Updated: May 01, 2023

Can you hear me now? Game Examples

You found our guide to the “Can you hear me now?” game.

“Can you hear me now?” is a proprietary drawing game created by teambuilding.com. The game mechanics involve describing words in geometric terms, and having other players draw what they hear. The purpose of this game is to facilitate team building and improve communication between coworkers.

This game is one of the most popular virtual team building ideas, team building activities for conference calls, and online games for team building.

This guide includes:

  • how to play “Can you hear me now?”
  • “Can you hear me now?” game examples
  • random word generator

Let’s get to it!

How to play “Can you hear me now?”

Playing a quick game of “Can you hear me now?” is easy:

  1. Invite your people to a Zoom call or other video meeting platform.
  2. Divide your group into equal sized subgroups. We recommend 5 – 7 people per group.
  3. Put the subgroups into breakout rooms, with instructions on how to play and a random word generator.
  4. Players take turns being the Describer and Drawers.
  5. The Describer chooses a random word, and must describe it using geometric terms such as directions, degrees, lengths and shapes. For example, “draw a small circle in the middle of your page, then a triangle on top of the circle.”
  6. The Drawers listen to the directions and do their best to draw what they hear.
  7. A Drawer can shout out what they think the picture is of at any time, and if they are right then they earn one point.
  8. After the correct guess, all players show their drawing on screen.
  9. The next Describer can be the Drawer that guessed correctly, or any other member of the group.
  10. Continue, tally up points, and award prizes!

“Can you hear me now?” game examples

Here are a few examples of game play:

  • Sun – Draw a large circle in the middle of the page. Draw a triangle at the top of the circle on the outside. Continue drawing triangles on the outside edge of the circle.
  • Tree – Draw a rectangle in the middle of the page that is taller than is about 3x taller than it is wide. Draw a circle at the top fo the rectangle. Draw three more circles that overlap with the first circle. Draw a crooked line on each side of the rectangle going outwards.
  • Boat – Draw a half circle that is longer than it is wide, with the straight line at the top. Near the left side of the half circle, draw a long vertical line. Starting from the top of that line, draw another line 45 degrees down toward the circle, stopping before your each the circle. Connect that end point with the initial tall line.

Random word generator

Here is a random word generator to use in your games.


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“Can you hear me now?” is a great drawing game to play with your remote team. The game encourages strong communication skills, which are especially important when working remotely. Plus, this is a fun activity that promotes team engagement and team building.

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