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154 Fun Balance Game Questions for 2023

You found our list of creative balance game questions.

Balance game is a challenge that gained popularity in Korea. The game is a mix between This or That and Would You Rather, and asks questions like “one best friend or multiple best friends” or “sneeze scrambled eggs or cry milk.” The purpose of this activity is to push folks out of their comfort zone and help players get to know each other better.

This challenge is a type of question game and combines elements of Would You Rather and This or That. This activity works well as a get to know you game or an online team building game.

This list includes:

  • balance game questions for friends
  • balance game questions for adults
  • balance game questions for couples
  • balance game questions for team building
  • balance game questions for kids
  • funny balance game questions
  • serious balance game questions
  • creative balance game questions
  • strange balance game questions

Here we go!

Balance game questions for friends

  1. Your parents read your entire text history or your parents read every one of your internet searches
  2. Forever smell like french fry grease or forever smell like gasoline
  3. Be embarrassed in front of your crush or be embarrassed in front of your boss
  4. Go on a date to a dirty restaurant with someone amazing or go on a dream date somewhere unique with someone lame
  5. Become famous for something embarrassing or become rich for something unethical
  6. Be so cold you have goosebumps all over or be so hot you are sweating all over
  7. Burp nonstop for ten minutes or hiccup nonstop for an hour
  8. Have a catchy song stuck in your head for days or suddenly remember something embarrassing
  9. Have to listen to your favorite song on repeat until you get sick of it or never be able to listen to your favorite song again
  10. Be the “mom” friend or be the “party” friend
  11. A friend who makes you talk about your problems or a friend who distracts you from your problems
  12. Big group hangouts or one-on-one hangouts
  13. One best friend or multiple best friends
  14. Epic road trip or epic prank war
  15. Sweetness or sarcasm
  16. Have the same best friend for your whole life or have many interesting best friends throughout your life
  17. Hang out with your past self or hang out with your future self

Balance game questions for adults

  1. Have your own personal theme music or have your own personal narrator
  2. Have an itch that you can’t scratch or have something stuck in your teeth you can’t dislodge
  3. Reunite with your childhood best friend or reunite with your first girlfriend/boyfriend
  4. Read babies’ minds or read animals’ minds
  5. Live off nothing but vending machine food for a year or live off of nothing but canned goods for a year
  6. Ride in a car with a screaming child or ride in a car with an adult who shares way too much information
  7. The spinning rainbow buffering wheel or the dial-up modem sound
  8. Fully paid house or all expenses travel paid for five years
  9. Have a super memory or be able to learn things instantly
  10. Have a year off of work fully paid or never have to commute to work again
  11. Wearing two different shoes or wearing your shirt inside out
  12. Be completely alone for one month or be surrounded by people every minute for a week straight
  13. Have one great friend or have ten good friends
  14. Have a chauffeur or have a maid
  15. Have an epic in-home library or have an epic in-home movie theatre
  16. Have infinite energy or have infinite time

Balance game questions for couples

  1. Be separated from your true love for most of your life and reunite at the end of it, or spend most of your life with your love but lose them ten years before you die
  2. Have wedding canceled because of weather or have reception ruined by jealous ex
  3. Get ghosted by your dream date or be pestered by a date that went badly
  4. Date someone who hardly ever spoke or date someone who hardly ever shut up
  5. Your friends don’t like your significant other or your significant other’s friends don’t like you
  6. Go out constantly or hardly ever go out
  7. Know everyone who’s ever had a crush on you or know everyone who’s ever truly been in love with you
  8. Go on a date with someone who laughs at a serious story or go on a date with someone who doesn’t laugh at a funny video
  9. Have a super romantic date out or a super comfortable date at home
  10. Dating ex’s best friend or dating best friend’s ex
  11. Date a super slob or date a super neatfreak
  12. Your pet preferring your significant other or your family preferring your significant other
  13. Get a disappointing gift from your partner or give a disappointing gift to your partner
  14. Partner chews loudly or partner snores loudly
  15. Partner takes forever to get ready or partner insists on arriving everywhere a half hour early
  16. Partner hates your favorite food and doesn’t like you to eat it around them or your partner loves your favorite food and always eats most of it
  17. Partner puts their sweaty feet on you or your partner won’t stop staring at you when they think you’re not looking
  18. Partner takes a really long time in the bathroom or your partner is brief in the bathroom but leaves it smelly or messy
  19. Have ten kids or not have any kids
  20. Partner only calls you an embarrassing nickname or partner only calls you by your full, formal name

Balance game questions for team building

  1. Be at work at the crack of dawn or be at work at midnight
  2. Have to work with someone smelly or have to work with someone loud
  3. Unlimited coffee or unlimited snacks
  4. Work with a group or work independently
  5. Coworkers needlessly replying all to emails or meetings that could have been emails
  6. Public congratulations or private congratulations
  7. Creative work or analytical work
  8. Work from home full time or work in the office full time
  9. Jammed copier or dropped stack of papers
  10. Angry client or angry boss
  11. A job where you never travel or a job where you travel frequently
  12. Donuts in the breakroom or pizza in the breakroom
  13. Work in a quiet office or work in a bustling office
  14. Job where you sit a lot or job where you move a lot
  15. All office chairs are beanbag chairs or all office desks are standing desks
  16. Get paid well for a super boring job or get paid averagely for a super interesting job
  17. Overly hot office or overly cold office
  18. Lots of instructions or lots of freedom
  19. Be friends with everyone at work or have a few good friends in the office
  20. Ability to fast forward time or ability to pause time
  21. Quiet workplace or energetic workplace
  22. Written communication or verbal communication

Balance game questions for kids

  1. Have a bloody scab or have a giant booger
  2. Eat nothing but ice cream every day or eat nothing but pizza every day
  3. Only be able to shout or only be able to whisper
  4. You turn into an adult for one day or your parents turn into kids for one day
  5. Breathe underwater or breathe fire
  6. Be a rock star or be a movie star
  7. Pancakes for dinner or pizza for breakfast
  8. Forever kitten or a forever puppy
  9. Get to stay up late or get to sleep in late
  10. Live under the sea or live on the space station
  11. Be able to run super fast or be able to teleport
  12. Travel 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future
  13. Never eat chocolate again or never eat cheese again
  14. Have to do chores all day or have to run errands all day
  15. Have two birthdays a year or get to eat dessert first at every meal
  16. Run a big business or run a big charity
  17. Find the perfect hiding spot or make the perfect drawing
  18. Be able to control the weather or be able to control animals
  19. Have any pet you choose or live anywhere you like

Funny balance game questions

  1. Sneeze scrambled eggs or cry milk
  2. Poop your pants or have a stranger pee on your shoe
  3. Soil your pants in secret or sit in something that looks like poo and no one believes your story
  4. Sing a racy song in front of your grandma or say the word moist in front of your boss
  5. Invisible wedgie or toilet paper hanging out of the back of your pants
  6. Sleep in a room of creepy dolls or sleep in a room with a giant snake tank
  7. Nightmare where you are public speaking in your underwear or nightmare where you are back in high school on exam day
  8. Oversized hands or oversized head
  9. Be the only one who smells something bad or be the only one not to realize you smell
  10. Wear the same shirt a week in a row or wear the same underwear three days in a row
  11. Eat something too spicy or eat something too bland
  12. Be able to conjure objects from thin air or be able to instantly come up with witty comebacks for any situation
  13. Snort every time you laugh or have every chair you sit in make a fart noise
  14. Go on a date with a ventriloquist dummy or go on a date with someone in a morph suit
  15. Get caught picking your nose or get caught scratching your bum
  16. Really sweaty hands or really sweaty feet
  17. Every argument turns into a dance battle or every serious discussion turns into a puppet show
  18. Zits all over your back or a few zits on your face
  19. Speak only in a high squeaky voice or speak only in a deep baritone

Serious balance game questions

  1. Get blamed for something you didn’t do or watch someone innocent get blamed for your offense
  2. Fake your own death for your family’s lifelong financial security or live in a one-room apartment with your family for the rest of your life
  3. Live forever and see your loved ones die or die before your loved ones but have to watch them grieve
  4. Wind up on the news as a criminal or wind up on the news as a crime victim
  5. Find out your life was a Truman-show-style simulation or find out your life was a coma dream
  6. Eternal youth or early-life wisdom
  7. Do a great act and be forgotten or be remembered for a terrible deed
  8. Forgiveness from a family member or closure from a lost love
  9. Find meaningful work or become rich
  10. Get to know what the rest of your life will be like or learn the full truth of your past
  11. Have a sudden, painless death or find out that you’re dying in advance so that you can make peace
  12. Send a message to your future self or send a message to your past self
  13. Find out that your parent has a shocking secret or find out that your significant other has a shocking secret
  14. Be the only one to know a secret or be the only one not to know a secret
  15. Be feared or be loved

Creative balance game questions

  1. Mistake a celebrity for an ordinary person or mistake an ordinary person for a celebrity
  2. Be able to read a book in under a minute or be able to do any math question in your head in under a minute
  3. Travel to the beginning of time or travel to the end of time
  4. Relive the same day 100 times in a row or jump 10 years into the future
  5. Be able to learn anything instantly or be able to convince anyone of anything
  6. Lose your memory for five years or remember every embarrassing moment of your life in vivid detail
  7. Have a song written for you or have a dish named after you
  8. An ex writes a novel based on your relationship or your entire company gets a copy of your high school diary
  9. Travel to every country on Earth or travel to Mars once
  10. Be able to clone yourself or be able to switch lives with anyone on Earth
  11. Never trip in public again or never forget someone’s name again
  12. Erase your most embarrassing moment from your own memory or erase your most embarrassing moment from everyone else’s memory

Strange balance game questions

  1. Fight one horse-sized duck or 10 duck-sized horses
  2. Have to wear fuzzy cow slippers everywhere or have to wear lobster claw gloves everywhere
  3. Be possessed by a ghost or be abducted by an alien
  4. A hot actor plays a villainous version of you in a biopic or an strange-looking actor plays a heroic version of you in a biopic
  5. Your pet turns into a human for a day or you turn into a pet for a day
  6. Get a glimpse at future you or get a glimpse at you from an alternate dimension
  7. Have the power to make animals do your bidding or have an arsenal of high-tech gadgets
  8. Have to wear fuzzy pink socks for the rest of your life or have to wear thick black gloves for the rest of your life
  9. Get married in a chicken suit or attend a funeral in a chicken suit
  10. Forget how to tie your shoes or forget how to dress yourself
  11. Send a long text on an old flip phone or type a long report on a laptop with a broken spacebar
  12. Nonstop hiccups during a job interview or the feeling you are going to throw up on a date
  13. Step into quicksand or get lost in the Bermuda triangle
  14. Find out your life was a giant movie or find out your life was a long dream


Balance game is a fun way to push people out of their comfort zones and learn more about other players’ preferences. This challenge combines This or That and Would You Rather and forces folks to consider questions they may not have ever thought of otherwise. The game works well for team building icebreakers and is a way to entertain groups and pass the time at friendly gatherings.

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FAQ: Balance game 

Here are answers to common questions about balance game.

What is balance game?

Balance game is a combination of This or That and Would You Rather that started in Korea.

How do you play balance game?

To play balance game, give a partner or group a prompt that forces them to quickly choose one of two answers. The questions are often uncomfortable, bizarre, or challenging.

What are some fun balance game questions?

Some fun balance game questions include:

  • Have a catchy song stuck in your head for days or suddenly remember something embarrassing
  • Have your own personal theme music or have your own personal narrator
  • Lose your memory for five years or remember every embarrassing moment of your life in vivid detail
  • Get married in a chicken suit or attend a funeral in a chicken suit

The best balance game questions bring players out of their comfort zone and encourage participants to justify and explain their answers.

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