PG Never have I ever questions

Here we go!

Never Have I Ever question generator

We built this Never Have I Ever question generator so that you do not have to rack your brain thinking up prompts for the game.


Funny never have I ever questions

  1. Lost an argument with my pet.
  2. Worn a dinosaur suit in public, besides on Halloween.
  3. Impulse bought a ridiculous item while drunk.
  4. Switched places with a twin.
  5. Binge-watched an entire TV series in one sitting.
  6. Secretly watched ahead in a TV show after promising a friend or partner you would watch together.
  7. Raided a child’s Halloween candy stash.
  8. Pretended that I loved a present I secretly hated.
  9. Hoarded office supplies.
  10. Won a dance-off.
  11. Re-enacted the “Lady and the Tramp” kiss.
  12. Microwaved noodles without adding water first.
  13. Ate the last piece of pizza without asking.
  14. Cleaned my room by shoving the mess in the closet.
  15. Been retweeted or followed by a celebrity.
  16. Given someone else my Netflix password.
  17. Unironically used a cheesy pick-up line on someone.
  18. Convinced myself I was dying after checking WebMD.
  19. Brought a parent on a date with me.
  20. Called someone the wrong name more than once.
  21. Told a child that Santa was not real.
  22. Accidentally texted something embarrassing to the wrong person.
  23. Been secretly relieved when plans got cancelled because you didn’t want to leave the house.
  24. Pretended I needed to make a phone call to get out of an awkward conversation with a coworker.
  25. Had a Myspace account.
  26. Ordered delivery from a restaurant that was less than one mile away.

Work appropriate never have I ever questions

  1. Stole someone’s lunch out of the break room fridge.
  2. Worked all day in my pajamas.
  3. Tried to talk during a Zoom meeting without unmuting myself.
  4. Worked at the same company as a spouse.
  5. Worked at the same company as a parent.
  6. Had a work snack stash.
  7. Changed careers.
  8. Had a medical emergency at work.
  9. Brought my pet into the office.
  10. Broken my vow to eat healthy because there was cake or donuts in the breakroom.
  11. Snooped a coworker’s social media.
  12. Snooped a client’s social media.
  13. Got a really nice present from a client.
  14. Got a really nice present from a boss.
  15. Learned to play an instrument.
  16. Learned to speak a second language.
  17. Called in sick at work to attend an event.
  18. Gotten a speeding ticket.
  19. Been sky-diving.
  20. Played a prank on a coworker.
  21. Played a prank on my boss.
  22. Visited all 50 states.
  23. Worked at a fast food restaurant.
  24. Worked at a family business.
  25. Quit a job in a day or less.
  26. Lied in a job interview.
  27. Taken a nap during the workday while working from home.
  28. Had a crush on a coworker.
  29. Had a crush on a client.
  30. Forgotten a coworker’s name.
  31. Pretended I didn’t see an error sign on a copier because I didn’t feel like fixing it.
  32. Stayed cool as a cucumber so that customers could not tell there was an issue.
  33. Froze up during an interview
  34. Been late to an interview.
  35. Made my coworkers watch a YouTube video.

Easy never have I ever questions

  1. Baked a cake or pie from scratch.
  2. Broken a bone.
  3. Got stitches.
  4. Stayed overnight in a hospital.
  5. Won the lottery.
  6. Met a celebrity.
  7. Surfed.
  8. Hitch-hiked.
  9. Been to a live concert.
  10. Gone hunting.
  11. Competed in the Olympics.
  12. Gotten a tattoo.
  13. Gotten a piercing.
  14. Lived in another country.
  15. Been vegetarian.
  16. Been vegan.
  17. Missed a flight.
  18. Eaten alligator.
  19. Gotten a concussion.
  20. Been on a road trip.
  21. Been thrown a surprise party.
  22. Ran a marathon.
  23. Ridden an elephant.
  24. Grown a vegetable from seed.
  25. Started a company.
  26. Played video games for 10+ hours a day.
  27. Helped a friend move.
  28. Lost my wallet.
  29. Done my own car repairs.
  30. Built a piece of furniture.
  31. Volunteered at the same charity for years.
  32. Dated a friend’s ex.
  33. Thrown a gender reveal party.
  34. Won a spelling bee.
  35. Started a club
  36. Started a petition.
  37. Had an embarrassing nickname.

Gross never have I ever questions

  1. Wiped a booger on a piece of furniture.
  2. Wore the same underpants two days in a row.
  3. Stepped in a pet’s puke.
  4. Had food poisoning.
  5. Sat on a wet toilet seat in a public restroom.
  6. Trailed dog doo inside on my shoe.
  7. Been thrown up on by a stranger.
  8. Walked around in public with baby vomit on my shirt.
  9. Had feet so smelly they made bystanders gag.
  10. Eaten an earthworm.
  11. Eaten a spider.
  12. Eaten a scorpion.
  13. Drank rotten milk.
  14. Scratched my behind in public.
  15. Had food come out of my nose.
  16. Stepped in a dead animal.
  17. Been gifted a dead mouse or bird by a cat.
  18. Swallowed my own vomit.
  19. Accidentally wore someone else’s underpants.
  20. Used someone else’s toothbrush.
  21. Used a toothbrush that fell on the floor without washing it first.
  22. Invoked the “5 second rule” (aka, eat something off the floor.)
  23. Bitten my fingernails.
  24. Bitten my toenails.
  25. Clipped my nails in public.
  26. Shaved in public.
  27. Burped and blown it in someone else’s face.
  28. Used the bathroom without washing my hands after.
  29. Slept on the same sheets for two months.
  30. Got stuck in a porta-potty.
  31. Let a pet eat something out of my mouth.
  32. Took out gum and stuck it somewhere “for later.”
  33. Worn a speedo in public.
  34. Had an injury so serious I could see my own bone.
  35. Passed gas in a crowded elevator.

Innocent never have I ever questions

  1. Seen snow in real life.
  2. Appeared in a movie.
  3. Been ski-ing or snowboarding.
  4. Gone horseback riding.
  5. Been to Disneyworld or Disneyland.
  6. Been to the Olympics.
  7. Gone over a month without doing laundry.
  8. Slept in a hostel.
  9. Been to a Hollywood movie premiere.
  10. Been prom king/queen or homecoming king/queen.
  11. Been valedictorian.
  12. Published a book.
  13. Locked my keys in the car.
  14. Performed standup comedy.
  15. Been on a blind date.
  16. Accidentally injured myself in a really strange way.
  17. Been on a gameshow.
  18. Adopted or fostered a child.
  19. Gotten a makeover.
  20. Mastered a magic trick.
  21. Been a wedding officiant.
  22. Gone on a shopping spree.
  23. Designed an app.
  24. Accidentally wore the same outfit as someone else at an event.
  25. Had a stranger do something really kind for me.
  26. Written and recorded a song.
  27. Been a member of a wedding party.
  28. Read 50+ books in one year.
  29. Climbed a mountain.

Random never have I ever questions

  1. Stolen someone else’s story and passed it off as my own.
  2. Been to a wedding where someone got left at the altar.
  3. Thrown a party for a pet.
  4. Been cat-fished.
  5. Eaten out 3+ times in one day.
  6. Been to a drag show.
  7. Written a celebrity fanmail.
  8. Seen one of the 7 wonders of the world in person.
  9. Ridden a mechanical bull.
  10. Been to a hookah bar.
  11. Knit a piece of clothing.
  12. Been in a music video.
  13. Written angsty poetry.
  14. Had a post go viral.
  15. Been involved in a car accident.
  16. Piloted a plane.
  17. Switched college majors.
  18. Been attacked by a wild animal.
  19. Cosplayed.
  20. Been to a rodeo.
  21. Saw the Aurora Borealis in person.
  22. Disliked one of my neighbors.
  23. Gone wine tasting.
  24. Brewed my own beer.
  25. Eloped.
  26. Ghosted someone.
  27. Skipped school.
  28. Gotten detention.
  29. Snooped on a date’s social media.
  30. Dated someone my friends and family hated.
  31. Worn body paint.
  32. Been to a foam party.
  33. Changed all of the names in the contacts of someone’s phone.
  34. Lied about my age.
  35. Been zip-lining.

Unique never have I ever questions

  1. Worked a really bizarre or unusual job.
  2. Met my doppleganger.
  3. Made my own Halloween costume.
  4. Won a giant stuffed animal at a carnival or amusement park.
  5. Ridden a roller coaster 10+ times in a row.
  6. Gotten a professional psychic reading.
  7. Started a social media account for a pet.
  8. Jumped into a swimming pool with all my clothes on.
  9. Been storm-chasing.
  10. Eaten an ostrich egg.
  11. Eaten food garnished with gold flakes.
  12. Staged an elaborate photoshoot for an Instagram post.
  13. Broke out into random song in the middle of a conversation.
  14. Encountered quicksand in real life.
  15. Walked in a fashion show.
  16. Been to 3+ countries in one day.
  17. Dyed my hair a neon color.
  18. Gotten pickpocketed.
  19. Camped out to get a good place in line.
  20. Crashed a wedding.
  21. Pretended to have an accent.
  22. Mispronounced a word for years.
  23. Gotten acupuncture.
  24. Argued with a pet.
  25. Filmed a makeup tutorial.
  26. Cried when a fictional character died.
  27. Completed an entire coloring book.
  28. Sewed a button on a sweater.
  29. Solved a 1,000+ piece jigsaw puzzle.
  30. Designed a video game.
  31. Met an internet friend in real life.

PG Never have I ever questions

  1. Learned how to ride a bike.
  2. Tripped over my own shoe laces.
  3. Flown a kite.
  4. Traveled abroad.
  5. Seen a ghost.
  6. Been allergic to nuts.
  7. Been on safari.
  8. Screamed during a horror movie.
  9. Won a costume contest.
  10. Made a basket in basketball without looking.
  11. Had a crush on a friend’s sibling.
  12. Hit a home run.
  13. Scored a touchdown.
  14. Performed the lead in a play.
  15. Sleep-walked.
  16. Been part of a parade.
  17. Dressed up like a chicken.
  18. Forgotten my phone in a cab.
  19. Had my luggage lost during a flight.
  20. Ran a website.
  21. Worn pajamas in public.
  22. Had a pen pal.
  23. Eaten a fried candy bar.
  24. Ran out of the room because I saw a spider.
  25. Sang in the shower.
  26. Participated in an internet challenge.
  27. Ate all of the marshmallows out of a box of cereal and left the healthy bits.
  28. Played an April Fool’s Day prank.
  29. Been rafting.

Final Thoughts

Never Have I Ever is one of the easiest and most well-known icebreakers. The game works for big groups and large groups, and can be a drinking game during happy hours or a team bonding game for meetings. While some folks play the game in risque ways, there are many innocuous questions that keep the game fun and comfortable for all players. Not to mention, this exercise is excellent for revealing interesting facts about employees and uncovering common bonds between coworkers.

Next, check out this list of get to know you questions, these what if questions, and this collection of icebreaker questions.

FAQ: Never Have I Ever

Here are answers to common questions about Never Have I Ever.

What is Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever is an icebreaker game that revolves around players’ past experiences. The player whose turn it is names off an activity that they have never tried before with the intention of revealing who in the group has committed the action.

How do you play Never Have I Ever?

The most standard way to play Never Have I Ever is for participants to raise ten fingers, and lower one finger every time a statement applies. Other ways to play the game include, using yes or no signs and asking players to sit or stand accordingly. You can also play Never Have I Ever virtually, either by sticking to the finger method, or by asking participants who have committed the action to keep their webcams on while folks who have never done the deed turn their webcams off.

What are some good Never Have I Ever questions for work?

Some good Never Have I Ever questions for work include:

  • Worked all day in my pajamas.
  • Played a prank on a coworker.
  • Designed an app.
  • Worked a really bizarre or unusual job.
  • Started a club

Work appropriate Never Have I Ever questions are not overly embarrassing and avoid taboo topics like lawbreaking or adult entertainment. The best game questions reveal extraordinary experiences and unusual facts, establish common ground, and lead to stories and discussion.

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