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15 Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2023

You found our list of the best applicant tracking systems.

Applicant tracking systems are software that organize and manage job application data used in hiring. The common short form is “ATS.” Generally, this software collects a candidate resume information, filters out unqualified candidates, and helps schedule and set up interviews. By keeping all candidate data in the same place, ATS reduce the extraneous work that hiring teams face by automating processes. These systems are also called “applicant tracking software.”

Getting the right people on your team can improve company culture and support successful onboarding.

Specifically, this list includes:

  • free applicant tracking systems
  • the top applicant tracking systems for small businesses
  • applicant tracking systems for recruiters

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List of applicant tracking systems

From scalable enterprise solutions to open source platforms, here are a variety of remarkable applicant tracking systems. Adopting these platforms helps your hiring team streamline your hiring process, while simultaneously creating a better user experience for potential hires.

1. SmartRecruiters

With an intuitive interface, SmartRecruiters is one of the best application tracking systems for large companies. This hiring platform lets you cross-post job listings across different job boards and social media networks. SmartRecruiters also keeps all communication and materials within its browser-based system, making applicant information easily accessible. The user friendly dashboard also makes it so hiring managers can find data about candidates with just a glance.

Check out SmartRecruiters.

2. Workable

Workable is one of the best application tracking systems for small businesses. Touting its A.I.-powered, automated processes that recommend possible candidates, Workable helps companies find who they need in a fraction of the time. Unlike some of the other software on this list, Workable is notable for solely being an ATS, rather than a full-on HR suite. Thus, if you are looking for a streamlined ATS, then you are in luck.

Explore Workable.

3. Zoho Recruit

Designed to suit corporate HR’s, staffing agencies, and temp agencies, Zoho Recruit offers a host of features to help people find suitable talent. Offering everything from background checks to application autofill using LinkedIn profile information, Zoho Recruit has many customizable options, tailoring the hiring process to fit your company’s needs.

Discover Zoho Recruit.

4. BreezyHR

The first recruiting tool with a free version on this list, BreezyHR is an easy-to-use platform that lets HR managers drag and drop candidate information from one stage of the application process to the next. With an emphasis on a collaborative hiring process, BreezyHR is also notable for letting you invite your colleagues to provide feedback by commenting on candidates.

Take a look at BreezyHR.

5. BambooHR

One of the best applicant tracking systems for small businesses, BambooHR provides a whole suite of HR tools including ATS, onboarding, payroll, employee benefits, records, and tracks employee turnover and retention. While BambooHR is not only an ATS, the software is notable for being user friendly and having all the HR tools you could ever need. Thus, if you are looking for a solid HR suite, BambooHR is the one for you.

Peruse BambooHR.

6. Greenhouse

Possibly the best applicant tracking systems for recruiters, Greenhouse shines at helping companies locate and attract talent. Not only can HR managers post listings to job boards and social media, but Greenhouse also helps HR plan interviews and provides them with candidate scorecards to help the hiring team stay impartial when judging job seekers. Additionally, Greenhouse generates reports with robust analytics to help improve the hiring process.

Try Greenhouse.

7. JazzHR

Praised for its ease of use, even for the non-tech savvy in the office, JazzHR is an ATS that helps streamline the hiring process with automatic email templates and replies. JazzHR also makes things easier for HR by keeping all materials, including resumes, notes, offer letters, and assessments in the same place. By the off chance that your hiring team runs into trouble, JazzHR is also known for having a great customer service team who can quickly help you out. By the way, we use JazzHR at TeamBuilding.

Delve into JazzHR.

8. ClearCompany

With the ability to post to multiple job boards and social networking sites, ClearCompany is an ATS that is simple to use and contains many features essential to the hiring process. For instance, ClearCompany provides one-click background checks, the ability to mass or batch email candidates, and the ability to build your own job application process in any language. These customizable characteristics make ClearCompany a great choice for your business.

Take a tour of ClearCompany.

9. iCIMS Recruit

While not the most intuitive ATS, iCIMS Recruit lets you personalize the application process for your company’s purposes. Noted for its communication tools where HR speaks to candidates via text, chatbot, or social media messaging services, iCIMS Recruit engages talent and automates the process, lessening the burden on your recruitment team. iCIMS Recruit also compiles reports that help you improve your job postings so you attract the right candidates.

Look into iCIMS Recruit.

10. Bullhorn

One of the best applicant tracking systems for recruiters is Bullhorn, which sources candidates from job boards you are registered with and connects you to potential candidates via email. With its wealth of features, Bullhorn also easily lets you create job posts and keep track of candidates. Best of all, Bullhorn uses a “bowling alley” layout, which keeps your tasks in individual tabs within the system. This feature eliminates unnecessary clicking back and forth, where users may accidentally lose valuable data.

Test out Bullhorn.

11. Freshteam

An excellent pick if your team is on a budget, Freshteam is one of the best free applicant tracking systems on this list. Highly customizable, Freshteam lets HR create their own questions and assigns job listings to the hiring team responsible for filling that post. This ATS also covers the whole hiring process, from sourcing to onboarding. Freshteam also helps log existing employees’ time off and keeps track of everyone’s information.

View Freshteam.

12. ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack is an ATS that lets recruiters and HR collaborate in the hiring process. To ensure that you attract quality candidates, ApplicantStack has a questionnaire feature that lets the hiring team gain a better understanding of the job seeker. Additionally, the team can select a group of keywords, which ApplicantStack uses to automatically eliminate unqualified candidates, speeding up and simplifying the hiring process.

Have a look at ApplicantStack.

13. OpenCATS

Conceived by the recruitment community with the goal of creating a free, open-source ATS, OpenCATS may not look pretty, but it is one of the few truly free options available. Because it is open source, once you download OpenCATS, you control your company’s data, instead of a third party. Not to mention, if you have the tech know-how, then you can customize the software to search resumes, manage applications, and integrate with your email.

Check out OpenCATS.

14. JobScore

JobScore is an ATS that lets hiring managers create their own beautiful job site, while also automatically posting listings to other job boards. This ATS also lets you easily schedule interviews, and record, track, and correspond with possible candidates. In addition, if you need any help while using JobScore, the company offers stellar customer service through their website, email, and the phone.

Visit JobScore.

15. Jobvite

With the aid of A.I., Jobvite helps your hiring team complete tasks that would usually take a much longer time, such as automatically filtering out unqualified candidates and scheduling interviews. This ATS also helps HR create attractive, mobile-optimized career websites that simplify job seekers’ application process. On top of that, Jobvite’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy for HR to see what stage they are in the hiring process.

Examine Jobvite.


Now that you are aware of all these convenient recruitment platforms, you can start making life easier for your hiring team and attracting the best talent. Even if the ATS is not free, many of them offer free trials or demos, where you can test out the software before committing to an expensive plan. Make your team stronger today!

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FAQ: Applicant tracking systems

Still looking for the perfect recruiting solution? Here are some commonly asked questions about the best applicant tracking systems.

What are the best applicant tracking systems?

Some of the best applicant tracking systems are: SmartRecruiters, Workable, Zoho Recruit, BreezyHR, BambooHR, Greenhouse, JazzHR, ClearCompany, iCIMS Recruit, Bullhorn, Freshteam, ApplicantStack, OpenCATS, JobScore, and Jobvite.

The ATS on this list consistently get top reviews for making it easier to post job listings in more places and cutting down the work of hiring teams. By doing so, these ATS reduce the amount of time needed in the hiring process to go from recruitment to onboarding, helping you build your team quickly and efficiently.

What are the best free applicant tracking systems?

The best free applicant tracking systems are: BreezyHR, Freshteam, and OpenCATS.

Out of these three options, BreezyHR and Freshteam offer a limited free version of their software, while OpenCATS is completely free and open source. Thus, if your HR department is on a budget, then these ATS are wonderful options for you to try.

Who uses applicant tracking software?

Applicant tracking software is used by HR departments, staffing agencies, and temp agencies. These groups use ATS to attract, source, and hire candidates for their organizations or businesses.

How do I choose an applicant tracking system?

To choose the best applicant tracking system, pay attention to: What features the ATS has, how much the ATS costs, whether the ATS has a mobile application, how easy the ATS is to learn, and whether the ATS integrates with the rest of your HR suite, email, or other software.

These points will help narrow down your search for the perfect ATS for your HR department. Once you have considered your team’s needs and preexisting software requirements and purchased your new ATS, your team will be happy to make the switch over to a system that can help find and hire the best people.

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