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Confetti Events

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Confetti events are any occasions or companies that use confetti in the name, or otherwise make use of small pieces of colorful paper. For example, Confetti Events & Cupcakes, Pink Confetti Events, and Confetti.Events. The purpose of these events is to entertain and delight guests.

These events can be examples of virtual event companies and virtual team building companies.

This guide includes:

  • Confetti event companies
  • Examples of confetti events
  • Confetti party activities

So, let’s get started!

List of confetti events

This list includes the best confetti event companies and services.

1. Confetti Events & Cupcakes

Confetti Events & CupcakesConfetti Events & Cupcakes markets itself as a “party in a box.” You can order kits for themes like birthdays, bridal showers, graduation or valentines. The boxes include party supplies like t-shirts, streamers, balloons and of course confetti.

Learn more about Confetti Events & Cupcakes.

2. Pink Confetti Events

Pink Confetti Events

Pink Confetti Events is an event planning service based in Southwestern Ontario. The company promises to make client wishes come true. Service offerings focus on wedding planning, and specifically include tasks like vendor review, itinerary planning and supervision of the reception.

Learn more about Pink Confetti Events.

3. Confetti Event Rentals

Confetti Event Rentals

Confetti Event Rentals is a party supply rental company based in Toronto, Canada. The company leases items like lawn signs, backdrops, centerpieces, props and florals. The purpose of the rentals is to help complete events like weddings, retirements, anniversaries and other celebrations.

Learn more about Confetti Event Rentals.

4. Confetti.Events


Confetti.Events in a software tool that helps plan virtual, hybrid and in-person events. The company promises to help you reach more people and sell more tickets with less work. The software is suitable for both small and large group events.

Learn more about Confetti.Events.

5. Confetti Events

Confetti Events is a planning and management service that supports weddings and corporate events. The company is based in Tampa Bay, Florida and has a number of packages available.

Learn more about Confetti Events.

6. Confetti Premier Event Planning

My Confetti Events is an event planning service that serves the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area. The company offers a wide variety of packages, including birthday, corporate family days, Halloween parties, and dinner parties.

Learn more about Confetti Premier Event Planning.

7. Confetti

Confetti is a Wilton, Connecticut based business that specializes in florals and event decors. The primary market for these services is weddings and bridal showers, but also includes prom and similar occasions.

Learn more about Confetti.

8. Champagne & Confetti Events

Champagne & Confetti Events

Champagne & Confetti Events is a wedding and event planning service. The company promises stress free days for you and your loved ones, which is a big advantage when planning your special day!

Learn more about Champagne & Confetti Events.

9. Confetti Events

Confetti Events is a Kansas City based wedding and event planning service. The company offers services for weddings in the mid-West and destination weddings as well. Confetti Events has won awards for their work.

Learn more about Confetti Events.

10. Confetti & Co

Confetti & Co is a wedding and event planning service. The company is run by Kendra, who is an award winning wedding planner and industry mentor. The service is meant to create warm, fuzzy feelings for guests that are memorable.

Learn more about Confetti & Co.

11. Silver Confetti Events

Silver Confetti Events is a wedding planning service based in Columbus, Ohio. The company embraces a customized approach, and believes that each client and event is truly unique.

Learn more about Silver Confetti Events.

12. Confetti Event Venues

Confetti Event Venues provides historic spaces for events in Webb City, Missouri. You can consult on a variety of locations and find the best one for your party!

Learn more about Confetti Event Venues.

More Confetti Events

Here are more Confetti Event services to check out:

And you can find more too!

Final Thoughts

There are many companies and services that use Confetti Events as part of the name. From wedding planning, to birthdays, corporate events and more, the imagery of colorful pieces of paper helps evoke energy, joy and excitement.

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FAQ: Confetti Events

Here are some common questions and answers about confetti events.

What are confetti events?

Confetti events are companies and occasions that use imagery of small, colorful paper pieces to evoke feelings of celebration. Example feelings include joy, happiness and merriment.

Are there different between confetti events?

One of the main differences between confetti events is the location of the service. There are a number of confetti event service providers in the USA, Canada, and around the world.

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